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Are you planning a trip to Rajasthan, the northwestern state of India which is rich in heritage and sanctuaries? If you are a bird lover or nature lover then the best place to visit in Rajasthan is Keoladeo Ghana national park which was previously called Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary. The name Keoladeo was given after Lord shiva temple. This is the site for migratory birds and also breeding ground for the Siberian cranes, a rare bird species in the world. In the winter people around the world visit this national park to have a spectral view of birds. Here more than 230 birds are residents every year during winter. Ornithologies throughout the world visit this place to see the migratory birds and its local birds.

It is also popularly known for birds breeding grounds and birds feeding ground. Once it was used as birds and duck hunting grounds for Maharajas. These wetlands are not natural, it is man-made. These wetlands either depend on the monsoon rains or water pumped from outside the Ajan Bandh reservoir. During winter, birds from central Asia fly to this wetland, the record says that around 375 bird species have been the site at this national park. In that five are critically endangered species, two bird species are endangered and six are vulnerable species around 115 different birds breed in this national park wetlands.

keoladeo ghana national park
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During winter, you will have the site of globally endangered species like the greater spotted eagle and imperial eagle along with critically endangered species like Siberian Crane which bird watcher and ornithologist don’t want to miss. Keoladeo national park is not only for bird lovers, if you are a nature lover then make this marvelous place into you is a wish list. Every year during winter more than a hundred thousand tourists visit this national park.

How to reach the Keoladeo Ghana national park?

Agra is the nearest airport to this place, around 56 km from Bharatpur whereas Delhi is 184 km. Regular railway service is available at Bharatpur which has trains from almost all the major cities in the country. From the Railway station to the Bharatpur bird sanctuary is just 5 km. You can hire a taxi or local transport depending on your comfort levels.

Birds spectacle

The best time to visit Keoladeo Ghana National Park for residential bird sightseeing is from August to November. If you want to see migratory bird best time is from October to March. During winter large number of migratory waterfowl(ducks) flew to these wetlands such as Gadwall, Shoveler, Common teal, Cotton teal, Tufted duck, Knob-billed duck, Little cormorant, Great cormorant, Indian shag so on. 

Few local birds like Warblers, Babblers, Bee-eaters, Bulbuls, Buntings, Chats, Painted francolins, Quails, Indian grey hornbill so on. Courtship dance of the sarus crane can be seen here. So what you are waiting for?. Plan your winter vacation to Keoladeo Ghana National park and enjoy the fascinating view of birds.

Places to visit near Keoladeo Ghana National park

Bharatpur palace and museum | source: Luxury Train India

Bharatpur Palace and Museum

It is located in the Bharatpur, this palace contains many artifacts and scriptures related to Bharatpur culture as this palace is a fusion of both Mughal’s and Rajput’s architecture. It was built by various kings and also a famous tourist attraction spot.

Laxman Mandir

Another famous tourist attraction spot is the Laxman temple. Where you can have a beautiful sight of Rajasthani architecture using pink stones.

Dholpur Palace

This palace has a rich heritage. The use of white stones for walls makes tourists bewildered with the architecture of the Rajputana kingdom. This has made Dholpur palace renowned across the county. This palace’s rich heritage makes tourists bewildered with the architecture of the Rajputana kingdom.

If you are a nature lover and bird watcher then this is the place for you to visit where you can have a beautiful sight of rare species of birds across the globe along with some mammals. 

December 12, 2019
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