Gujarat Tribal Tour Package

It has become a tough job to spot the old culture, traditions and the antique people mainly due to the modernization in India. But some of the states in India can present you a glimpse of the old culture, traditions, the antique people and their simple but unique lifestyle. Gujarat is an Indian state that offers tourists a possibility to observe old culture, traditions, the antique people and their unique lifestyle. Gujarat is well known globally for its tribal life. The visitors to this state can also witness wonderful beaches, medieval edifices and rich Indian culture and tradition.

Our 12 nights and 13 days Gujarat Tribal Tour offers you the chance to travel around and observe the great population of tribal's in Gujarat. Our tour package is intended at helping the tourists to understand tribes' way of life, to meet different tribes of the state and get to know their culture and traditions. Take a look at our travel package that will present you a glorious view on Gujarat and its tribal community.

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13 Days
10 Places

Destination Covered

Ahmedabad, Poshina, Patan, Modhera, Dasada,Bhuj, Bani Village,Dholavira, Wankaner, Jambughoda

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Day 01: Arrive Ahmedabad

The first day of Gujarat Tribal Tour package is planned to visit Gandhi Ashram. So, you will be meeting our representative when you arrive at Ahmedabad airport and he will take you to the hotel. After getting refreshed, we will visit the Gandhi Ashram, located on the brink of the Sabarmati River. Gandhi Ashram has a huge importance in India's freedom movement and Mahatma Gandhi started his famed Dandi March to the sea in 1930. You can witness Hridaya Kunj here which is a simple cottage where Gandhi lived. It is preserved as a national monument now.

Then, get back to the hotel for an overnight stay.

Day 02: Ahmedabad - Poshina

The second day of Gujarat Tribal Tour package is planned to visit Poshina. We will go to Poshina following breakfast. Check into the hotel and get refreshed. Then, we will make a move to see the sights of Poshina especially its villages. You have the chance to meet the Garasia tribals. The travelers can come across lots of artisans, the tribal arrow crafters, potters, blacksmiths and the market which is renowned for silver tribal jewellery, ornate sheathed daggers and terra cotta horses. Visitors can see the Bhil and Garasia tribal communities. They are identified for their multihued dresses and artistic ornaments.

Then, back to the hotel for an overnight stay.

Day 03: Full day in Poshina

Today, we will opt for a full day trip to Danta village and it is here you will get the chance to meet the Dungri Garasia tribes. The Dungri Garasia tribes are cut in half in two neighbouring states, Gujarat and Rajasthan.

We will go back to Poshina in the evening for an overnight stay.

Day 04: Poshina - Patan - Modhera - Dasada

Today, we will be going to three places such as Patan, Modhera and Dasad. Immediately after the breakfast, we will go to Dasada. We will visit Patan and Modhera on the way. The village, Dasada, is renowned for its Patola weaving and it is carried out by Salvi community. So, you will have the opportunity to observe how they do it and also can see the Mushroom fabrics woven as a blend of silk & cotton.

In Modhera, you can see the Rani Ki Vav and Patan Step Well. These are great example of architecture used for water wells. The tourists can observe carved images in the slots of the walls of well. The well is recognized for its elegance, design and stands as a perfect example of ancient period.

Afterward, we will move to Modhera Sun temple and it was built in 1026 AD. The Sun Temple was built by Bhimdev I of Solanki dynasty. The temple is dedicated to Sun God. The Sun temple is of a distinctive architecture and it contains three separate, axially united and incorporated parts such as Surya Kund, Sabha Mandap and Guda Mandap. Prayers are not offered in this temple at present. This temple is currently under the control of Archaeological Survey of India.

We will leave for Dasda subsequent to visiting the Sun temple. Then, move to the hotel for a night stay.

Day 05: Dasada

On the 5th day of our tour package, we will explore Dasada Village. We will have jeep safari to the Little Rann of Kutch after breakfast. Jeep safari will help you to see the well-known wild Ass. The visitors will be able to see Blackbuck (Indian antelope), Nilgai or Blue Bull, the graceful chinkara, Indian Wolf, Desert Fox, Indian Fox, Jackals, Desert and Jungle Cats, hyenas and migratory birds like Flamingos, Pelicans, Ducks, Cranes and Storks etc.

