Lets Run Away For A While: The Best Weekend Getaways From Mumbai

The constant blaring of horns and the traffic jams of Mumbai can get a little too overwhelming at times. Sometimes all you need is a little break away from the monotony of life and escape to somewhere quiet and blissful.

The city of dreams is surrounded by several magnificent places that will show you a different side of Maharashtra. These weekend getaways are located close to Mumbai and will take you away from the cacophony of noise and the worrisome corporate life that Mumbai has. It will show you a world away from stress and burdens, and each moment you spend in these places will not only rejuvenate you but also make you appreciate your life.

Here are some of the best weekend getaways that you can embark upon from Mumbai.

Sula Vineyards

This enchanting little place is alive with acres and acres of lush green vineyards that will make you swoon. One of the premium vine farms in India, Sula is quite a place to visit. Not only is it a great place to drink wine and relax, but they also have a wine tour. In this tour, you can witness the entire process of winemaking and even sample the most gorgeous wines ever.

They also have a scenic restaurant which overlooks the vineyard. Just sit back and enjoy a glass full of wine while staring at the greenery in front of you. Sula also has its luxury resort, and a stay there is highly recommended. With an exquisite swimming pool and artsy rooms, this is the perfect way to spend your weekend.

You can also visit the Vaitarna Dam which is the main supplier of water to Mumbai. It is quite beautiful and mesmerizing. Just take a walk and let all the fresh air fill your lungs and rejuvenate you.


This monsoon destination is located only about 90 km from Mumbai and is complete with lush green hills, tall trees, and a gentle breeze. Located in the Western Ghats, this hill station will take you to another realm. If you are not fond of walking, then you can easily ride a horse or a little pony. Since automobiles are not allowed after a point, make sure to wear your walking shoes. You can also try your hand at zip-lining and feel the blood rush through your veins. Wrap up your day by spending an idle picnic by the Charlotte Lake.


The famous destination of Lonavala is quite a visited place near Mumbai. A haven for peace seekers and adventure lovers, Lonavala is the best place to head to if you are looking for a quick getaway. Filled with scenic points and breathing views of the sunset, Lonavala will surely capture your heart and make you fall in love with its beauty.

Just spend a lazy picnic day, or witness the intimidating Rajmachi Fort, Lonavla will never disappoint you. If you wish to witness Lonavala in all its glory then come here during the monsoon season and feel the wonders of Lonavala.


Imagine sitting by the bay and watching the sun slowly set on the horizon. A slow ocean breeze stars to blow as everything slowly fades into oblivion. A beautiful Fort marks the heavenly landscape and you gradually drift into a serene state. Everything is quiet and everything is beautiful.

While such a setting seems straight out of a movie, it is exactly what you will find in the blissful hamlet of Tarkali. With the cool sea breeze and a colossal fort to keep you enthralled, Tarkali will surely enchant you.

It is also a great place for indulging in some water sports like scuba diving and snorkelling. You can also just lay back and enjoy the Tarkali Beach or spot some playful dolphins. Visit the imposing Sindhudurg Fort and explore the wilderness at the Bison National Park.

Tarkali is a beautiful place for people looking to relax and get away from the daily hustle of life.

Elephanta Island

If you are in Mumbai, then a trip to the famous Elephanta caves is a must. This heritage site can be easily reached by a ferry ride from the Gateway of India. Covered with handcrafted murals, intricate paintings and etched carvings, the Elephanta Caves are wondrous. Once you finish visiting the caves just trek to Cannon Hill to enjoy a well-deserved view.

Yeoor Hills

Away from the hustle-bustle of Mumbai life, Yeoor Hills is a welcome respite. It is located beyond the prickly trees and above the little bushes, as an entirely different world starts to open up in front of you. Yeoor Hills is made up of six villages and is mainly populated with tribes. It is a great place for trekkers and nature lovers, who will be blessed with unending beauty and exotic birds flying around. The trek goes through the dense forest, make your way into the great unknown. It is a brilliant place to explore, and to relax in the laps of nature.


A heavenly destination, Bhandardara is known for its gushing waterfalls and paradisal landscapes. Located amidst the basket of nature, Bhandardara will mesmerise you with waterfalls so stunning that you will forget all your worries. It is a welcome break from the pollution of a city like Mumbai, as everything here is clean and pure. Situated only about two-three hours from Mumbai, you can easily visit it in a day and witness the beauty of nature.


Another enchanting ferry ride will lead you to a place called Alibaug. This coastal town has a charm of its own and you will be immediately captivated by it. From little huts to high farms, Alibaug is quite a simple yet charming town.

The beach here is especially beautiful. Just sit on the trickling grainy sand, let the waves of the sea touch you, and tuck into some delicious Maharashtrian street food sold by the beachside shacks. You can also engage in some fun football or volleyball matches, or just embark on some refreshing water sports like jet skis.

You can also visit places like the Kanakeshwar Devasthan Temple and the Kolaba Fort


If you believe in active vacation time then Kamshet will become your personal favourite. This adventure destination is a true thrill ride of adrenaline junkies and seekers of natural peace. Surrounded by heavenly green hills and brimming with exciting adventure sports, Kamshet is a place for all.

Come here for swimming in the chili river, or paraglide your heart out, as the natural setting of this place charms and makes you want o stay here forever.

For added fun, explore places like the Kondeshwar Temple, Bhairi Caves, and Bhandar Dongar.


If you are someone who is looking for a more adventurous weekend getaway from Mumbai, then Kolad is the place for you. Brimming with water sports, Kolad is quite a place to enjoy a thrilling weekend at. From river rafting to kayaking, feel the waves splash all over your face and fill you with an adrenaline surge.

Located in the Sahayadri mountains, you can also indulge in sports like- rappelling, paragliding, and rock climbing. Kolad is also resplendent with trekking trails that will take your breath away.

All of these wondrous places will make your weekends in Mumbai even more fun-filled and thrilling. You will witness some of the greatest gifts of God and splash around in the beauty of nature. Even if you are coming for a vacation in Mumbai you can easily plan a half-day tour to any of these places to feel the real beauty of the outskirts.

Sinchita Mitra
Sinchita Mitra
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