Rohtang pass

The lush green fields cover the terrain as far as the eye can go, the beautiful blue sky colours itself with those white fluffy clouds and the snowy white mountains makes one feel that they are in midst of heaven. No, this is not another wonderful foreign country, one can experience this sight in our very own Solang Valley, 14 km off Manali. Solang Valley is yet another amazing little retreat that Himachal Pradesh has given us. It is popular among adventure freaks and also for people looking for just a serene escape away from the hustle bustle of the city life. It is India’s very own Ski resort and is popular especially around the winter time. The numerous adventure sports offered in Solang Valley makes the place extremely fun for everyone.

Things to Do


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Imagine just flying across the mountains and touching the skies. Solang Valley has two great jump spots that make the perfect place for a little paragliding. The view while one glides through the wind is to die for. This is a must for the adrenaline junkies, and even for those who just want to feel alive.

Prices are INR 600 to INR 800

Quad Biking

Summers in Solang Valley makes the perfect weather for some Biking activity. One can drive through the cool green grass, explore new places and just go around the area with a Quad Bike. Quad Bikes are available with a trained driver too. But, if one wants they can easily rent the bike and carry on with their loved ones at the back. It makes for a perfect couple thing to do.

Prices are INR 900 to INR 1000


Solang Valley is a paradise during the Winters. The snow covers the rusty mountains, and the sun glitters on top of it. Snowmobiling is more like sledding, but with a little more thrill. It allows one to have maximum fun and makes one feel that they are literally floating on the shiny white ice.

Prices are INR 500 and above


Solang Valley is known for its Ski resorts. It attracts a lot of foreigners from around the globe who take part in this activity. Skiing in Solang Valley is a must for anyone who seeks to have some thrill. The snow and wind feel like paradise on one’s face as they zoom across the icy landscape.

Prices are INR 300 and above

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Camping is essentially a summer activity here at Solang. Solang is far from the madding crowd. This makes it the perfect spot for camping. One can light a bonfire, get a guitar and just strum your hearts out in this wondrous valley. Stargazing is also a whole another activity which one can do while camping. The clean atmosphere makes it possible for one to just look up at the night sky and see a cluster of stars that light up the night sky like a million lanterns floating above your head. Songs and bonfire under the starts- what more can one ask for.


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While Gondola is not really an activity in itself (one needs to use it to go to the top) but the ride itself is joyous. Each Gondola has a small cabin that flows smoothly along the ropeway. As it goes higher the sight is breathtaking. One can see the clouds floating across, and the trees get smaller and smaller as the Gondola ascends. This is truly a view to behold.

Price: INR 450

Places Near Solang

Kothi Village

Kothi is a quaint village located a little away from Solang. Solang can get crowded during peak season. Kothi makes the perfect detour to take if one is tired of the crowd in Solang. This small village is away from any modern day technology and still lives in the good old days. The air itself of this village is so pure that one is already unburdened of all the troubles that exist. The enormous green trees and wooden houses are exactly the kind of escape the one looks for.

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Rohtang Pass

Rohtang Pass is the gateway to Lahaul and Spiti Valley. This place is just another magnificent winter wonderland that is at the core of Himachal. There aren’t any places to stay here, but one can easily get a tent and spend the night here from the months of May to October.

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There are several other activities that Solang Valleys offers. There are majestic waterfalls (Rahalla Falls), plenty of temples and even a few national parks, which can easily make one’s trip to Solang Valley worthwhile. Solang Valley is a testimony that shows people that India has so much to offer that even foreign countries have to bow down to the immense beauty that resides in our country.

March 23, 2019

Solang Valley: A Winter Wonderland

The lush green fields cover the terrain as far as the eye can go, the beautiful blue sky colours itself with those white fluffy clouds and […]