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An often neglected tourist city, Jabalpur located in Madhya Pradesh is quite a wondrous place. Often called the cultural capital of Madhya Pradesh, Jabalpur offers a range of activities and places that can enthrall anybody. From trekking to getting lost in the wilderness, Jabalpur is quite a happening place.

With its surreal lakes and miraculous rock formations, Jabalpur can easily make you fall in love. Filled with surprises and a stunning history, Jabalpur is aching to be explored.

Here are some of the things you can do on your visit to Jabalpur:

Wander Off At National Parks

Jabalpur is quite a haven for dense and lush national parks that will reunite you with nature. These beautiful parks are the perfect way to spend the day away from the sweltering heat, pollution and the traffic of urban life. Jabalpur has two famous national parks, namely Kanha national park and Dumna reserve park. Both of these parks are quite popular tourist hotspots.

You can embark on stunning safaris, nature walks and witness the blossoming flora and fauna in these parks. Both the Kanha and Dumna national parks are so gorgeous that you will want to get lost in those tall dark woods. However, during your safari make sure that you keep a safe distance away from the animals and let them live in their world. There is nothing more beautiful than watching the animals in their natural habitat.

You should also keep a lookout for exotic birds that hover around in these parks. These birds are masters of hiding, so always be alert and you might find some of the rarest birds camouflaging with the tree.

Witness The Fascinating Rocks

Jabalpur is also known as the city of rocks. One of the most popular things to do in Jabalpur is to witness these quirky, gravity-defying and stunning rock structures and caves that will surely blow your mind. It may take you quite a few days to view all of these magnificent rock structures.

The balancing rock of Jabalpur has attracted quite a few gasps, and it is something to look at. This geographical miracle is essentially a rock balancing on another rock, which is the same size as the other rock. Even after served weather conditions, rain, hail, or storm, these rocks have stood the test of time and are still balancing proudly. It even managed to withstand an earthquake. It is quite miraculous and magical, and your Jabalpur journey would be incomplete if you don’t witness this.

Madan Mahal Fort

Madan Mahal Fort Jabalpur
source: Manjrekar

Jabalpur also homes to a lot of beautiful caves and forts. Some of these forts are made up of granite rocks. One of the main examples of this is the famous Madan Mahal Fort. This exceptionally historic and elegant fort was once the abode of Rani Durgavati. The fort is laden with historical anecdotes and stories about the queen that will attract you even more.

There are several architectural marvels in this fort, like elegant passageways, underground passes, and narrow turns. These narrow turns were built to safeguard the fort from invasions and attacks. The fort is made to withstand attacks from the enemies, and you will find war rooms in this fort as well.

Witness The Wonders Of Water

The city of Jabalpur is also famous for offering its visitors some gorgeous water bodies. The Dhuandhar falls, the beautiful Narmada river and the serene Sangram Sagar lake, all of them have found a home in Jabalpur. These places are quite a crowd puller, owing to their tranquil beauty. Jabalpur also has many dams and ghats, and all of them are quite stunning to see.

You can not only sail away on a boat to feel the calmness of these water bodies, but also indulge in a lovely picnic by the banks, and enjoy a lovely family day.

Dhuandhar falls

Dhuandhar falls
source: Holidify

When it comes to Jabalpur, it is impossible to ignore the Dhuandhar falls. These thunderous falls are known for their smoke! These falls come down from a height of 30 m, and the entire place gets covered in a misty smoke owing to the water vapors.

Located at the Narmada river, these falls are so beautiful that you will find yourself just standing there for hours. Just try to take it all in. You can also enjoy a cable car ride that will take you from one side of the river to the other. From here you can witness this mesmerizing fall from a certain height. And, may we say, it looks heavenly. The gushing white water, covered with a veil of smoke, and the water droplets hitting your face and almost healing you from within.

You can also witness these falls by boat if you dare. Be ready to be completely drenched by the water splashing all over you, even when the boat stays at quite a distance from the falls. It is something magical to see the falls up close, and you should not miss it at all.

Sail Away

One of the most serene things to do in Jabalpur is to just float away in the peaceful lakes that adorn the town of Jabalpur. Just board a boat, and let eh salty water hit your face, as the lovely breeze makes you want to sail away forever.

Boating is quite a popular activity to do when in Jabalpur, especially since you will be passing through some wonderful areas and rock formations that will surely blow your mind. It is also quite relaxing to just lay back and enjoy the cool wind hit your face.

Sit By The Ghats

The little narrow alleys of Jabalpur, slowing turn smaller and smaller, till they suddenly open up to the beautiful Narmada river. This wide-open space is also known as the Gwarighat, which is quite a famous ghat in Jabalpur. This lovely ghat is not just known for its serene location, but also the half-submerged temple. Yet, such is the devotion of people, that devotees still throng the temple irrespective of the water and offer their daily prayers.

There is also an evening aarti, that you should not miss for the world. Devotees flock over to the ghat to take part in this ritual. The entire place light sup with diyas and lamps, as the soulful rendition of hymns, start to fill the air. Soon, the soft voices turn into rhythmic beats and you will feel your adrenaline rushing with the beat of the chants. It is quite surreal to witness all of this, and it is an experience that you will never forget.

Embark On A Trek

Even though very few people know this, Jabalpur is quite a place for trekking. Jabalpur offers some mesmerizing trekking trails that will satisfy all your vacation needs and also keep you fit and healthy! Jabalpur has some wonderful geographical formations, all of which you can encounter while exploring different avenues on foot.

Trekking in Jabalpur is quite a unique experience and you will find yourself witnessing some of the greatest marvels of nature. You might also find yourself face to face with rare animals, and valleys of flowers that will keep you enthralled and enchanted. Something is surprising at every turn in Jabalpur, and trekking is the best way to explore that.

The best place to commence on your trekking journey is near Madan Mahal Fort. The views from here are majestic, and you can see the entire city of Jabalpur from here.

Seek Some Blessings

One of the oldest temples in Jabalpur, the Chausath yogini temple is a temple worth admiring. To reach this temple you have to climb about 150 steps. The temple is dedicated to Maa Durga and is quite something.

The temple’s architecture resembles the style of the Khajuraho temples, which are also located in Madhya Pradesh. The temple is frequented by newly married couples, who come here to seek blessings from Maa Durga for their future. It is quite endearing to see newlywed couples flocking the temple and earnestly praying for their future.

Jabalpur is the kind of city that will give you a different kind of experience. It is far away from the mainstream tourist places, yet it has something mystical. While the places here are stunning, the memories and experiences you will have are even more stunning. This is the kind of city where experience matters more than the sights. It is the kind of place that you collect more anecdotes than picture-perfect memories. So, if that is what you are looking for, then Jabalpur is waiting for you with open arms.

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