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Sabarmati Ashram: The home of Mahatma Gandhi


If you are in Gujarat and wondering which are the must place to visit, Sabarmati Ashram should be on the top list. Formerly known as the Satyagraha Ashram. The name Sabarmati Ashram was coined after the river Sabarmati.

If you are a historic hunger, then Satyagraha ashram or the Sabarmati ashram is one of the places where you will be acknowledged to many historic events which were conducted.

The historical significance of Sabarmati Ashram

Sabarmati ashram for Mahatma Gandhi was the appropriate place where he believes they can fight against the white skin British troops. Sabarmati Ashram is the only place where Mahatma Gandhi lived for twelve years with his wife Kasturba Gandhi.

The ashram is significant as it was the place where Gandhiji led the Dandi March in March 1930 also known by the name Salt Satyagraha.

Harijan Ashram is also a synonymous name of Sabarmati Ahram. The main objective to coin the name, hold two purpose –

  1. To carry on the search of the truth.
  2. It was used to train the people as a troop of a non-violent group of freedom fighters whose main objective is to secure and earn the victory for the country.

Overview of Sabarmati Ashram

hriday kunj
Visitors in front of Hriday Kunj where Gandhi lived at Sabarmati Ashram. Express Photo by Javed Raja

Today standing in this era, the ashram holds a significant history where each section tells different stories. Perhaps the ashram accommodates different section which describes the life of Mahatma Gandhi. Magan Niwas, Hridaj Kunj, Gandhi Memorial Museum, Vinobha Mira Kutir, Udyog Mandir, Somnath Chhatralaya and Upasana Mandir are some of the places where it attracts the eyeballs.

a. Hriday Kunj-

Six rooms – One for Gandhiji, another for Kasturba, a guest room, kitchen, a storeroom, a secretariat and the place where Gandhiji used to spent days meeting national and international figures. You can enter the place and you are able to figure the yarn spun, his writing desk, khadi kurta.

b. Memorial Museum-

If you want to know and observe the minute elements of Gandhiji, then this museum is one such place that will provide you with the array of objects which surround the livelihood of Gandhiji. The place showcases various paintings that narrate the stage of Gandhiji’s life.

c. Vinoba Mira Kutir-

The place is named after Acharya Vinoba (Udyog Mandir) who was a disciple of Gandhiji.

Another historic event, the Khadi movement was promoted at Vinoba Mira Kutir by Gandhiji. To achieve freedom through the path of non-violence Somnath Chhatralaya was the platform. Upasana Mandir is the prayer room where Gandhiji spends his day praying for all.

An open area situated between the Hriday Kunj and Magan Kutir. Sabarmati Ashram is open every day from 8 am in the morning till 6 pm in the evening.

It is a no-entry-fee place.

In and Around Sabarmati Ashram

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National  Museum
source: Ahmedabad

There are many places near the Sabarmati Ashram which will again help you to turn down the pages of history and encrypting your memory of history. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Museum, Calico Textile Museum, Tomb of Ahmed Shah are some of the places which will make your day worth spending.

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Museum, the memorial dedicated to the 1st deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister of India. One can find many elements that retell the story of the Indian National Movement.

If you love garments and fond of knowing various fabrics, Calico Textile Museum is the exact location! The place is in Gujarat’s most captivating wooden Haveli which also marks itself a perfect tourist spot. Works like sequins, mirror beads, silk threads, etc. can be notified. Some of the fabrics which were used back in the 17th Century can be traced.

One must travel such places as it once again squeezes out the essence of its history. Our day to day to life is occupied with western work. Such places help us to peak in the life of our ancestors and enjoy the courageous and glorious moment. The place not only sketches the connection on his livelihood but also the journey on how he struggled for the country’s independence!

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