9 Best Activities That You Can Do This Winter Vacation

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9 Best Activities That You Can Do This Winter Vacation

Winter Vacation

Winter vacations are a great time to just relax and head off to some serene places located near your city. You can jet off to marvellous places like- Manali, Shimla. Uttarakhand, Kashmir among many more, to relish the fresh winter snow.

These pristine places are covered with a blanket of snow that will allow you to play around, explore and just simply admire the beauty of the city.

Even if you are not visiting anywhere this winter vacation, you can have great fun in your city.

Here are some ways to make your winter vacation a little more fun:

1. Colour The Snow:

If you are visiting a winter wonderland like Manali, Shimla, or Rishikesh among many others this winter, then you can have a little bit of fun. While usually, snow is all pristine white which makes everything look so neat and clean, but you can add your touch and colour to this white blanket. Just go out and collect a little bit of the snow in a bucket or bottle on your winter vacations. After that add some food colouring and watch as your snow starts to change colour. While this might seem quite tiny and almost childish, it is quite magical to watch the white pristine snow gradually turning into a colourful rainbow. Just keep experimenting with different colours and bring out the inner child in your this winter.

2. Have a fun-filled snow fight: 

One of the most popular and iconic activities just as the snow starts to cover the ground is having a wonderful snow fight during your winter vacations. Include your friends and family and make proper teams and build snow fortress, and indulge in some old school fun. Just round up a lovely ball of snow and throw it away. This can be quite a fun family game and will give you some wonderful winter memories.

3. Go dipping with courage:

During winters the ponds and lakes of cold places like Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and other winter places are freezing chilled. And that is where the fun begins. Just get rid of your warm clothes and take a brave dip into the chilled waters. Even though this might seem unwise, however, this is quite a popular activity in the west. The cold water will ride right up your spine and will make chill your bones, as you wait for the shock to pass. Right after coming out of the water take a long hot shower or sauna and let your body get all the heat again. Do make sure that you can take the cold, and know what your body is capable of taking before dipping into the cold water.

4. Make a friendly snowman:

If you are not making a snowman during the winters then are you even spending a wholesome winter vacation. Making a snowman has become quite a staple winter activity. So just grab some old scarves and dresses and dress up your snowman just the way you want to.

5. Embark on a trek:

Winter is a great time to traverse through the mighty Himalayas and embark on an intimidating yet refreshing trek. Many Himalayan treks start as soon as the first snowfalls. These treks will take you through the lengths and breadths of the snow-capped peaks, frozen glaciers, and roads covered with pristine white snow. You will have to battle slippery slopes, impossibly cold weather, and snow that can freeze your bones. Yet the landscape that accompanies you is so breathtaking, that not for once will you regret a Himalayan trek.

6. Skate Away:

Just grab a pair of ice skates or buy them from the local store and skate away. Places like Auli, which is also the ski capital of India, is brimming with beautiful ice skating rinks, so just go ahead. Try and dance or slide gracefully on the ice. It is quite a stress reliever. Just be sure to check if the ice is strong enough, and which parts of the frozen lake you should avoid. 

7. Be a tourist in your city:

If you live in a place that thrives during winter or is a popular winter destination for tourists, then try and be a tourist for a day. Just get out of your camera and watch your city from the eyes of the tourists. Get into a group tour, or visit the famous cafes and museums, and click thousands of pictures. This will help you see your city from the eyes of the tourists during winters. While it might seem quite futile, it is quite fun and will give you a new perspective.

8. Donate: 

If you wish to make your winter vacation a little more memorable and hearty, then just find some old clothes, blankets or even cook a nice meal and give it to someone needy. Winter is all about Christmas and the spirit of giving. It is also a time for the bitter cold, which becomes quite problematic for the homeless. A small blanket or some warm clothes will go a long way. If you wish to do something more, then cook a warm meal for some of the homeless and dine with them, or invite them to your home. It is quite magical and inspiring to watch as they eat with a hospitable smile and thank you for the kindness. Such small acts can make your winter vacation all the more alluring and pious.

9. Take a scenic drive: 

Your winter vacations can get even more peaceful and tranquil if you just take a drive. Just hop on your car and take a scenic drive across the mighty mountains, the glistening glaciers, the cascading waterfalls, and the mist that veils the entire surroundings. Just drive through the wonders of Jammu or cross the lush valleys of Ladakh, the winter wonderlands in India will not cease to amuse you.

No matter what you do, just relax and unwind on your winter vacations. Do not limit yourself and try something new, or do something unusual to keep it exciting and fun.

Sinchita Mitra
Sinchita Mitra
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