Shergarh Wildlife Sanctuary the best picnic spot at Baran

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Shergarh Wildlife Sanctuary the best picnic spot at Baran

Shergarh Wildlife Sanctuary the best picnic spot at Baran

Baran district is a place that holds much historic and spiritual importance along with the scenic beauty of hills and the river steams flow in this region. Among these, the popular tourist spots are the Shergarh wildlife sanctuary. This is a home for wild animals and various plant species. This pious place has a connection with the great Indian epic Ramayana.

Therefore, yearly many tourists visit this Baran for pilgrimage and few for sightseeing. Jaipur is the nearest airport to the Baran. The railway station is the Baran railway station that connects to all major cities in India. Bus service has connectivity with all major cities and towns in Rajasthan.

Shergarh Wildlife Sanctuary

Sanctuary is located in the Shergarh village near the Shergarh fort. Distance from Baran to the sanctuary is 65 km. Therefore, one can reach here either through a bus or cab based on the visitor’s budget and comfort. The sanctuary inhabits many wild animals like leopards, tiger, bears and so on and wide varieties of plant species. Visitors generally visit this sanctuary during winter or monsoon as weather conditions will be favorable during that time. In fact, animals can also be sighted at that time.

Places to visit near Shergarh Wildlife Sanctuary

Shergarh Fort
Shergarh Fort | source: Pinterest


It is believed that Goddess Sita Devi, wife of Lord Rama, King of Ayodhya(incarnation of Lord Visnu) during her exile from Ayodhya, she gave birth to Lava and Kusa at this place. Later stayed here with her two sons. There is a temple dedicated to Goddess Sita Devi. One can sight many water wells(kunds) near to the temple premises.

Shergarh Fort

An ancient fort that dates backs to 790 AD. Every year pilgrims visit this fort as it the home for many Jain and the Brahmanical temples in the local area. In fact, a special attraction to this fort is the Parban river that follows next to the fort and temples.

Brahmani Mataji Temple

This temple is located in an old palace in the Sorsan Village. In the cave, the Brahmani Mata temple has special importance. In fact, the Jyothi(lamp) is burning non-stop from the past 400 years(Akhanda Jyothi).

Shahabad Fort

This historic fort is located on a hilltop in the midst of the forest. This fort dates back to the 15th century and belongs to Rajputs kings. This fort gained importance as it one of the strongest forts among other forts in the Hadoti region. Few temples are located near this fort.

When you are in the Rajasthan plan trip to Baran for the pilgrim site and the Shergarh Wildlife Sanctuary.

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