Places to Visit in India

2020 is right around the corner, and everybody is already setting their vacation plans in motion. The best thing about 2020 is that it is filled with long weekends, which are perfect for a relaxing or thrilling vacation to make your year more memorable.

These long weekends are great to spend a few days away from the daily hustle-bustle of life and rediscover the beauty of this country. You can go out trekking, skiing, head out on a historic tour or just laze around and watch the time go by in a remote region. However, it does get confusing at times to select the perfect place to spend that long weekend is.

So here are some of the long weekends that 2020 has to offer, and places you can visit during this time.


January 11, Saturday: Weekend

January 12, Sunday: Weekend

January 13, Monday: Lohri (restricted holiday)

Where to go:



January is probably one of the best times to visit this white desert in Gujarat. This white beauty hosts the annual Rann Utsav during this time, which is an absolute cultural and visual treat. Filled with fun, laughter, colours, and folklores, this carnival is a celebration of the Gujarati culture. You will be enthralled by the folk dances, songs and many more fun events that liven up the Rann of Kutch during this time.

Rann of Kutch itself is quite magnificent and you might find yourself gaping and its pristine beauty. The weather is also nice and cool, and two days is enough to witness the grandeur of this carnival!


February 21, Friday: Mahashivratri (restricted holiday)

February 22, Saturday: Weekend

February 23, Sunday: Weekend

Where to go:


ganga ghat

If you are looking to visit somewhere in February, then head over to the holy and ancient city of Varanasi. During this time, the city of Varanasi is not only cool and chilly but also grasped with a lovely religious tinge of Mahashivratri. Just come here to feel the essence and the spiritual fervor that grips this town during Mahashivratri. Elaborate aartis, pilgrims flocking the temples, pious chants and melodious hymns fill the entire city. The Ganga Aarti especially is a spectacle to witness, as priests line up with their Aarti plates and the entire ghat is lighted up by the flowering flames from thousands of diyas. AS the Aarti commences, you will feel calm and a lovely serenity will engulf you.

You should also visit the many temples in Varanasi, and get lost in the winding roads of this ancient city.


March 7, Saturday: Weekend

March 8, Sunday: Weekend

March 9, Monday: Take a leave

March 10, Tuesday: Holi (gazetted holiday)

Where to go:


long weekends in rishikesh

If you are planning a getaway in March, then Rishikesh is where you should be headed to. The vibrant month of March brings in spring when all the flowers and trees are in full bloom. The snow has melted from the northern regions and the sun is out again, but this time it is airy and breezy.

The sacred town of Rishikesh is an absolute treat to visit during this time. Brimming with temples and awe-inspiring natural beauty, Rishikesh is also in full bloom. The valleys are once again covered with rolling lush meadows, and the streams once again flow with full vigor. March is also the time when the International Yoga Festival is held in Rishikesh. This is the perfect way to take a breather and practice some refreshing yoga right in the laps of nature in Rishikesh. There is something quite divine about engulfing all that fresh air and practicing yoga with thousands of other practitioners in Rishikesh. This will also give you a chance to talk and network with people from other cultures and regions, and get to know about their land more. It is quite an enriching experience, and everybody must experience it once in their lives.

If you are not a Yoga enthusiast, then you can come here to the breathtaking natural beauty and the many temples that make this city holy.


April 2, Thursday: Ram Navami (gazetted holiday)

April 3, Friday: Take a leave

April 4, Saturday: Weekend

April 5, Sunday: Weekend

April 6, Monday: Mahavir Jayanti (gazetted holiday)

Where to go



The ski destination of India, Auli is a great destination to visit during April. During this time, Auli is neither too cold nor too hot, making it the perfect time to visit. This off the radar destination is usually only frequented by backpackers, trekkers, and ski enthusiasts, thus, keeping it away from the maddening crowds of the tourists. Book yourself a cute little cottage, sip into some hot chocolate and enjoy the stunning views in Auli. You can also embark on some rejuvenating nature trails, that will take you straight through the heart of nature, and if you are really up for it, you can also try your hand at skiing.

Auli is a great place if you are looking for a relaxing yet fun-filled weekend getaway with your whole family, and April is the perfect month for that.

April 10, Friday: Good Friday (gazetted holiday)

April 11, Saturday: Weekend

April 12, Sunday: Weekend

Where to go:



This little weekend in April is the best time to visit the up and coming tours hotspot- Gokarna. This tiny beach town located in Karnataka was once only frequented by backpackers and off the beat travelers, however, now it has become quite the rave among mainstream tourists. Brimming with pristine sandy beached, azure waters and waves that make the perfect sound, Gokarna should be on your bucket list. During April, the weather is also nice and soothing, and you can spend some lazy days lying on the beach and admiring the sea.

