Top Tourist Destinations in India

The end of the year is near, and so are the great big New Year Bashes! India is filled with such amazing New Year Parties, and it is a great place to spend and usher your New Year at. If you aren’t partying, then you can bring it New Year by visit historical places, or practicing meditation by the beach, or maybe just by staring at the intimidating Himalayas. No matter what you want to do, India has it all.

Here are some of the best places in India for you to spend your New Year 2020 at:

For The Off Beat Travellers


source: DNA India

If you are a nature lover and want to spend this New Year far away from the maddening crowd then Gulmarg is the city for you.

Away from the deafening music, Gulmarg is a place that will make you fall in love with its beauty and serenity. Nestled in the lap of nature, this little town is one of the most romantic places in India and a perfect place for newlyweds bringing in their first New Year together.

You can enjoy some relaxed and calm times, or just go out exploring as the natural beauty of Gulmarg slowly engulfs you. You can even take an idle Gondola Ride.

Cuddle up in a blanket and drink some sipping hot tea as you watch the breathtaking scenery in front of you when the clock starts to countdown to twelve.

If you are feeling adventurous this New Year, then you can also engage in some skiing with your friends and family here at Gulmarg.


source: WanderOn

Located in the beautiful state of Himachal Pradesh, Mcleodganj is a great and offbeat place to usher in the New Year.

This little town is brimming with joy as the streets are lined with lights and the people are warm and ever-smiling. The chilly air will relax your mind, as your ears will prop up to the music that fills up the streets during this time.

You will find cute little cafes with live music, and small homely parties that will make you want to stay here for longer, at Mcleodganj.

This hill station also has some of the most stunning views of the Himalayas, and what better to bring in the New Year, than by staring at the imposing beauty of the Himalayas.

So, just skip the crazy parties and head over to Mcleodganj to enjoy a more authentic, warm and homely New Year this time


gokarna trek

If you are looking for a quiet and mindful New Years this time, then head over to a little beachside town called Gokarna. Located in Karnataka, this little town has often been called the quieter version of Goa.

Equipped with stunning beaches, and coastlines that will make you drool, Gokarna is the place to be this New Years. Gokarna is also a haven for Yoga lovers, and you will find several Yoga enthusiasts backpacking here as well. Gokarna also has some nice hot springs and trekking trails that will awaken the explorer in you. Just take out your walking boots and embark on a refreshing journey through the jungles and beaches to find some mesmerizing sceneries and landscapes.

So this time, step away from the usual, and usher in your New Year with some wonderful Yoga and Meditation at the truly beautiful beaches. This will surely make you calmer and even enlighten you. A healthy way to start the New Year- as they say, New Year New Me.

Rann Of Kutch


Celebrating New Year at the Rann Of Kutch is something that not a lot of people would even think of. Yet, this is perhaps the best time to visit this part of the country.

The Rann Utsav will be in full swing during this time, and you will be blessed with a plethora of colours just enriching your life. A full cultural fiesta, the Rann Utsav is a great way to bring in the New Year. Shop some of the traditional handicrafts or just stare at the amazing performances and events that will make your heart soar. The culture of Gujarat is showcased in the most amazing way here.

Witnessing this white salt desert, especially on a full moon night is also a marvel that you cannot miss. So just, pack your colourful clothes and spend the New Year away at this lovely cultural fiesta!


source: Berger Paints

Even though there are lots of places in India that you can visit if you are looking for an offbeat place in India to celebrate your New Year at, yet Pushkar does top the charts.

This lovely town in the state of Rajasthan is unique and far away from the typical New Year festivities. It is filled with majestic forts, colourful markets and camel rides that will keep you busy throughout the day. Pushkar is a rustic town that has so much to offer that you will never have a boring moment here. Some great countryside parties take place here, and you can easily spend your time there. Pushkar presents a beautiful contrast between the old and the new. It has regal forts and palaces still brimming with the old royal lifestyle, and it has clubs where the newer generation celebrates New Year in the more modern way.

To enjoy these small details, and to spend your New Year in the lap of history, head over to this quaint town of Pushkar.

For The Party Lovers


Arambol beach goa
source: Goa Villa

Goa is undoubtedly the part destination of India. May it be for Christmas, New Year or anything else, if you want to party you need to come down to Goa.

Filled with crazy breach side parties, cheap alcohol and clubs that are always full, Goa is THE place to be during New Years.

The music and dance never stop for once, as exotic dancers and performers fill up restaurants, pubs, and even beaches to put up shows that you cannot even imagine! The entire state is adorned with lamps and lights that make it look even more fun.

Imagine just sitting at the beach, music filling your ears as you witness a spectacle of firecrackers lighting up the sky, as the clock starts to count down to usher in the New Year! Magical, isn’t it?

So just dig into some of the delicious local seafood and let the New Year bash begin.

Places To Go For New Year’s Eve: Anjuna beach, Kamaki Bar, Las Olas, Sinq, Tito’s Club and many more!


If you are looking to let your hair down in some of the amazing New Year’s Eve Parties in India, then Bangalore is your calling.

Bubbling with open-air parties, lush gardens and huge party places, Bangalore lives up to the New Year hype. The whole city is bursting with the kind of energy that will make you also dance the night away. Bangalore is truly a charm to visit during New Years’.

The weather is always welcoming, and the cafes are always brimming with youngsters ready to have some fun. You can indulge in some amazing food at the finest of places.

Places like ISKON Temple and the Ulsoor lake will keep you busy in the morning, while at night you can shop, eat and just let yourself go!


cst mumbai

The commercial capital of India- Mumbai is also a haven for party animals! The mantra here during New Year is to forget sleep and dance all night. Such is the zeal and enthusiasm in this city.

The city will be lit up with lights and crackers that will touch your soul and make your heart soar. The city also hosts the best house parties and you will find yourself happily dancing away with strangers who will become great friends.

Mumbai also has some great parties in clubs and hotels that will make you want to dance the whole night away. A lot of New Year parties in Mumbai also have celebrity performances!

The highlight has to be watching the fireworks at Marine Drive, as the clock strikes twelve. You can also visit the Gateway Of India and see the famous Taj Hotel in breathtaking lights.


india gate
source: Trip Tap Toe

A hub for party freaks, Delhi is a place for you to just let yourself go and sway to the tunes that bring in the New Year. Parties here are coupled with electrifying lights, drinks that never end, music that will make you jump and an atmosphere that will make you forget about tomorrow.

Delhi has some of the most elite parties that are truly one of the best you can ever find. You also need to book your tickets in advance, as it is hard to find an empty spot in any of the parties in Delhi.

Delhi is also a wonderful city for you to just roam around in the morning, as it is has a great collection of historical monuments. Delhi in the morning is like walking through a historical gem that will make you want to study history again! Visit the beautiful Qutub Minar, or watch the light and sound show at the Red Fort, and if you are feeling adventurous then take a short trip to Agra and witness the beauty of the Taj Mahal.


What better way to celebrate New Year’s Eve that with a drink in one hand while relaxing at the serene beach! If this is what you are looking for then, Pondicherry is the perfect destination for you this New Year.

New Year’s Eve at Pondicherry is synonymous with beach parties, firecrackers, bonfires, and youngsters dancing in the streets.

Pondicherry is also a great place to explore as it is filled with hidden gems and picturesque spots.

If you are looking for more of a quiet scene this New Year’s Eve, then to Pondicherry is amazing for you. Just visit one of the several ashrams in Pondicherry, and spend your time engulfed in the lovely aroma of incense sticks and meditate your night away!

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