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Dhanushkodi a Ghostly Town in Pamban Island


For adventures and thrilling vacation plan a trip to the ghost town. Situated on the southeastern tip of Pamban Island, 36 km distance from Talaimannar island in Sri Lanka. Dhanushkodi means End of the bow as this place related to the great Indian epic Ramayanam. The name of this place believed to be given by Lord Rama (incarnation of Lord Vishnu). This place may look spooky with all the ruins but it provides a wonderful view of the blue waters of the Indian Ocean.

Why one should visit this place?

To view the spectacular sight of the confluence of the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean which is not the only delight to watch but makes visitors wonderstruck. Hence this a coastal line. The best season to visit this place will be winter(October to February). During this time of year, one can roam around the town for sightseeing. Try to avoid visiting this place in the afternoon as heat weaves will be heavy which makes it difficult to walk around.

How to reach this place?

The nearest airport is Madurai airport. Whereas the railway station is Rameshwaram railway station. From Rameshwaram city to Dhanushokodi it is 19 km whereas 30 km from Dhanushokodi. One can view the floating stones on the sea which is none other than the World-renowned Ramasetu bridge or Adams bridge. It is a myth that Sri Lanka is visible from here, the distance between Dhanushokodi and Srilanka is 254 km.

History of Dhanushokodi

Dhanushkodi history
source: Culture Trip

This town was a popular tourist attraction where many tourists across the world visit here before the tragedy struck this place. In 1964 Dec 21st a destructive cyclone struck this place with 20 feet high waves and washed away everything. After some geographic analysis, the government declared this place is not good for habitation. No one lives at Dhanushokodi after that, only ruins of the tragedy remain here. Eventually, people named this place a ghost town as no one stays here.

Legends of Dhanushokodi

During the exile period of Lord Rama, the prince of Ayodhya and his beloved Wife Goddess Sita Devi the demon king Ravana abducted Sita Devi to Lanka. To rescue her from the wicked King Ravana, Lord Rama along with his Vanara Sena Built Rama Sethu bridge. Rama releases an arrow, where the arrow lands from there they start the construction of the bridge. The bridge’s starting point is Dhanushkodi(end of the arrow).

Tips to be follow

  • As there are no shops or hotels in this town, you have to carry snacks and water on your own.
  • Apply sunscreen and wear sunglasses while visiting this place.
  • Swimming here is quite risky so make sure you won’t go far or do deep water swimming.
  • Try to reach this place early staying in the town after 5 pm is prohibited.

Tempo Safari in the ocean shore water

Have you ever did the safari in the India oceans shore? No, then try tempo safari at DhanushKodi. From Rameshwaram, one has to catch a bus to this place or if you are traveling in the private vehicle you can reach the checkpoint in your vehicle. From there one has to take jeep or tempo which costs around 150 per head to reach the most underrated place Dhanushkodi. The ride of tempo in the India ocean shore gives a thrilling experience not only that the ride from Rameshwaram to Dhanushkodi amazes you with marvelous blue waters.

Places to visit in Dhanushkodi

Ram Setu
source: Medium

Rama Sethu Bridge

The interesting and exciting part of the Dhanushkodi trip is visiting the most ancient bridge built by Lord Rama and the Vanara Sena. After reaching Dhanushkodi in the tempo you can hire a boat that takes you to the ancient bridge sand dunes. This extraordinary boat ride in the Indian ocean where the legendary bridge located makes one thrilled this completes one’s visit to Dhanushkodi.

Ruins of Town

After reaching this town you can visit the ruins of the ancient railway station and church which given a spooky feel. That brings a thrilling experience for the visitors. 

Rameshwaram Temple

One of the Dham among char Dham yatra, This temple is an important spiritual destination. The main deity here is Lord Shiva in the form of Lingam. This Lingam consecrated by Lord Ram to absolve the sin of killing Bhramin(Demon Ravan) after the war.

Plan a trip to Dhanushkodi and the great Rama Sethu bridge, a town that looks ghostly but plays an important role in the India Epic Ramayan.

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