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Nestled in the interiors of Kerala, this paradisiacal place is where everything is heavenly and perfect. From the clear blue skies to the endless blue water, Varkala is a town that can make anyone fall in love with it in the first glance. The laid back and relaxed atmosphere go hand in hand with the exquisite beauty that engulfs this little town.

This beautiful town is located in the Thiruvananthapuram district. The Northern Cliff of Varkala is perched right beside the wondrous coastline of the Arabian Sea. This place is at its scenic best during dusk to dawn.

Varkala is the perfect place to unfurl and relax, far away from the hustle bustle of city life.

My trip to Varkala was exactly what was promised. The endless blue water, the sandy beaches, the tall lush green trees, and the calming serenity that unburdened my worries the moment I stepped into this town.

Visit the Beaches 

My trip to Varkala revolved mainly around one thing – The Beaches. I have an always been a water baby, and the coarse shimmery sand has always attracted me.

Varkala Beach was the first beach I went to and was pleasantly surprised by the fun and happening atmosphere that was there on the beach. To reach, I had to take a flight of stairs- the beach is located at the right side off the cliff.

Varkala Beach | source: വിക്കിപീഡിയ

The moment my eyes saw the glistening blue water of the deep blue sea, I was enchanted. Couple that up with clean sand, and different shacks that lined the beach. There was a different kind of vibe at Varkala Beach.

Everywhere there was activity and people were having the time of their life. The vibe was infectious, sooner than later, I too found myself engaging in some nice swimming time and followed it up with a great shopping haul from the shops that dotted the cliff.

While I love hanging out and meeting new people, there is a part of me that loves a little quiet and secluded time. To satisfy this craving of mine, I headed south to the Black Beach. If the Varkala Beach is for the fun extraverts, The Black Beach is more for the introverts who seek solitude.

The beach derives its name from the beautiful glistening black soil that is spread across the shore. This place is perfect for some me time, as it is far from the maddening crowd. My time at this beach was spent mostly by admiring the beauty that lay ahead of me and then reading one of my favourite books.

The one thing that attracted me to Varkala, is the sheer fact that it has something for everybody. If Varkala Beach and the Black Beach were for extraverts and introverts respectively, The mystical Papanasam Beach is for the pilgrims.

It is strongly believed that anyone to takes a dip in the holy waters of this beach, then his or her sins will wash away. This place holds great religious importance- making this a pilgrimage spot.

Adventure Sports

source: Holidify

Where there are cliffs and beaches, there certainly will be adventure sports. My trip to Varkala was blessed with pleasant and favourable weather conditions. This enabled me to take part in a lot of adventure sports.

Parasailing is one of the adventure sports that really get the adrenaline rushing. As I strapped onto my parachute, I could feel myself flying across the wonderful clear blue skies. My heart was soaring as I looked down at the beautiful beach below me.

Other adventure sports like cliff jumping, or water sports are also very popular. Varkala has a bundle of activities to offer for adrenaline junkies, which will surely get their blood pumping and heart racing.

Anjengo Fort and Lighthouse

After scorching the beaches ad reaching my peak relaxed mode- I headed off to do some more touristy things.

One of the first and most popular sightseeing spot os the Anjengo Fort and Lighthouse.

This magnificent spot is about 12 km from the cliff, and I decided to walk until there. The walk itself is so fresh, as the strong sea breeze temps to rejuvenate you every time to feel like slacking off.

The fort was built by the East India Company and was the entry gate for the British to India from the Malabar Coast.

Currently, this lovely fort is under the maintenance of the Archaeological Department and is covered with lush green dewy grass. What really makes this for special, is the gorgeous view that it offers of the Anjengo beach in the background.

The lighthouse is the best way to get a magnificent aerial view of the town and the eternal blue waters that define it.

After my short visit here, I was told by the locals to take the fort road and kept walking ahead. While my legs felt exhausted from all the walking, my heart was still determined to see why the locals advised me to do this. As I walked, all of a sudden a magical scene started unfolding in front of me. The road was just a few feet away from the blue ocean, and the drizzle of the pristine cool water started hitting me like rain, all thanks to the breeze. The whole atmosphere was mystical and the cooling water of the ocean was almost like a healer which replenished my lost energy.

I hastily climbed up a rock to admire the view at its fullest. For some minutes I just stood there staring at the foamy waves which crashed against the rocks and broke into a gushing sound- almost as if it is telling some story. The true beauty of nature was right in front of my eyes, and I was there standing alone admiring it.


On my next day at Varkala, after a sumptuous breakfast, I made up my mind to head to ride down the beautiful Edava-Kappil road. A lot of my friends had praised the sheer beauty of this path, but I didn’t know exactly what they meant when they called it a beautiful path.

As I started rising, I finally realised what everyone was talking about. Right at the beach, I was in midst of the backwaters and the beach- Kappil was surreal in its own unique way.

Things to buy in Varkala


Varkala is a great shopping destination also. There is an immense variety of things to buy in Varkala, and the colourful nature of these things makes them look even more beautiful.

From traditional handicrafts to footwear, there is everything that your heart can desire- but in its most authentic form.

The main souvenirs that I picked up from here; which are true to the culture of Varkala; are- Coir made products, horn carved items, tea, coffee, and aromatic spices.

Shopping in Varkala can be really fun. You can buy a wide variety of things in Varkala.

Varkala is a town that engages all your senses. It makes you feel elevated, it lets you smell the aromatic beach air, it lets you touch the cooling seawater, it lets you see the sheer beauty, it lets you taste the salty air that hits your face, and finally it lets you hear the voice of the waves crashing into the rocks.

My favourite moments here were simply just walking across the town, and sitting on a bench during sunset as it overlooked the pristine beach. The moment was small, but the memory would always remain in my mind.

Varkala is a town that looks straight out of a postcard. The one thing that really touched my heart was the warmth of the locals. They radiated their hospitability and as a woman, I felt extremely safe in this town. From venturing out alone at night to mingling with strangers- never once did I feel unsafe here.

This town will surely find a special place in anybody’s heart, who decides to experience it. I certainly made a place in my heart. Varkala is not just a town, it is an experience.

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