We will go back to the hotel for lunch. After lunch, we will explore the Rabari and Bhairwad tribal villages around Dasada. You will have the chance to visit the rural Vadiara and Kharapat Rabaris of Dasada. They are acknowledged for their embroideries. You can also visit the silk-weavers colony at Dasada and Ambala village of the Bharwad shepherds and goatherds. The tour package can also be included the weaving cooperative at Bajana and other artisan's workshops.

Then, back to the hotel for an overnight stay.

Day 06: Dasada - Bhuj

On the 6th day of our tour package, we will leave for Bhuj immediately after the breakfast. After reaching Bhuj, check into the hotel and get refreshed. Then, we have got to visit the Collector's office in order to get the permission to explore the tribal area there for next 02 days. Afterward, you can visit the tribal market.

We will get back to the hotel in the evening for an overnight stay.

Day 07: Bhuj - Bani Village - Bhuj

On the 7th day of our Gujarat tour, we will opt for a full day tour to Banni group of villages after breakfast. The visitors have the opportunity to visit villages of Hodka, Ludiya and Dhordo. You can also meet its natives such as Jat, Harijan, Meghwal and Mutva, etc.

Banni: In Banni region of Kutch, the Meghwal-Harijans make use of Kambira, Kharek, Kudi Stitches in their sewing. They also outline, stitch embroidery and minute mirror designs resembling the famed Mutwa sewing. They are also experts in creating wall hangings, waistcoats and pouches in Kharek Stitch and bracelets, toys and belts.

Hodka: The Hodka comes from the Gujarati word 'Hodi' and it denotes 'boat'. The villages are labeled as jheels. Hodka is well-known for its gorgeous stitching, mud work and leather craft. The art and craft tradition of the region is well maintained by both men and women.

Ludiya village: Ludiya village is packed with Harijans and Muslims. Monsoon farming, cattle rearing, intricate wood carving, intricate embroidery work, mud-work and wall painting are the main occupations of habitats in this region. Men in the region are active in wood carving, whilst the women engage in stitching and wall-decoration.

Dhordo: The place is known for its traditional mud houses. Mirror work is special in houses and Mutwa embroidery could be seen with little mirrors.

We will go back to the hotel in the late afternoon for an overnight stay.

Day 08: Bhuj

On the 8th day of our Gujarat tour, we will visit the village of Bhujodi. You can meet artisans who are engaged in weaving thick shawls and blankets.

After visiting Bhujodi, we will make a move to Tundav. Here the visitors can travel around and see the village of Rabaris.

Then, we will drive to Nirona village. From here, you can have a glance of the greatly creative craft producing area. The artisans of the region are experts in making polished wooden goods. The tourists will be offered the chance to see their creative crafts like copper bell making, lacquer work on wood and woollen shawl weaving.

Afterward, we will move to the hotel for a calm sleep.

Day 09: Bhuj - Dholavira - Wankaner

Today, we are planned to visit Wankaner after breakfast. We have got the chance to visit the deserted village of Dholavira on the way. It also gives us ample chance to look at its archaeological site. Then, we will carry on to Wankaner. You can go to the hotel for an overnight stay once we get there.

Day 10: Wankaner - Jambughoda

On the 8th day of our Gujarat tour, we will spend some quality time in Jambughoda. After breakfast, we will have a trip to the Lothal Ruins. The Lothal Ruins is renowned for Harappan civilization. After enjoying the Lothal Ruins, we will move to Champaner.

Champaner: Champaner is considered as an antique fortified city. Many people in the city consider that the name of the city is named after Champaraj who is said to be the creator of the city. Some others assume that the city was named after the Champa Tree.

Champaner Fort. We will also visit Champaner Fort.

Then, we will drive back to Jambughoda and check into the hotel for an overnight stay.

Day 11: Jambughoda (Chhota Udaipur)

On 11th day or our tour, we will go to Chhota Udepur for a full day trip. Here, we will visit the villages of Rathwa and Nayak tribes. The tourists will get the chance to visit the weekly market of Udepur. We will also visit the local houses in Pithora on the way back to hotel.

Return to hotel for an overnight stay at the hotel.

Day 12: Jambughoda - Ahmadabad

Today, we will go to Ahmadabad and check into the hotel. It is time for some leisure.

An overnight stay at the hotel

Day 13: Ahmadabad - Departure

Today, we will go to Ahmadabad and check into the hotel. It is time for some leisure.

An overnight stay at the hotel


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