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Known for the famous and unique Basar Confluence (a cultural festival like no other), this offbeat North East hamlet is quite a travel destination. This serene town is located in the remotest region of Arunachal Pradesh, and getting here itself is quite a trekking adventure. Covered with dense forests, and thick canopies, Basar is located far away from any signs of modern technology. The locals of this town live in little bamboo huts, and even their food is prepared in bamboo sticks. The wonders of this town don’t end here, the local tribe is called Galo, and they are the most hospitable people you will ever meet.

Here are some things that you can do when visiting this magical village.

Trek, trek, trek all-day

Basar is a true haven for trekkers and people looking for an adventure in nature. There are quite a few treks that you can embark on, and each of these treks will lead you to a new and fascinating place:

Bat Cave in Padi Village

One of the first treks you can head out on is a trek to the bat caves in the lovely Padi Village. You will cross enchanted forests, rice fields, fences, and even bamboo bridges to finally reach this isolated cave. Enter the cave at your own risk, and always remember to cover your head with a cap. You will be surprised to see thousands and thousands of bats just hanging up the ceiling. It is quite something.

Oodi Putu

After your adventures with the bats, strap on and climb a blissful green hill to view the entree village of Basar from up high. It is quite a stunning sight, and you will be mesmerised to see the greenery that surrounds you. The climb to Oodi Putu starts from the Sago Village. You can stay here overnight and enjoy a delicious and authentic Galo meal.

Unexplored Basar | Treks, Cave, Waterfalls in Arunachal Pradesh | By: Prakriti Varshney

Experiencing Joli

If you are looking for a unique and fascinating adventure this is a wonderful town, then you must head off to the eerie place of Joli. This trek is not for the faint-hearted, as many supernatural activities have been reported here. You will start by climbing a little hill. After which you will cross an ethereal rivulet by a stunning bamboo bridge. This experience itself is so mesmerising and soul cleansing.

To experience this trek you need help from some locals as well, who will guide you on how to cross the rivulet, without slipping or stepping on to the sharp pebbles.

Eventually, you will reach a place, where the forest is so thick, that even the sun rays are unable to reach the ground. It is quite haunting, and you will start feeling a chill down your spine. You will have to cross a few more streams before you finally reach Joli, which is located near a little waterfall. Even though you might not find anything haunting here, you will certainly feel the presence of something in the air, which is enough to give you the chills. Walk back before the sunsets.

Explore the little huts in Sago

The culture of the Basar hamlet is something you need to indulge yourself in. The best way to do is to just enter a little bamboo hut in the Sago village and spend a wholesome day with them. The locals are extremely warm and will welcome you with open arms.

The moment you enter the hut, you will notice the modesty. A small fire is burning in the centre, and everyone sits together to enjoy a heartfelt meal. It is at this moment, that you will feel a warm feeling creeping into your body as the love around you engulfs you. Usually, Galo houses in Sago village will have the skulls of animals adorned on their walls. As you sit down, engage in some heartfelt conversations, and listen to all their folklores and learn more about their culture. It is a truly enriching experience, and you must experience it at least once.

Talk to the tribe’s

basar tribes
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When you get talking to the locals, you will realise that there is so much that you don’t know about this region. The more homes you will visit, the more you will know about the traditions of the Galo tribe. From their cuisine to their use of bamboo, you can peek into their humble life, and realise how different it is from ours. They are quite content in their own life, and the laughter and peace that they embody are quite infectious.

They will happily tell you their stories and even revel you with details of Mopin, which is their main festival. When you quiz them about the weapons that still feature in most of their homes, they say that they belong to the past generations. They keep them in their house, stay rooted in their past, and not forget them as they move forward. Some of the locals also say that they do not want their children to pay money and visit a museum to see these weapons, so they keep holding on to them.

Village walks

Basar has quite a few picturesque villages, which will always keep you on your toes. The best way to explore these wondrous villages is to walk as much as you can and witness the beauty of most of them. The villages of Basar are extremely clean, and you will find bamboo dustbins at regular intervals!

The villages are perfect with their little huts, small children running around in the soft grass, and adults going about their business. You will even find an old lady in the Sago village, selling some ethnic jewellery. It is these little things, that make Basar charming and captivating.

Photograph everything and anything

It is quite impossible to keep down your camera when you are at Basar. From picturesque nature walks to bamboo huts. From ever-smiling locals too tall palm trees. From bamboo bridges to eerie forests. From ethereal rivulets to wondrous surroundings where the sunlight fades away. From wildflowers popping up to hills surrounding the village. Such is the beauty of Basar. With such beauty all around you, it is quite hard to keep your camera down. However, make sure to live in the moment and not just through the small camera screen.

The Basar Confluence

If you want to see Basar in a completely different light and watch as the entire hamlet comes alive, then come here during the recently launched Basar Confluence. This cultural event, is a great way to promote the culture of Basar, as folk dances and folk songs of Basar take the centre stage here.

This three-day cultural fiesta, as some amazing events- ranging from cultural concerts to sporting events, all of which bring forth the Galo identity. Some of the highlights of this festival are Mega Galo Dance, Nyida Parik, Wedding Dance, Lion Dance, Mopin Festival showcase, Bihu dance, Mishing dance, and traditional sports like Nyarka Hinam. The festival is also completed eco-friendly, making it even more amazing.

The hamlet of Basar is an absolute treat for people looking to get away from the ordinary and explore the unknown. It is set deep into the authentic tribal culture that will slowly unravel in front of you. Everything here is so different and unique from the life that we are used to living, that you will surely come back with wholesome memories and fascinating anecdotes.

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