Erratic flood tragedy at Kaziranga National Park

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Erratic flood tragedy at Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga National Park

The eminent wildlife destinations in India, the Kaziranga national park in Assam, the northeastern state of India, today face the wrath of nature. Almost the entire national park submerged in the Brahmaputra flood water. This recent tragedy took the life of not only humans but many animals living peacefully in the national Park. This July left horrific experience for animals living in the national park. As it is located in the Flood Plains of the Brahmaputra river.

Floods in the rainy season became common in recent times. However, in the state of Assam, they use to face the wrath of the Brahmaputra river like for once in 10 years. The unfortunate turn of the event made this floods frequent. Due to this, the animals are running from their home Kaziranga national park to other places to save their lives. People of Assam are facing the worst disasters ever. Struggle with pandemic and the nonstop downpours resulting in the Brahmaputra river flowing above the threshold level. Not only India’s largest national park but 26 districts in the state also got affected.

Kaziranga national park affected animals

According to recent information, the Kaziranga national park is 92 percent inundate in water. The latest news from the forest department is that 123 animals have lost lives in the erratic flood. Among these 9 are one-horn rhinos. Besides this, 17 hog deer’s were killed. These deers were tragically killed by fast speeding vehicles in a high way. The government has issued orders to vehicles regarding the speed advisory. In spite of the instructions, they neglected to slow down the vehicles and claiming the lives of innocent hog deers.

The total number of animals dead are 178 hog deer’s, 15 rhinos in these there are 4 elephants and one tiger. Another major concern among forest officials is the spread of diseases among the animals due to floods.

Despite all the tragic news surrounding the National Park, there are few good news as well the forest officials were able to save 150 rhinos that include a baby rhino. These animals were rescued with locals and the WTI-Centre for Wildlife. Besides this, 30% of the national park is not flooding. As the water is receding at a slow pace it takes a few more days to completely recede the flood waters in the national park.

Kaziranga national park during flood in Assam
Kaziranga national park during flood in Assam

Unknown facts about the Kaziranga national park

The national park is unique in its own way from other national parks in the country. Not just it lies on the wetlands and grassy lands of river plans. This national park is located in the flood plains of the Brahmaputra river. This park needs the flood water every year for the nourishment of the soil and grass to the animals leaving there. But unfortunately in the year 2018, the national park experienced one of the worst floods. Due to the problem in the upstream water flow in the river. The national park and its animals are getting kill frequently in flood waters.

Stories from local village regarding animal rescue

Any sad story of a young adult tiger who happen to take risk of swimming in the high floodwater and took shelter in the vicinity village. Since 95% of the tiger Reserve inundated. Sharma, a local former informs the forest officials that the tiger happens to take rest in the goat shed all night. Strangely went away once the sun is out without harming any human or goat life. His mother as daily routine visited the goat shed to clean. She happens to witness a body lying down when she went close to it and realizes it is a tiger. She altered her son and others. Sharma also added that the tiger must have been facing a hard time and must be resting in our courtyard.

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