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Agra Wildlife SOS – The Call of the Wild

Wildlife sos agra

With each passing year, pollution has affected every sector of livelihood. Wildlife is the most affected community amongst all living beings. Many animals are in a state of extinction and, others are in the endangered state. Its high time for us to raise hands and safeguard them all. Wildlife SOS is the initiative of protecting and conserving wildlife.

About Wildlife SOS

Started in the year of 1995 with a group of individuals, Wildlife SOS is the platform of protecting wildlife. It not only safeguards the community but also provides rich biodiversity and a quality habitat for wildlife. Focusing on creating sustainable livelihood measures, the initiative makes sure to execute these efforts to protect the environment. 

From the ferocious creatures like tigers to a gigantic creature like elephants, the movement ensures to protect and educate people about activities like animal captivity, poaching, and reptile hunting. The organization works day and night maintaining and securing wildlife. The organization has also tied up with many communities spreading the awareness of conserving and protecting the rich diversity.

Agra Bear Rescue Facility

Agra Wildlife sos
source: Private Tour Guide Agra

Bear Rescue facility is the most applaudable work of Wildlife SOS. Rescuing 600 dancing bears from the tribal people to which it is applaudable. It was until then, these bears were trained to dance in return of money by the tribal people.

The process was all about abusing this creature and went through tough training. Treated with great care, the beers, at the rehabilitation centers in a natural habitat. This bear goes through a 90 days complete health check-up with proper vaccination. After this phase, the bears get the exposure of socialization where the Wildlife SOS and vets closely monitor the behavior and personality of each bear.

Moreover, the Wildlife SOS has 24 hours of doctors and veterans. The hospital has various equipment to need every care for the bears. X-Ray, Ultrasound, Dental Suit, operation theatre and many others.

The Agra Bear Rescue facility commits with a long term commitment. The organization has partnered with a renowned organization like IAR-UK, FTB-Australia, One Voice, France.

In addition to this, Wildlife SOS also has undertaken many other projects of safeguarding other animals like leopards, reptile and also focus on conserving the environment as a whole. Other projects like

  • Habitat conservation project
  • Anti-poaching unit – ‘ Forest Watch’
  • Reptile Rescue cell
  • Educational Workshops

Ticket Pricing and Time Slots to Visit Wildlife SOS

There are various time slots to visit the Wildlife SOS

  • 09:00 – 11:00 hours
  • 11:00 – 13:00 hours
  • 14:00 – 16:00 hours
  • 16:00 – 18:00 hours

Ticket pricing :

  • 1 Person Travelling – USD 90 per person
  • 2 Person Travelling – USD 77 per person
  • 3 Person Travelling – USD 76 per person
  • or more Person Travelling – USD 73 per person

The price includes, pick up and drop facilities from your stay. Accomadiotion of tour guide and personal care and attention. It also includes the entrance fees with tax and service charge.

How to reach Agra Wildlife SOS

The organization ahs the facilities to book a cab with a pick-up drop-up service from your stay in Agra. The organization is located on Delhi – Agra highway just inside the Sur Sarovar Bird Sanctuary. 15kms ahead of Mathura toll gate, you will need to cross two engineered college and detect one yellow board i.e the gate to Sur Sarovar. You need to drive more 2kms to reach the destination.

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