The Wonders On Your Coorg Tour: Visiting Talakaveri, The Sangam And The Holy Shrines

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The Wonders On Your Coorg Tour: Visiting Talakaveri, The Sangam And The Holy Shrines

Coorg Tour

One of the most off the radar places on your Coorg Tour is the origin region of River Kaveri. This serene region lies in the laps of Brahmgiri Hills and originates at Talakaveri.

From here, it slowly makes its way down the hill and finally meets with the sea at the Bay of Bengal. While it turns twists to reach the sea, the Kaveri river creates some beautiful natural wonders like the Shivanasamudra Falls and the Hogenakkal Falls which tourists visit on their Karnataka Tour. The unique part about the Kaveri River is that it chose to travel 760 km rather than a mere 100 km to merge with the sea. It seems quite something if one thinks about it.

The Story

According to the legends, Shiva and Parvati married at the famous Kailash Parvat. Everyone was there at that point to witness the wedding, because of which the earth started to tilt. Since this could be fatal, Agastya Rishi was went to the South of India to keep the balance. He was initially not willing, as he didn’t know from where he would get his Holy water for his everyday rituals. Lord Shiva then proceeded to fill holy water in his pot and asked him to go. Agastya Rishi then went down to the South and sat there in meditation.

Many other stories speak about the origin of River Kaveri, and your guide will tell you all of them.

Reaching Talakveri

Talakaveri has located about 45 km from Madikeri, and you can easily plan a half-day tour from Madikeri. The drive is quite pleasant and you will find yourself relishing the soft pastures and rural life of Coorg.

You will also pass many temples on this drive, so you can visit some of them, to make your Coorg tour a little more memorable and fascinating.

Once you reach the main entrance, you will notice a large arch that reaches the Talakaveri Tank. If you stand near the arch you will see the large green valley brimming with layers of hills, all of them are indifference shades of green. It is so picturesque and scenic. It is like watching a painting.

Before climbing the stairs, wash your feet and then start your climb. This is a holy place, you do need to take off your shoes and socks before you start your climb.

The Main Temple Tank

Once you reach the Temple Tank on your Coorg Tour, you will not be able to look away. It looks quite beautiful. It is more like a small rectangular tank. There is a small shrine located right on the edge of the tank. You might just catch a glimpse of the priest performing trials in that little temple.

If you do wish to take a dip in the water, then you can do so. It is one of the holiest places in Coorg, and the water is quite chilling and relaxing after that long walk.

Few other temples are located at top of the tank.

The Festival

On your, Coorg Tour try and come here during the famous Tula Sankramana, which honours the origin of the Kaveri River. Celebrated on the 17th of October, this festival is frequented by tourists and devotees alike. According to the locals, during this time the water surges upwards like a fountain. You must witness it to believe it. During this time, you will also find pilgrims from all around the world coming here to watch this wonder. Many even take a dip into the holy tank. People also take some of the water from the tank home, to cleanse their houses.

The Temples – Agastheeswara and Ganesh Temple

These little shrines have added another layer of allure to the entire surrounding. Agastheeswara was erected by Agastya Muni when he had come here to restore balance. The other shrine is devoted to Lord Ganesha. Wander about, or just simply sit here for some time and soak in all the spiritual and divine magic that these temples have.

The Beauty Of The Hills

Next on your Coorg tour, walk a little higher from the two temples and you will reach the peak of Brahmagiri Hills. You will find stairs the lead to the top of this gorgeous hill, which will give you a stunning view of the city. You have been climb about 350 steps to reach the top. While you might feel tired, just keep climbing, as the view is truly worth it.

The Pictures Of Goddess Kaveri

One of the fascinating things you will notice on your Coorg Tour is that no matter where you are, you will find an image of Kaveri. She is one of the main deities of Coorg, and you will find her depicted with an open pot in her hand as if she is supplying water to the people.

The Bhagamandala Temple

Next on your Coorg Tour visit the lovely temple of Bhagamandala. It is constructed in a typical Keralite style, complete with double slanting roofs.

This temple was quite popular in the ancient days. It received a lot of gifts from the royals and was frequented by the kinds of the region. The temple itself has four other smaller shrines. The main temple is adorned with intricately carved designs. The pillars of the temples also have stories etched on them. The ceiling of the temple is also intricately decorated with stories from the Indian epics- Mahabharata and Ramayana.

The Bhagamandala Triveni Sangam- A Holy Confluence

Wrap up your Coorg Tour with a visit to the iconic Bhagamandala Triveni Sangam, which is where the three rivers- Kaveri, Kannige, and Sujyothi meet and form a confluence. The confluence is located right across the Bhagandeswara Temple. The site is quite mystical, as you watch the three different colours of rivers coming together. There is also a bridge across the river, from where you can gaze at the Triveni Sangam with awe.

Here too, you will find little temples that surround the Sangam

On this Coorg Tour, let your imaginations run wild and let your mind sway with the beauty of nature. Just let the rivers and their confluence fill you with joy and peace, as you visit the stunning natural wonders of Coorg.

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