Places to Visit in India

Kolkata is quietly apt called the City of Joy. This bustling colonial-era capital was once all the rave. Filled with anglo Indian avenues, streets that smell of delicious food all the time, lanes that echo Rabindra Sangeet, and the old world charm, Kolkata is still stuck to the good old days. With its traditional heritage and memorable locales, Kolkata will fill you with joy with its unique activities.

Most of the time, tourists end to stick to the usual sights of Victoria Memorial, Howrah Bridge, and Park Street. Yet, Kolkata is much more than that. It is brimming with unique experiences that will make you fall in love with this city.

Here are some of the best and most unique things you can do in Kolkata:

Witness The Art Of Idol Making

One of the most fascinating parts of Kolkata is located in Kumartuli, which is home to many artisans, who are tasked with making idols of deities. The artists mostly specialize in making Goddess Durga idols, and the process is worth watching and breathtaking. Witness the artists engaged in this wondrous art as their hands work like butter.

The entire district is brimming with 400 potters, who live and work here. Walking through Kumartuli is like traversing an old potter’s workshop. Try coming here a month before Durga Puja, and you will be flooded with clay idols, containers of colors, and torsos just lying around waiting to be assembled. The art of making Goddess Durga’s eyes is also mesmerizing to watch.

Located near Hooghly, Kumartuli will remind you to have a simpler time and will make you gasp at the skills of these humble artists.

Go Back In Time With A 4000-Year-Old Mummy

The Indian Museum located in Kolkata is the largest and oldest museum in India, which makes it quite prestigious and alluring. The wondrous museum is filled with ancient relics, Mughal paintings, stories from the past, and the highlight- a 4000-year-old Egyptian Mummy.

The museum is quite a place for visitors, who can spend hours walking through the galleries and traversing the archways of the museum.

Sail On The Waters Of Hooghly

The historic Prinsep Ghat was built in 1841 right at the banks of the serene Hooghly river. Now, this once silent ghat has turned into a lively hangout location with stunning views of the Vidyasagar Setu. To feel the old school nostalgia of Kolkata just hop on to a boat at this ghat and sail through time. Watch as the colonial buildings line up the banks, and see history unravel in front of you. The boats are also made synthetically and traditionally and are driven by fishermen. This is perhaps the most relaxing and enchanting activity you will do here in Kolkata.

There are also many luxury river cruises that you can avail of in Kolkata.

Smell The Fresh Flowers Malik Ghat

Stroll the banks of the Hooghly River to reach the enchanting and colorful Malik Ghat. Malik Ghat is famous for its vibrant and aromatic flower market, which you can smell from acres away. This huge market sells flowers in bulk and at quite a low price. The flowers are also sold at smaller shops located outside this market. What will mesmerize you is the culture and beauty of this market. With thousands of flowers just splashed everywhere, this place is quite photogenic. To get some artistic photographs you can also head to the iconic Howrah Bridge and stare at the lively flowers that fill up Malik Ghat.

Set A Date With The Great Poet

One of the things that Kolkata cannot get enough of, is its love for Rabindranath Tagore. The Nobel laureate was born in Kolkata and went on to become one of the most celebrated poets from the city. With worldwide acclaim and a Nobel prize to his name, there is no doubt that tourists throng his ancestral home located in Kolkata.

Adorned with paintings, portraits and personal photographs, Tagore’s house or ‘Jorasanko Thakurbari’ as it is called, is a museum.

Shop As Much As You Can:-

Shop Till You Drop At Burrabazar, Gariahat, And Newtown

Kolkata is one of the best and cheapest places to shop at. Dotted with thousands of shops and wonderful textile factories, Kolkata is quite a shopping destination.

If you are into street shopping then head off to the overcrowded Gariahat, and let yourself go. You will find some of the best saree shops, and clothes right here at Gariahat.

You can also head to Burrabazar for some spices and electronics shopping.

If you visiting Kolkata during Christmas, then make a trip to Newtown and watch as the entire area comes alive with lights, cakes, and carols. Buy a plum cake from Nahoms and fulfill all your shopping desires at Shree leathers.

Feast On The Delicacies Of China Town

The bustling area of Chinatown is located right in the core of Kolkata. Home to thousands of Chinese settlers and immigrants, this area is brimming with restaurants and little Chinese stalls that will teleport you to China itself. With colorful lanterns and the smell of momos and noodles, Chinatown is quite delicious.

Visit the Sing Cheung Sauce Factory and Pou Chong Bros shops to buy some authentic Chinese soups, sauces, and even tea!

Enjoy The Night Fever At Park Street

If you are at Kolkata then one of the best places to spend your night is at the bustling Park Street. Echoing with neon lights, acclaimed restaurants, and enchains nightclubs, Park Street is the place to be at. This cheery place is adorned with some of the best restaurants that will take you to another level.

Don’t just limit yourself to one of the restaurants, but keep hoping. Visit the iconic Macambo for their delicious ‘angels of horseback’ and follow it up with some Chelo Kebab at the old school Peter Cat. You can also sample some legendary Kathi rolls or dig into some fascinating roomali roti.

You must also tuck into the famous Kolkata Biryani and arsenal and feel everything coming together with one mouthful.

Munch On The Syrupy Sweets

When in Kolkata visit the little west shops spread all across this happening town and sample the tasty and cheap Kolkata sweets. From delicious nalen gurer Sandesh to syrupy roshogollas, the sweets of Kolkata deserve an entire blog on their own. It is also one of the most popular things that tourists buy to bring home from Kolkata. You can also watch the sweet making process at a few outlets.

Take An Evening Stroll Through Eco Park

The newly opened Eco Park has become quite the rave in Kolkata. This wonderful green park is not only well landscaped but asap features mini replicas of Taj Mahal, Moai statues, Christ the Redeemer, and some of the other seven wonders of the world.

Just sit under a tree, or read an enchanting book or just click photos with the wonders of the world. This lovely park is a welcome break from the busy traffic and crowd of Kolkata.

These unique wonders of Kolkata will never cease to surprise you. Just when you feel that you have seen all of Kolkata, a new opportunity will show you a different side of it. However, to feel the essence and beauty of Kolkata, come here during Durga Puja and watch as the city comes alive. Till then, explore these fascinating sights and feel the joy at the City of Joy.

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