Ramsagar Wildlife Sanctuary a picnic spot near Dholpur

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Ramsagar Wildlife Sanctuary a picnic spot near Dholpur

Ramsagar Wildlife Sanctuary

When you visit Dholpur in Rajasthan never miss this Ramsagar Wildlife Sanctuary which is located near Ram Sagar dam. The ecosystem of the sanctuary makes you calm and relaxed. It provides an extraordinary view of the migratory foreign birds in the Ram Sagar lake. The Lake aquatic animals and the migratory birds give delight to the nature lover and the bird watcher. The sanctuary is located 35 km from the Dholpur. Therefore from Dholpur, one can choose their comfortable means of transport based on the budget.

Ramsagar lake

The beautiful lake is home for many beautiful migratory and resident birds. Hence it provides an ample opportunity for the bird photographer. This sanctuary is famous for the water flows, Lake water crocodile and wide varieties of fish. Therefore activities at the sanctuary are boating in the lake. Where you can have a close encounter with the birds and the aquatic animals. As the weather in the afternoon will be hot visitors may not enjoy the sanctuary visit much. So visit either during the morning or evening so that you can enjoy yourself by sightseeing.

Places to visit near Ramsagar Wildlife Sanctuary

Dholpur Palace Bundi near Ramsagar Wildlife Sanctuary
Dholpur Palace

Dholpur Palace

Dholpur palace is a famous tourist attraction. Therefore, this place is renowned across the Rajasthan for its white stone carvings on the walls. This rich architectural design of palaces makes visits awestruck as it displays an extraordinary marvel built by Rajput kings.

Van Vihar wildlife sanctuary

Another amazing nature beauty located 18 km from the Ramsagar wildlife sanctuary. Make sure you visit this sanctuary as well which has wild animals and beautiful flora. Therefore pay a visit here. Not only kids but people of all age groups can have fun by visiting this Van Vihar wildlife sanctuary.

Keoladeo National Park

Keoladeo National park is well known for bird breeding grounds. Every year during winter migratory birds visits these wetlands. To watch this spectacular view of birds, people around the world visit this place. In fact for bird watchers and bird photographers, this park provides great delight at the beautiful sight of the birds.

Therefore, if you’re in Dholpur never miss visiting this Ramsagar Wildlife Sanctuary and the Ramsagar lake. Which is an excellent day trip where you can relax by forgetting all your tensions.

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