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If you are a nature lover are a plant person, then make sure you pay a visit to Phulwari Ki Nal Wildlife Sanctuary during your leisure time to enjoy the place. This beautiful sanctuary is fully covered by the lush green landscape. The beautiful flowering plants and different varieties of herbs provide a captivating view. Hence this amazing sanctuary is the best place for a botanist to do research. This is located near the Udaipur. This sanctuary is a scenic beauty where streams flow from the hills. A river divides the sanctuary into two-part along with amazing flora everywhere. This is the best place to spend a vacation in nature.

You can reach this place from Udaipur. This sanctuary is not only famous for flora but also for the Phulwari Ki Nal caves. One can opt for trekking at this place and explore this amazing place along with the caves. Another interesting fact about the sanctuary is 134 villages are located inside this sanctuary. It is a border mark for Gujarat and Rajasthan states.

Did you know the origin of the famous Sabarmati river flows in the Ahmedabad? Dhebar Lake at Aravalli Range is the origin of the great river Sabarmati. Since the lake lows in this sanctuary by dividing it into two regions later which gradually flows towards the Gujarat state. Due to the river, this sanctuary is rich in flora and gives a pleasant feeling to the visitors.

Eco trekking at Phulwari Ki Nal Wildlife Sanctuary

At the Sanctuary they have a two-day trekking package where you can spend two days and a night in the jungle. If you are planning for trekking for two days accommodation will be provided in the dormitory and rooms. Per room, they cost 2000 rupees whereas for dormitory they cost 1600 rupees. Pick up and drop buses are also available.

Nilgai Phulwari Ki Nal Wildlife Sanctuary
Eco-Tourism Destinations of Southern Rajasthan | source: Conservation India

Here you can trek in the jungle and at night can have a beautiful tribal show conducted by the villagers to enter and display their tradition. The Phulwari Ki Nal caves at the edge of the hills are the special attraction among the visitors. You can see water droplets falling from the roof of the cave. Some schools in Udaipur take students for the excursion to this place. Therefore they can learn about wildlife and the ecosystem.

Plan a leisure vacation at Phulwari Ki Nal Wildlife Sanctuary where you can escape from your routine life and enjoy nature by relaxing yourself leaving all the worries aside

January 17, 2020
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