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Thachi Valley: Where God Wanders In Nature

thachi valley

The lush green meadows are covered with grass touched with dew, the fluffy white clouds silently sail through the blue sky, a mist veils the entire area with a touch of cold, and the oak trees sway with the song of the wind. This wonderful scene is not a fantasy dreamland, it is quite a common sight in the marvellous hamlet called the Thachi Valley.

This offbeat travel destination is located in Himachal Pradesh, and is situated far far away from tourists, or even people! For acres and acres, you might just be the only person here as you explore the beautiful nature that is present in from of you. This valley is so quiet, that you might just be able to hear the soft humming of the birds and the rustle of the leaves.

Places to Explore in Thachi Valley

Bithu Narayan Temple

One of the most popular temples among the locals is the Bithu Narayan Temple. This mystical temple is quite an icon in the valley. Most of the locals come here to pray. The temple’s architecture is quite marvellous and is a hidden gem. The wood carvings are so intricate and delicately made, that you will wonder how talented the artisan must have been. One of the highlights of the temple is the 11 headed sculpture of Lord Vishnu, which is something that one doesn’t see often.

Bithu Narayan Temple
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The Bithu Narayan Temple compound is quite stunning, with different shrines along its sides, and the smell of various flowers filling the entire compound. You can just stand there for some time, and gaze at the misty surrounding that engulfs you from all sides. The feeling of standing in a mesmerising temple, with such natural beauty is also blissful.

To reach the temple, you have to cross a large meadow, go over the little shrubs and pass an enchanted forest. It is quite an adventure!

Pundir Rishi Temple

The little town of Thachi Valley is filled with ancient temples waiting for you to explore them. Another such temple is the Pundir Rishi Temple. Nestled right in the foothills of nature, this temple is another wonderful way of exploring the entry region and taking in all the fresh air of the valley.

As you reach the temple, you will notice two little ponds. One of the ponds has a lot of colorful fishes, and it is quite fun to watch them swim around gleefully. The other pond is now covered in a patch moss, giving it a green colour. This little pond didn’t stand the test of time.

The fascinating thing about the Pundir Rishi Temple is the statues that are scattered all over the green field in and around the temple. Whether those ancient statues are from a bigger structure that doesn’t exist anymore, or it was one a part of this very shrine is still a mystery. You can weave your own story perhaps.

The shrine is made out of wood, and here too you will find beautiful cravings that are so lifelike and delicate. This temple is devoted to the Nag Devta or the Snake God. You will also find many carvings of snakes in the sanctum sanctorum of the shrine. You can sit in the soft green meadow for some time, and watch as the locals go about their life. You might even find a stray sheep or two just grazing the grass and minding their own business.

If you walk a little downhill, then you will come across an authentic Himachali water mill. These ancient inventions have now been abandoned, thanks to the advent of technology. However, it is still amusing to find such nostalgic pieces in the middle of nowhere.

Hadimba Temple

Hadimba temple thachi
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One of the final temples at the Thachi Valley as the Hadima Temple. Perched on top of a hill, this temple is quite a beauty.

Once you are near the temple, just stop for a while and admire the view that unfolds in front of you. You can see the entire valley from here, and it’s surreal. It is like time has stood still, and all you can imagine is standing there and gazing at the beauty.

After you can walk again, you will pass through measuring apple orchards and pine trees that will make you gasp in joy. The apple orchard is truly wonderful, and a must-see sight in the Thachi Valley.

The Hadimba Temple of the Thachi Valley is related to the Hadimba Temple in Manali, which is extremely sacred. The shrine itself is quite serene and peaceful, however, the surroundings are even more beautiful and worth exploring.

 Chanjwala and Saponi Dhar

Thachi Valley is quite a mystical place to hike and head out on nature trails. With several trekking trials, this valley is made for trekker and backpackers, who come here to explore the great outdoors.

From here to can trek to places like Chanjwala and Saponi Dhar, from where you will find yourself face to face with a gorgeous gushing waterfall. The trek is also quite serene, and you will encounter some brilliant sights that will keep you on your toes for the entire time.

It is also possible to trek to Janjehli from Thachi Valley in a day, so feel free to explore that area as well.


When in Thachi Valley, you will not find any established hotels or five-star resorts. It is a humble place, with almost no tourists. The best place to stay in Thachi Valley is homestays. There are quite a few options, and since it is still an off the radar destination, these homestays do not get booked out either. So, you can easily come here and take your time to explore and find a suitable place to stay.

Thachi Valley is like an open book. You explore, relax and repeat as much as you want. There are no restrictions and no fixed places where you must go. It is like a blank canvas, on which you can paint your newly discovered anecdotes and memories. There is still so much left to explore in Thachi Valley, that you might end up finding something and people still don’t know about. All you need to have is a will to do the unknown and go to places that no one else will. This is the magic of Thachi Valley.

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