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India is a country where many historical events took place. Popular all around the world for its history and culture. Rajasthan is the state which has a prominent place in the history of India. One such place in Rajasthan is Bundi town. It is the old town with historic palaces situated in the Hadoti region. Therefore, there are many tourist sites in and around Bundi town. One such site is Ramgarh Vishdhari Wildlife Sanctuary which is 45 km from the Bundi town. Hence this is a residence for various animals and plant species.

If you are planning to visit this place, first and foremost you need to take permission from the forest officials. In Bundi town, along with Sanctuary tourists can visit the nearby village. Here you see the Rajasthan’s native culture. If you like shopping then there are some local bazar shopping. From the Bundi, you can select your own means of a convenient mode of transport to reach this sanctuary.

Ramgarh Vishdhari Wildlife Sanctuary

This sanctuary is a great vacation spot in Bundi town where you enjoy sightseeing the beautiful grassland along with migratory birds in the river. It is also the home for many wildlife animals which are Bengal tigers, Leopards, hyenas, Wolfs so on and it as the very rich vegetation. Activities at the sanctuary are jeep safari where you can have a close encounter with the wild beasts. Months to visit this sanctuary is from September month to May month. In fact, try going to the nearby tribal village and know more about their culture.

Places to visit near Ramgarh Vishdhari Wildlife Sanctuary

Taragarh Fort

source: Welcome to Rajasthan

A beautiful fort built by the Rajput rulers on the hill slopes. Here you have an amazing view of the city from the hilltop along with the Aravali range from the palace. Even though most of the parts of the palace are in the ruined state still the view and the architectural beauty of this place worth your time and money.

Moti Mahal

This beautiful palace is a popular tourist site for its brilliant architecture skills and step wells constructed in the Mahal. This palace was constructed by many Maharajas after they conquered this amazing palace. The latest owner of the fort gives additional beauty to the fort by adding the garden near the lake and built a magnificent temple for Lord Shiva. Therefore, visit this amazing mahal where history comes alive.

Sukh Mahal

Bundi town is a historic town that has many monuments. One such is this Sukh mahal which is located near a lake. The white umbrella on the top of the Mahal which is made up of marble. Therefore, it gives a special attraction to this mahal. Some hidden tunnels in the mahal made this place a tourist hub.

Chaurasi Khambon ki Chattri

Another historic place which has 84 pillars. This is a beautiful carving of people’s lifestyles. Dated back to the Rajput era, the architectural beauty of this place is the huge 2 story canopy was holding by the pillars.

Therefore Visit this Amazing city and also the beautiful nature spot Ramgarh Vishdhari Wildlife Sanctuary to know more about India and its heritage.

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