You should also witness the wondrous sunset and sunrise from the beach, and revel in the tranquillity that surrounds you.


May 23, Saturday: Weekend

May 24, Sunday: Weekend

May 25, Monday: Id-ul-Fitr (gazetted holiday)

Where to go:



Summer vacations are the perfect time to hit the suggest beauty of the snowy mountains, and soar away into the chilly landscapes. The sweltering summer heat can really be exhausting during the month of May, thus, a weekend escape during this month is almost a must.

If you are looking to get away from the hustle bustle of the city life, and head to somewhere quiet and far from the crowd- then head over to the beautiful town of Lansdowne. Located in Uttarakhand, this hill station is the best way to spend your summer and relish the cool breezes here.

Lansdowne is a stunning place to head out on nature trails, go exploring out and indulge in some much needed break. You can also visit quaint churches and sacred temples. Just don on your explorer’s cap and look out for the mesmerizing avenues and nature trails that will stun you.


October 2, Friday: Gandhi Jayanti, National Holiday

October 3, Saturday: Weekend

October 4, Sunday: Weekend

Where to go:



The month of October is a great time to visit the Pink City of Jaipur. It is that time of the year when it neither too hot nor too cold in Jaipur, and the tourists are also a little less during this time. You can easily frolic around the sensational palaces and colorful gates that adorn this pink city. Make sure you visit gems like City Palace, Jantar Mantar, and Hawa Mahal. Jaipur is also an excellent place to shop, and you will be enthralled by the vibrant lehengas, souvenirs and shining bangles that are found here. Shop some authentic clothes and accessories from places like Bapu Bazaar.

If you are looking for a little more of modern life, then you can head out to the World Trade Park, and enjoy some much need retail therapy. World Trade Park is India’s second-largest mall, and there is also a lively nightclub there.

October 24, Saturday: Weekend

October 25, Sunday: Weekend

October 26, Monday: Dussehra (restricted holiday)

Where to go:

West Bengal:

long weekends in kolkata

If you are looking to visit somewhere in October then West Bengal is the place to be at. This is the time of the year when West Bengal is completely alive with dhaaks, dhunochis, and bhogs- aka, Durga Puja. One of the most celebrated and popular festivals of Bengal, Durga Puja is a delight to witness. From the awe-inspiring pandals to the brilliantly and creatively made pandals, this is the time when the entire state is gripped by a different fever. There is fun all around. Little boys and girls running around in traditional attire, the smell of chicken roll filling up to the pandals, and the traditional dhunochi dance with the beats of the dhak, just makes everything divine. If you are not visiting Bengal during this puja, then you are missing out on something essential in your life.


November 13, Friday: Chhoti Diwali (restricted holiday)

November 14, Saturday: Diwali (gazetted holiday)

November 15, Sunday: Weekend

Where to go:


If Durga Puja is to Bengal, then Diwali is to Ayodhya. The birthplace of Lord Rama, Ayodhya truly lights up during Diwali. There is something so divine in the air of Ayodhya during this time, that you will be in trance the moment you come here. Ayodhya transforms into something else, as lakhs of diyas are lighted up, and chants are heard from every household. The Diwali at Ayodhya is different from the mainstream Diwali, which includes bursting crackers. In Ayodhya, the most authentic Diwali is celebrated, and crackers are kept at bay.

So, if you want to witness the splendor of lights and sweets then visit Ayodhya in the Diwali weekend. 


December 25, Friday: Christmas Day (gazetted holiday)

December 26, Saturday: Weekend

December 27, Sunday: Weekend

Where to go:


long weekends goa

If you are not in Goa during Christmas, then it is just a waste of time. The lively state of Goa gets a new lease of life during the time of Christmas. This overwhelmingly catholic state knows how to turn up the fun during this major festival in Goa. Not only is the weather oh-so-perfect, and the beaches are filled with parties, carnivals and tasty treats, but also, the streets are lined with carols and aromatic cakes for Christmas. This is the best time to visit Goa, as it fully blossoms into a paradise. Party the night away at Tito’s or sing love carols at the many churches- Goa is the way to go.

No matter where you decide to head to, 2020 is all here to make your vacation dreams more than possible. Just select the perfect long weekends and head out to any of these places to enjoy a memorable time.

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