The joy of wind sweeping through your hair, the admirable locales and lush greenery floating away as you pass serene lakes and breathtaking mountains. The happiness of riding a bike through the mesmerising routes of India have often proved to be enchanting, charming and rejuvenating.

You can just take your bike, put on your helmet and discover the many scenic routes that India has to offer. Some routes in India are picture-perfect for such bike tours. These drivers are not just scenic but offer a sense of fulfilment and enjoyment along with moments and memories along the way.

Here are some of the best bike tour routes in India that will fill your heart with joy and love.

Kochi to Backwater

Wake up early morning for a relaxed bike tour through the mesmerising coast of Kochi. The Kochi coast is dotted with breathtaking backwaters that reflect the beauty of Kochi. Just simply ride alongside the backwaters and feel the refreshing wind sweep your face. You will also pass through little fishermen villages and lively coconut trees that softly sway with the cool wind. Take the winding roads and the narrow alleys and discover more avenues of this awe-inspiring biking route.

To finish the entire tour it will take you about five days.

Chennai to Pondicherry- East Coast Road

If you are looking for a laid-back and easy cycling tour then head off to the East Coast Road- Chennai to Pondicherry. This dreamy bike route is mainly on flat grounds and will take you past the lapping seawater. Watch as the scenery slowly starts to change. The lush green trees will fade into summery palm trees with coconuts hanging from their trunks. You will witness the sparkling sand beaches, clear pollution-free roads, and dreamy locales blessed with clear skies that welcome you on this heavenly bike tour.

This cycling tour will take you about two days and even amateur bikers can embark on this surreal ride.

Scenic Rameshwaram

Known as one of the best and most scenic biking routes in India, Rameshwaram will make you fall in love with your bike. This gorgeous place is brimming with blue waters that you will pass on your bike tour. Watch as the sparkle of the water with the rays of the sun and ride past the glittering lakes and rivers.

This route is so enchanting that you will feel like stopping at every moment and admiring the sapphire water from afar.

Coorg to Munnar

The beautiful hills of Coorg and Munnar act as the perfect biking trails that will give life to your soul. This brilliant route is filled with fresh meadows and rejuvenating locales. It is so mesmerising that you will feel as if you are riding your bike in heaven. You will pass the aromatic Nilgiri plantations and land at the most stunning hills of Munnar. Take those twisty turns and the forest routes to finally reach the lovely town of Munnar.

If you are a fan of cycling and nature, then this is the best way to witness the bounties of nature. It shows Karnataka and Kerala in all their glory.

Bhalukpong to Tawang

Another northeastern bike tour, Bhalukpong to Tawang is not for the faint-hearted. This dangerous cycling route is filled with challenges which will scare you and even enchant you. Completing this route on your bike is no less than a victory and an achievement in itself.

You will feel your heart beating as you ride through the eerie forest of Bhalukapong to reach the rocky terrain of Tawang. Throughout the journey, you will have to be wary of landslides and rough roads that will make your bike feel like an astronaut traversing the carters of the moon. However, the challenge is worth the feeling of happiness and joy you will feel once you finish this bike tour.

Bhalukpong to Tawang is one of the most death-defying and adventurous biking routes that you will ever embark upon.

This tour will take you seven days, so prepare yourself and only attempt this if you are an expert in riding a bike.

Gangtok to Nathulapass

Another mesmerising biking route, Gangtok to Nathu La Pass will simply surprise and mesmerise you. Located close to the Indo China border in Sikkim, this scenic route goes past the snow-peaked mountains, the slippery roads and the cold streams. You will have to ride through some of the most beautiful avenues, where on one side is the snowy mountain with waterfalls trickling down, and on the other, the blue rivulets gently lap pass the rocks as the clouds cover the valley in a hazy mist.

You will also witness the beautiful Tsomgo Lake on your way.

This cycling tour will take about two days, and this is only to be attempted if you are an expert biker.

Mumbai to Daman

If you are someone who liked exploring nearby places on your bike, then this route is tailor-made for you. Ride through the traffic of Mumbai and reach the remote place of Daman. This route is quite beautiful and fascinating especially when the exhausting Mumbai traffic fades away and the trees and meadows start to pop up instead. You will start hearing the songs of the birds instead of the blaring horns, and that’s when you will feel the serenity of this bike tour touching your soul.

Daman is also filled with tourist spots like beaches, forts and casinos so you can spend some time here before returning to Mumbai. Daman has located about 170 km from Mumbai and it will take about two to three days to reach here.

Mangalore to Goa- NH-17

If you are planning for a Goa trip, then why not do it uniquely. Just ride through the coastlines of Mangalore and accelerate your way to Goa via NH-17. The fresh sea breeze will keep you company throughout your journey as you go through the village of Maravanthe and experience the rich heritage and culture of these little towns.

This stretch of your route is so charming that you will want to just sit back and gaze. You will give the Maravanthe beach on one side and the Suparnika river on the other, making it all the more alluring.

This bike tour will take you about six days and every day of this tour is worth it.

Rajasthan Highway

If you are looking for an adventurous bike tour that will take you through the culture and heritage of India, then this one is perfect for you. This bike tour will show you the vibrant culture of Rajasthan along with all its forts, palaces, lakes, and gates.

Start your bike tour from Ahmedabad, proceed to Udaipur, followed by Ajmer, and finally reach the Pink City- Jaipur. Along the way, you will meet many locals who will revel you with the stories of the Rajputs. You will also pass intimidating fort, colourful palaces and palatial gates that will make your journey feel even more royal and luxurious.

This tour will take you about 10 days if you are doing the extensive routes through the desert highways.

Leh to Khardung La

One of the most scenic and picturesque biking routes, the Leh to Khardung La is a part of everyone’s bucket list. However, you can only attempt this if you are an expert at riding a bike and have the required permissions. Even though it is one of the most mesmerising routes for riding a bike, it is also one of the most difficult ones.

This route is the world’s highest motorable road, which alone makes it stunning. You will pass the Siachen glacier and the snow-capped avenues to reach the wonderful Khardung La. The roads are as narrow and twisted as you can imagine, and the cold mountain air will make you feel alive and cold at the same time. It is so thrilling to ride this road, that you will feel the adrenaline pump through your veins every time you take that snowy turn beyond that large boulder.

This cycling tour will take you about two days, but only attempt if you are a pro biker.

Things You Will Need

  • Knee Cap
  • Sturdy Helmet
  • Elbow Guard
  • Knap Sacks
  • Cash For Fuel
  • Riding Gloves
  • Plenty of Snacks and water
  • Well maintained tires
  • Raincoat
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