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The Kumaon region of the Himalayas is by far one of the richest in terms of scenic beauty. From cascading waterfalls to exciting lakes, to the eternally wonderful Himalayas – this region has a basket of nature’s gifts to offer.

Blessed with such exciting and scenic places it is a sin to not visit and explore as much as you can in this region. What really makes this place even more thrilling are the numerous treks that will take you through the beauties of the Kumaon Region and will offer you some of the most memorable and magnificent views of the intimidating Himalayas, that flank this region.

These trees are not only known for their exceedingly pretty views but also the entire journey of the treks are beautiful and will fulfill you in ways you can only dream of. So, pack up your hiking boots and bring out your inner trekker as you try and traverse through these dream-like treks in the Kumaon Region:

Chaukhamba peak

This wondrous peak in the Himalayas is a dream trek to conquer for the enthusiastic trekkers. The peak is shaped like four pillars that make it look even formidable than it originally is. This enormous mountain has four summits all of which are situated at different elevations. This majestic mountain is extremely populated among thrill seekers and adventure lovers who engage in activities like trekking and peak climbing.

Mt. Chaukhamba as seen from budha madmaheshwar temple Garhwal Himalayas| source:

There’re about four possible routes which are undertaken by the trekkers to conquer this beast of a mountain. The trek is extremely difficult and many have failed while trying to conquer this peak. The more beautiful a thing is, the harder it gets to conquer it- this is especially true in the case of the Chaukhamba Peak. Many trekkers have spent their life trying to tame these gorgeous mountains, but have failed nonetheless.

This is made this peak more appealing to the trekkers who see this as one of the ultimate challenges they must conquer. This massive spellbinding peak stands proudly at a height of 7,138 m, with many slippery slopes making it hard to climb or even get a grip at.

The view from the top is so gorgeous that you will find yourself gasping the moment you reach the top. While reaching the top is surely difficult, the view is certainly worth to keep you motivated and determined on the path. It is, however, important to note that this trek is strictly for professionals who have been trekking for a considerable amount of time, beginners or novices should not attempt this trek.

The trek to this peak commences at the sacred town of Badrinath. The town of Badrinath is an exceedingly popular place for Hindu pilgrims. From the very starting of the trek, you will feel blessed as you traverse through the holy town of Badrinath before embarking wholly onto the trek.

Pindari Glacier

There is no dearth of breathtaking treks in the heavenly state of Uttarakhand. While the challenging Chaukhamba Peak Trek is certainly not for everyone, there are few other treks that the whole family can enjoy.

One such gorgeous yet fun trek of the Pindari Glacier Trek. This beautiful tree is a heavy dose of almost all kinds of natural beauty. It is like a full-fledged dinner for trekkers.

Pindari Glacier Trek | source: Thrillophilia

As you start off the trek you will find yourself getting lost in the huge yet tranquil rhododendron forests, wherein the rare birds will greet you with their melodious chirps. If you are lucky you will also be blessed by the glittering peaks of the Nanda Khat peak.  After finding your way through the forest you will find yourself face to face with amazing and colourful mountain ridges complete with spider walls and streams that you need to cross. There are also some awe-inspiring waterfalls which will fill your heart with a sense of unbridled joy. The streams are so refreshing that you must stop and wash your face with the cool water that will instantly revitalise you.

Finally, you will reach the majestic Pindari Glacier, which is perched at a comfortable 3600 m. The resplendent glacier is so beautiful that you will find yourself spending hours just trying to click the pictures of the glacier in all possible angles. The sun rays slowly hitting the blue glacier and dispersing the light is a scene to behold. There is also a little stone temple right across the glacier.

According to stories, this little temple was built by a monk who worked day and night to provide good education and employment to the locals. This monk who goes by the name of Pindari baba still resides in that little abode. If you are lucky you might even find him roaming about in the area. This little temple of Pindari baba right across this majestic snow-covered glacier just adds a certain kind of spirituality to the whole area. The vibe itself is so different, and you will feel a beautiful aura emanating from the entire place.

Panchachuli Base Camp Trek

Another wonderful trek to embark on especially if you are visiting the Kumaon Region of the Himalayas is the Panchachuli Camp Trek.

This wonderful peak also has a famous legend attached to it. It is said that this little town of Panchachuli was the cooking hearth for the Five brothers in Mahabharata who were famously called the Pandavas. This was supposedly the last place they cooked at before commencing their journey to heaven.

source: Trekveda

The entire region is blessed with nature’s bounty. Here you will find every flowing stream to large trees forming a dense forest. You will also see brilliant glaciers and rare flora and fauna all spread around this sprawling region.

The trek itself is a gift of nature that keeps unfolding as you keep walking. At every step, you will find yourself presented with a new wonder of nature.

The trek commences from the town of Dharchula which is situated at a small elevation of 915 m. From here you will find yourself heading to the rustic tribal village. As you start walking you will first find yourself at the Darma Valley which is exceptionally beautiful and you will find yourself clamouring for more time to fully experience this wonderful place. From here keep heading towards Sela and Balling- here the trek gets a little challenging as there are several paths that go uphill and downhill and the terrain gets a little rough. You will have to make sure that your grip is strong as you are crossing this region.

As you cross this stretch you will find yourself heading towards the Panchchuli Base Camp through the quaint tribal villages of Duktu and Dantu. From here the real scenic journey starts. The path from here is essentially walking over a glacier which is now dotted with beautiful green trees that provide the needed colour in an otherwise white snowy surrounding.

Once you reach the top you will be presented with the final gift- the wonderful view of the many peaks of the Himalayas that stand there upright. The sun rays reflect perfectly on each of the peaks which make the peak glitter and shine brightly. You will feel as if the entire heaven has descended upon the earth and you are the first to witness it. After spending a good enough time clicking picture head down through the same route.

Note: If you plan to undertake this trek you need to acquire an Inner Line Permit from SDM’s Office.

Ralam Glacier

The little town of Munsiyari is famous for its breathtaking landscapes and scenic sites. But, what really makes this town alluring is the enchanting and charming Ralam Glacier. This amazing glacier is actually located at Pithoragarh- which is also from where the Panchachuli Trek is located at.

source: Trekking in India

The glacier is located at a comfortable elevation of 2290 m and is situated near Ralam Dhura in the wonderful Kumaon Region.

The glacier is divided into two parts- the Upper Ralam and the Lower Ralam. This nature’s bounty is enhanced even more with the merger of three other glaciers called Kalabaland, Sutela, and Yangchar. All of these three glaciers merge with the Ralam Glacier and just make it look even more beautiful.

The trek to this glacier, however, is not an easy one. It is easy to get exhausted and tired midway, but the sheer beauty of this tranquil glacier is worth to keep fighting for. The trek itself will take you through true beauties of nature and you will find yourself in some of the most scenic places ever. These places will be enough to keep you going and motivated.

The trek starts from Munsiyari and usually takes about 8 to 10 days depending on the individual.

The trek is extremely popular owing to the reward at the end of the trek- it attracts several trekkers who want to witness the beauty.

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