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Ayurveda is an ancient science of curing diseases with the help of plant and animal products. It is a Sanskrit word which has evolved from two words Ayur and Veda. Ayu refers to life and Veda refers to knowledge. The literal meaning of Ayurveda is the knowledge of Life. Ayu, the life encompasses the four vital components mind, body, senses and soul. Ayurveda is believed to have originated from India.



Ayurveda is the study of healing methods from our Vedas and Puranas. Ayurveda is an ancient tradition of curing a disease with natural and organic medicines. There is a mention of Ayurveda in our old Vedic Purana Rig-Vedas. Ayurveda aims at reforming the life of people and curing the diseases with the help of natural therapies. Ayurvedic treatments are different for every individual and depend on the strength, body type, age, gender, lifestyle and other vital factors. Everybody has its own and unique constitution and Ayurvedic treatments are very much concerned with the same. Ayurvedic treatments are validated by direct knowledge derived from medieval texts.

Ayurveda Treatment

Ayurveda Treatment

Ayurveda believes that prior our existence in physical form, we existed in a more subtle form known as soul. The combination of all four components mind, body, senses and soul is required for a body to get into lively physical form. The death signifies the time of the soul to leave the body and take a new birth in the form of new body. Soul is considered as immortal. Ayurveda as a branch of medicinal treatment evolved in India around thousand years ago. The medical practices and natural therapies are even discussed in our ancient wisdom book Rigveda. Ayurveda follows the same laws with which plants and animals maintain balance with the nature and cling to these principles.

India is famous for Ayurvedic treatments worldwide and significant tourist traffic is registered for the same. India is considered best for Ayurvedic treatments during monsoon season, June to September. During this period the temperature remains cool and pleasant with moisture and dust free air. The body responds well to Ayurvedic treatment during this period and pores open up as a result of herbal oil therapy. Memorable India offers affordable, comfortable and reliable tour packages for experiencing the tranquilizing effect of Ayurvedic treatments in India. South India is the most preferred destination for Ayurvedic treatments, Kerala to be precise. Kerala is flooded with tourists from round the world for experiencing Ayurveda and rejuvenating mind and soul. The place offers apt climatic conditions and great supply of medicinal plants and herbs. Ayurvedic treatments are available here in resorts, wellness spas and hospitals. Rishikesh is visited by many tourists for its Yoga and Ayurvedic Treatments. Karnataka, Goa and Andhra Pradesh are other famous Ayurvedic destinations in India. Many Five start hotels also promote Ayurveda within hotel premises.

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Ayurveda is an ancient science of curing diseases with the help of plant and animal products. It is a Sanskrit word which has evolved from two […]
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