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Mesmerizing Street Food of New Delhi

street food in Delhi

India, a country which is known for its rich and diverse culture. Every state has its own culture and heritage. Every state is different from each other in terms of language, clothing, culture, rituals, and most importantly; Food. Yes, in India, you will find different types of food and cuisines in every state you visit. Every state has its specialty and is known for its unique style of food. That means every single state out of 29 in India has its own cuisine and is completely different from each other, whether it is taste, ingredients, or cooking style.

Such a region that is famous for its street food in India is Delhi. New Delhi is India’s capital and a Union Territory that has a population of about more than 30 million in total. A state which has numerous kinds of street food that everyone craves. Apart from being called the capital of India, it is also called the Food capital of India. Delhi is famous for both street and northern style food, making it different from other big cities of India like Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Kolkata. The quality and taste of the street food in this region make it a perfect place for those who love to eat outside and are big foodies like me and you.

Top 6 Street Foods of Delhi

If we talk in detail, New Delhi has almost every single north India dish that you will find in north India. This food market in Delhi has always been an exceptional place for those who love street food. A person who has to eat something good and fresh should visit Delhi and witness the delight that we those regions have. Not only in northern India but, Delhi is famous throughout India for its wide variety of street food that no other state or Union Territory can offer. All types of street food, whether it is Veg, Non-veg, is available and has the best taste you can ever have.

And to help you out with some of the best spots where you can enjoy the best street food in Delhi, we have come up with a list that will help you out. This list will give you an idea about what type of food you should consider while in Delhi. Here is the list of top 8 street foods that you can check while in Delhi.

Salim’s Kebab

The first place that has been made to this list is Salim’s kebab. The best place for a chicken lover. This place is well known for its chicken and mutton seekh kebabs and has massive popularity in that region. The Mughlai and Afghani Chicken is also the best dish that they have got. This restaurant or shop is located at Defence Colony in New Delhi and the average cost for two persons is 700 bucks.


Next on our list is the Karmi’s. This place is considered one of the oldest shops for mutton and chicken specialties in the whole of Delhi. This shop is an old one and is known for its chicken and mutton seekh kebabs. Other Non-vegetarian dishes such as mutton korma, brain curry, and mutton Burra is what makes this place a heaven for Non-veg lovers. This shop is located at Fatehpur Chowk, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi and the average cost for two persons is about 180-200 which is the most affordable price, trust me on that.

Bengali Sweet House

Moving ahead in the list, the spot that comes to my mind is Bengali sweet house. It’s a paradise for those who love to have sweets. The vast variety of sweets and confectionary items makes it a win-win deal for any customer that visits their shop. They are also famous for their Chinese and North Indian food preparations. And the best part is this shop has a reasonable price menu that makes it affordable to every person in that particular region. The average cost for two persons is about 300 rupees. This shop is located at Connaught Place in New Delhi, near the mandi house.

Daulat ki Chaat

And now comes the turn of outstanding food that almost everyone loves to eat. It is the most famous street food of Delhi and is called Daulat ki Chaat. This Chaat is churned milk, which is in the form of foam and is mixed with some sugar and flavors. The sweet and sour taste of it makes it a perfect food for those who love tangy and sweet flavour at the same time. It has n spices or herbs added. People from various parts of the country love this dish and are fond of it. This dish will not cost you more than 100 bucks and is famous in the region of the Chandani Chowk area of Delhi.

Chole Kulche

Now comes the turn of a very famous North Indian dish popular in almost every region of North India. This dish is called Chole Kulche. This dish is quite popular among street food in Delhi. Kulcha is a preparation of bread and is baked in a tandoor until it is cooked properly. Chole is made up of peas or chickpeas cooked in some spices and herbs together. The combination of both these chole and kulche makes it one of the best street foods of whole North India. The butter loaded kulche and chole is the best choice for you if you ever visit Delhi. You can have the best Chole Kulche at Mayapuri and Kashiram’s Chole Kulche situated in New Delhi.


Momos are the heart and lifeline of the Delhi food street. These momos are one of the highly consumed street foods in Delhi. You will find any Momos shop or stall after every 1-2 km in the whole of Delhi. Momos are of two types, steam and fried. Momos are stuffed dumplings that have their outer covering made up of flour and its filling consists of both chopped vegetables or chicken. You will find the best momos in every part of Delhi and they all have an exceptional taste.

This is our list of the top 6 street foods that you should try whenever you visit Delhi. The food items listed above will surely make your tastebuds go crazy and leave a remarkable taste on your tongue. Try them and enjoy the delicacy of Indian Street food.

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