Bhainsrorgarh Wildlife Sanctuary – History and wildlife come together

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Bhainsrorgarh Wildlife Sanctuary – History and wildlife come together

Bhainsrorgarh Wildlife Sanctuary

Rajasthan is a state which brings the culture of Rajputs alive with its forts. One of such amazing fort which shows us the glory and the architectural skills of Rajputs is Bhainsrorgarh fort. The special attraction for this amazing fort is in the midst of the famous wildlife sanctuary. Plan a visit to this awesome place with your family and friends where people of all the age group can have fun. This wonderful Fort now renovated into a famous hotel that displays the heritage of the kings.

This Sanctuary located on the confluence of two rivers gives an extraordinary view to the tourist. Bhainsrorgarh Wildlife Sanctuary is a serene place to relax and enjoy the wildlife. One day will be enough to see this place. Have a wonderful vacation time with your family by visiting this Sanctuary. From Chittorgarh, it is 125 km based on the budget and convinces one can opt mode of transport.

Bhainsrorgarh Wildlife Sanctuary

Sanctuary has many migrating birds that visit during monsoon and winter along with the resident wildlife animals. This provides a great time for kids and adults who can have fun watching it. You see a few dolphins in the river which is infrequent to be spotted but gives a nice treat to your eye if spotted. Monsoon season brings the place alive with its greenery everywhere you look around the river delight to the eyes.

Places to visit around the Bhainsrorgarh Wildlife Sanctuary

Bhainsrorgarh Wildlife

Baba Ramdev Mandir

If you have time after visiting this amazing Bhainsrorgarh Wildlife Sanctuary you can visit the great personage Baba Ramdev mandir who is widely adored by people of Rajasthan for his good deeds as a king and in fact, some believe him to be the avatar of Lord Krishna. Therefore, make a visit to this mandir and know about him more.

Padajhar Mahadev Waterfalls

This waterfall was not known by many people but an awesome place to visit to enjoy nature’s beauty. Trip to this waterfall gives you an extraordinary view of the landscape covered by greenery. The water is pure and cool which helps in relaxing yourself. The serenity of the place welcomes you with open hands.

Gaipernath Waterfall

Another waterfall that gives an amazing view from the top. The water here is so pure which encourages one to step inside and enjoy the coolness of the water. Near to this waterfall, there is a temple, if time permits make a visit to the temple.

Bhainsrorgarh wildlife sanctuary is a place of wonders. Therefore, keep this awesome wildlife sanctuary in your wish list to visit near Chittorgarh as it is the combination of wildlife, history, and sightseeing.

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