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The Sita Mata wildlife sanctuary is a beautiful pious place popular for its rich vegetation. This place contains a wide variety of plant species and medical herbs along with rare species of wildlife. In this sanctuary, five rivers flow along with other water bodies. Birds have added attraction to this place. Numerous bird species along with migratory birds visit this sanctuary. There is a popular belief that in ancient times Valmiki Maharishi ashram was located here. Where goddess Sita Devi, wife of Lord Rama gave birth to her two sons Lava and Kusa. There is a Sita Devi temple inside the sanctuary. Therefore, many devotees visit this sanctuary to worship the goddess. In fact, this sanctuary is believed to be connected with the goddess Sita. Therefore the deity name is given to the sanctuary.

The historic importance of this place is a few stones identified by the archaeologists. That has the animal painting of prehistoric events attracts tourists. The sanctuary is located in the Pratapgarh and Chittorgarh districts of Rajasthan. Hence the nearest airport to the sanctuary is Udaipur. Whereas the railway station in Mandsaur. Whereas from here one can choose the mode of transport based on one’s convenience.

Sita Mata Wildlife Sanctuary

The gorgeous sanctuary is inhouse for many wildlife animals. Among them, the popular one is the leopard and the rare species Flying fox. In plants bamboo, Rudraksha, Teakwood and other different species. Distinguish vegetation available along with the herbal plant. Approximately 130 species of both residence and migratory birds are here. Therefore, this is a treat for bird photographers and wildlife lovers and nature lovers. Along with these different kinds of reptile species are also available.

Best season to visit Sanctuary

Hence the best time to explore this gorgeous and pious sanctuary will be winter. During winter migratory birds visit the sanctuary and give amazing sight for the visitors. If you are planning to stay near to the sanctuary don’t worry since numerous hotels are available.

Places to visit near Sita Mata Wildlife Sanctuary

 Shree Tripura Sundari Temple
Shree Tripura Sundari Temple | source: ganuullu

Shree Tripura Sundari Temple

One of the Shakthi Peeta among 52. Hence it is a very powerful and divine temple people around the country and world visit this holy shrine. Make sure you visit this place when you visit the sanctuary.

Mahi Dam

If you planning to visit this dam make sure you visit in monsoon. Here you can have a beautiful sight of water released from the dam gates. Therefore, visit this dam during raining season.

Madareshwar Shiva Temple

This ancient Shiva temple is located in a cave in a high hill. Many devotees visit this holy shrine to get the blessing of the Lord and the divine vibes. The marvelous sight of the surrounding making this place even more special.

The blend of both spirituality and history makes your trip memorable. Therefore, Plan a trip to this amazing pious place Sita Mata Wildlife Sanctuary.

February 14, 2020
Sita Mata Wildlife Sanctuary

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