Deb Grazel, Virginia

“ Dear Raj, We had a wonderful time on our trip. Now I realize that with the Christmas season you had to change some of the hotels around since some were not available. So with the being said here are our thoughts. 1- Ramada was good and pretty, pool was nice but needed to be cleaned bad, the food was excellent, I would give this hotel 4 stars. 2- Niramaya Resorts, was above our expectations after the last one. Now this is what you should get for a 4/5 star resort. They may not have had a pool but they made up for it in the hospitality. There dinning was wonderful and the food was awesome. Would love to go back and stay longer. Needless to say this resort gets 5 stars!!! 3- Udai Samundra, this resort was ok, it really needs to be updated. I think it was probably super in its hay day! It did have three pools, nice beach view but really catered to the Indian patronage. It is way to busy for our taste and there were only pancakes on the breakfast bar for us to eat if we did not eat Indian food.! All in all I would give this hotel a 3.5 4- Lemon Tree Resort, a very quaint resort. Quiet and relaxing. The only thing is there is absolutely nothing nearby to do. I guess that allows you to relax so it was ok with us. Room was nice, clean and a great view of the lake. Pool was good and clean. The staff was very friendly and helpful. I would give this resort a 3/4 5- Luxury House Boat : We had a wonderful time, the sights were amazing and the staff was more than gracious. They cooked all of our meals to our liking. I must tell that if there are three people, there needs to be a two bedroom. They did the best they could for what they had been supplied with. This boat would get 3 stars at best. 6-Drivers, our driver (2nd one) was great and I would use him again. His English was good and he should us things that were not necessarily on the plan of things. We got to meet his family at the end of our trip and that was a real treat. Especially the ice cream! 5 stars Representative, well I guess that is you Raj? .thank you for being prompt and courteous throughout the whole process. The package all in all was a lot of fun and we would do it again but change some of the resorts/hotels to actual 5 star hotels. ”