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Phulwari Ki Nal Wildlife Sanctuary – A place where nature comes alive
January 17, 2020
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January 21, 2020

National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary

National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary

Do you ever think of sighting Gangetic dolphins in the desert state of India? At the famous National Chambal wildlife sanctuary, you can sight dolphins along with the rare species like red-crowned roof turtles. The specialty of this Sanctuary is that it lies at the trijunction of three states. In Rajasthan, it is located near the Dholpur. Whereas in Madhya Pradesh near Morena and in Uttar Pradesh near Agra. Chambal river waters are not populated by clean waters in India. Which is home for the Endangered Gangetic dolphins, along with a Numerous Gharials and the water beasts like Marsh Crocodiles?

This sanctuary is an awesome place for bird watchers. Where you can spot more than 300 birds which are both migratory and residents birds. The nearest airport to the sanctuary is Agra. Whereas the railway station is Dholpur or Agar railway station. From there you can catch a taxi to reach this place.

Safari at National Chambal wildlife sanctuary

The best activity to do at the sanctuary is the boat ride where you can sight of aquatic animals like the Gangetic dolphins. If you are a hydrophobic person or have water sickness you can opt for other safaris. Wildlife lovers can go for Jeep safari where you can have a sight of the wild animals of this place along with the different bird species. Are you a nature person? then take a walk near the river waters to enjoy the serenity of this place. While exploring the captivating beautify of the place.

Safari at National Chambal wildlife sanctuary
source: India-Safaris

Apart from jeep safari, they have camel and horse safari based on the individual comfort they choose the mode of safari. Some enthusiastic people go for cycling. Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary a perfect vacation spot to spend time with family with the fun-filled actives.

Places to visit near National Chambal wildlife sanctuary

Bateshwar Temple

This place is an archaeological site and home for 200 temples among all these temples the main deities is Lord Shiva. It is also a home for many Naga sadhus who built their residence in the cave at this site. To see the marvels architecture people around the world visit this temple. This Temple is located in the Chambal ghats.

Fort Ater

Once you finish exploring the fort and its great architecture. Just sit back and have a look at the amazing view from this fort. If you have time just relax here by enjoying the view of the lush greenery.

Visit this amazing National Chambal wildlife sanctuary which spread across three states with rare aquatic animals. Hence this place leaves you with beautiful memories.

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