10 Places to See In India Before You Die
10 Places to See In India Before You Die
June 7, 2019
Gokarna: The Aura Of The Sand
June 11, 2019
Kashid Beach

The Mumbai heat was breathing down my neck. All I wanted to do was escape this tyrant and flee to somewhere pleasant. That is when my friend suggested heading off to Kashid.

Kashid is a pristine beach in the state of Maharashtra. It is about 133 Kms away from Mumbai and situated in the Northern Konkan area of Maharashtra, making it the perfect gateway. 

I packed my bags and set off to explore and relax at this wonderful Kashid Beach.

The Journey

The journey is through the rugged Western Ghats and all I could see were rough terrains and dry hills. They somehow have their own charm. The rustic beauty of Maharashtra, especially en route to Kashid is unique and charming in its own way. The route goes past the Karnala Bird Sanctuary, which if time permits should be visited once.

Once I crossed the Kundalika Rive the landscape got even more picturesque and the crowd started vanishing. Coconut trees started popping about and the wind started getting cooler. One can almost feel that the beach is coming closer. I took out of head off the car window and as the wind ruffled through my air, I started tasting the saltiness in the atmosphere. The coast was near.

The Alibag beach itself is a popular beach among tourists. It is frequented by many and is an excellent beach for water sports. It falls on the route to Kashid. There are also other small beaches that fall on the route. The pleasure of seeing those smaller beaches hidden behind the big coconut trees it makes the area so beautiful.

The road itself is called the coastal road. It follows the curves of the coast and I could see small resorts and cottages lined up as my car drove forward. The sporadically occurring beaches add so much to the beauty of the place. These smaller beaches are also a great place to go and relax as they are much less crowded and one can get a sense of tranquillity there.

The Beach

Kashid Beach is located at the interiors. I reached there early morning and was instantly captivated by its beauty. The sun was not too hot but adequate, the breeze was still a little cold, the sea water was a little murky but pleasing nonetheless and the beach was extremely clean.

I sat there as I looked over to the two hillocks on two different sides that makes for an imposing background.

The water sports hadn’t even started yet, it was just me and a few other fishermen who were coming back after their morning’s catch. This place is a photographer’s paradise. The vast stretches of sea, followed by the imposing hillocks on other sides and perfectly complemented by the white sandy beach, makes it look like paradise. Few black rocks are also placed randomly which adds a contrast to the white beach.

The water sports starts after 9 am, and the variety is staggering. Kashid has all kinds of water sports. Banana rides, bungee rides, water scooters, speed boats, buggies, etc. For people wanting to avoid the water, there are also other options like – camel rides or horse rides.

Life at Kashid beach starts after 9 am. People start coming in and the beachside shacks start opening. Vendors start approaching people to take up any water sports, and kids and adults run around amuck in sheer joy.

A chatter and life start to emerge in Kashid. Everywhere there is an activity.

The sight of a whole family playing some kind of a water game filled my heart with joy. I observed as they splashed in the cool water and jumped in joy. I looked over to my side and some people enjoying some tasty grilled corns (Bhuttas), while their children built sand castles.

Sunset at Kashid Beach

At 11 am I finally decided to venture into the water. I stepped into the water and a calming sensation overcame me. The water was so refreshing that I felt that every part of my body was healed.

Kashid beach is one of the cleaner beaches in India. One main reason for this is the lack of alcohol. No one is allowed to bring or sell alcohol on the beaches. While there are plenty of different types of non-alcoholic drinks that one can enjoy, alcohol is strictly prohibited.

The sunset at Kashid Beach adds another layer to this already picturesque beach. Everyone gathers around to watch the setting sun, as it slowly makes its way down to the horizon. The sun turns bright orange and makes the sky go reddish yellow. The clouds bear a thin line of golden hue as they move past the sun. The sun’s reflection falls amazingly on the water and a line of yellow, orange and red hues mix to form a shimmering reflection of the sun in the water. The whole sea water starts glittering in gold lights as the sun descends. Finally, it just disappears into the horizon.

Stay Options

Kashid has a lot of homestays, resorts and guesthouses. Resorts are more expensive since they have a private beach. Homestays and guests houses are all located near the beach. All of them have basic facilities and are good enough to have a pleasurable visit. They are also near the main market which is an additional plus.

In And Around Kashid

There are some places around Kashid which one can visit if they have time. They also offer some great memories and can be fun to just hang around and explore.

Korlai Fort

Korlai Fort | source: Kokan search

This is one of the most picturesque Forts in Maharashtra. Located on a hill above the sea. One has to trek or drive up to go there. It is recommended to trek rather than drive since the roads are very narrow.

The Fort offers some of the best views one can imagine. The fort is surrounded by sea on three sides, and the view is filled with mountains, hills, the sea and the blue sky. One can spend hours just clicking photos or sitting on top and chatting with their friends against this gorgeous view. The sunset from here is sensational to watch.

Revdanda Fort

Revdanda Fort | source: Kharghar Taxi Service

This was built in the 15th Century by the Portuguese. It rests above the Revdanda Beach, which is a secluded and less crowded beach in Maharashtra. The Fort can be easily visited after spending some time at this beach.

The exterior walls of the Fort have managed to survive the ravages of time, but the inner parts are now lying in ruins.

The Fort offers some great views as one can see the intimidating mountain tops meeting with the sea. The many rocks also serve as seats for weary travellers. Kashid is an extremely fun getaway for everyone. It has a little of everything for all kinds of people irrespective of their preferences and ages. There is no death of activities, and there is never a boring time in Kashid.

Sinchita Mitra
Sinchita Mitra
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