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March 26, 2020
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Beyond the pine forests, and over the ethereal streams, lies an untouched area that is fit for your weekend getaway. Kangojodi has located about 275 km from Delhi and is in every way the perfect weekend trip. Situated in the heart of nature, Kangojodi is surreal. From adventure sports to camping under the stars, you will find everything here. Kangojodi is still quite off the radar, making it pure and far from the crowd. It is just pure nature, tall trees, restless fluffy clouds, streams that never end, grass that is always green, and stars that light up the night sky like floating lanterns. It just cannot get better than this.

Reaching Kangojodi

Kangojodi is located pretty close to Delhi, making it an ideal choice for those living in Delhi.

For people coming to other places, here are a few options:

By Air: You can land at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi, which is connected with most of the Indian cities. From here, just hire a cab or rent your vehicle and follow the road to Kangojodi.

By Train: You can reach the main railway station of Delhi, which is also well connected with most of the major Indian cities and even some smaller Indian cities. From here once again get a licensed car and make your way to the realm of nature and surreality.

Things To Do in Kangojodi

Just Explore

The first thing that you must do at Kangojodi, is to just walk around and explore as much as you. Just take out your walking shoes, and surrender yourself to nature. You might come across hidden trails, unexplored areas or rivulets that no one knew before. The beauty of visiting an unexplored place is that you can an amazing opportunity to explore and find something new all by yourself. Kangojodi gives you that opportunity. This place is so serene, that you might just want to get lost here as well. The air is clean and fresh, the grass is soft with dew, and the little birds hide behind the trees as they sing soulful melodies. You might also come across some exotic birds, so keep your eyes peeled and let Kangojodi surprise you.


campping in Kangojodi
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Kangojodi is known for its camping expeditions. You will usually find campers from different places of India here at Kangojodi. The camping here is quite well arranged, and you will find several luxury tents as well. However, if you want a fully down to earth experience, then make your tent, and let the magic of Kangojodi take you in.

Rest beneath the stars, and cook your meals in the bonfire, as you feel like a real man of nature here. It is so liberating to just sit by a raging fire with a bunch of strangers, as you go around talking and sharing your stories, as the starry night sky lights up the ground. You can also make some great friends here, and share some spooky stories to make your evening even more enjoyable.

You should book your camping ordeal a few weeks before your visit, to ensure a hassle-free and relaxed time. Most of the camp organisers also arrange some amazing games like- rope balancing, trench walking, Mowgli walking and many more. All of these activities are not only fun but also give you an adrenaline rush, making your trip memorable and thrilling.

Adventure Sports

What makes Kangojodi a fun-filled experience is the number of adventure sports that you can engage in when you are here. From rope balancing at the beautiful Burma Bridge to showing your core strength with some Rappeling. Let the air hit your face as you take part in the flying fox, or make the water your friend as you cross the river! There is something for everyone here, and you just cannot have a dull moment in Kangojodi.

Also, there are adventure sports for Kids too. There a few camping organisers that have activities for kids, like film making, storytelling, and astronomy! This way, with you and your kids and indulge in some thrilling and insightful activities here at Kangojodi, making it a great place for a family vacation as well.

Bird Watching

bird watching
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Kangojodi is very popular among bird watchers, who come here from afar to catch some rare and exotic birds in action. If you also wish to revel yourself with some of these majestic sights, then head over forest trail, and keep your eyes peeled to the sky. Watch as,  different variety of birds fly right over you, as they return home when the sun goes down. The sight is so photogenic, and beautiful, that you will find yourself gasping. It is quite a paradise for bird watchers, who can try and identify the many rare birds that have made Kangojodi their abode.


The little town of Nahan is also located pretty close to Kangojodi. If you want to extend your blissful vacation, then head off to the small city of Nahan located in Himachal Pradesh. It is about 33 km from Kangojodi and is such a gorgeous place to be at.

It is nestled in the laps of the Shivalik ranges, making it all the more alluring. Feel the nip in the air, as you visit the iconic places like the Renuka Temple and the Renuka Lake to fill yourself with wonder and love for nature. Kangojodi is the perfect vacation spot if you are looking to relax amid nature. It will engage all your senses and give you a beautiful visual treat. It is not just thrilling, but will also challenge you to be one with the wild. All you have to do is surrender yourself to nature, and let it liberate you at Kangojodi.

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