Travel Tips & Advisory to prevent COVID-19

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Travel Tips & Advisory to prevent COVID-19

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The COVID-19 virus has put enter the world into chaos and crashed the global market. Complete shutdown across many countries including India. In this article, we learn about the origin of the virus, from where it originated and how it spread so fast across the globe. The preventive measures one should take while traveling and what forced countries across the globe to call for shutdown.

How this deadly virus took birth?

All these started in the Wuhan meat market in China where they sell all kinds of wet meat. According to the recent investigation, it comes into the limelight that bat meat is the reason for the deadly disease outbreak. The seller comes into contact with the meat that spreads to his hand that he gives to the buyer. This kind of incidence leads both of them, victims, to the disease similar way it spread. Initially, the disease observed only in animals like cats, camels, and bats. The contact with these animals or consuming this animal meat leads to the human host for the new disease.

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How it spread from one person to another person?

When an infected patient comes in contact with the non-infected person by shaking hands or hugging in a friendly gesture, the virus spreads from one person to another. It doesn’t spread through the air but only through physical contact with infected patients leading to the spreading of the virus. Another way is touching the objects that came into contact with the infected patient leads to the spreading of the disease.

How to know a person infected person? If anyone surrounding you having symptoms of cold or fever is advisable to maintain a minimum of 4 feet distance. Besides this better way is to stop shaking hands with others while greeting. Also, try to avoid the social gather as much as possible and stay at home safely and sound until the virus comes under control.

Preventive measure to follow before traveling during COVID-19 outbreak

Prevention is better than cure. The better way to fight the COVID-19 virus is to follow the preventive measures. Try to avoid traveling until the virus come into control. If the travel is mandatory then follow the rules of the country you are traveling and be updated about the local news in the area. If required take proper treatment co-operating with the government of a particular country. Always carry sanitizer and wear a mask while traveling.

All travel visas and international flights suspended from 22 March 2020 in India. It is advisable to take necessary measures before this to all the national and international travelers.

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Don’t cancel your tour due to coronavirus (covid-19), postpone it!!
  • Avoid shaking hands with others while greeting. Follow the Indian style Namaste.
  • Wash your hand at least 8 to 9 times a day with either hand wash or Alcohol contained Sanitizer.
  • Whenever you cough or sneeze cover it with the elbow and not with the palm. Otherwise, try to cover it with tissue paper.
  • Where mask if feel you have systems like cold to stop it spreading to others. If the systems persist or increase, immediately seek for a medical emergency.
  • Do not touch your face. Especially nose, eyes, and ear region. If you touch, make sure you wash your hands immediately.
  • Wash your hands properly up to elbow region before eating food and cooking food
  • Avoid eating outside food and going to restaurants and also stop consuming Non-Veg for few days

Countries that are affected

More than 150 countries are the victims of this Novel coronavirus outside china. 64 percent of the cases registered. The total number of cases is 244,000 across the globe 10,000 people died so far. Europe is the largest victim of the virus apart from china. Italy is the second country which as the highest number of Cornovirus cases next is Iran. Then Spain, Germany, the US, France, South Korean, Switzerland, and the UK.

Now, this deadly virus entered almost all the countries in the world including India. India, the second-highest populated country in the world needs preventive measures advised by the WHO(World health organization) and India Government. Also with the foreign nationalities who are in India.

Indian Government helpline links for the COVID-19

Below are some of the helpline numbers and links to seek medical help. Follow the advice given by the Indian government during a virus outbreak. Whatsapp helpline to answer the virus-related queries.  +91-93213-98773

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