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Things To Do In Malappuram on your Kerala Trip

The town of Malappuram is quite a popular travel destination on a Kerala tour. This little town is quite interesting, as it is one of the most populous Muslim cities in the whole of South India. Yet, you can see the harmony of both Hindus and Muslims and no animosity between them. Here mosques exist with temples, and pilgrims from both religions meet with love.

Malappuram is also blessed with are inspiring and astonishing natural beauty which makes it a popular destination on your Kerala tour. This gorgeous town is blessed with museums, temples, mosques, streams, rivers, dense forests, trickling waterfalls and green hills that are just picture perfect.

Malappuram is the perfect travel destination to create some beautiful memories on your Kerala tour.

Here are some of the things you can do in Malappuram on your Kerala Tour:

Visit The Museum

The lovely Teak Museum is quite a unique sightseeing spot in Malappuram. It is located in Nilambur and is the world’s first teak museum. It is managed by the Kerala Forest Research Department.

This magical museum is filled with a variety of articles and facts about teak trees, which is a speciality in this region of Kerala. On your Kerala tour, you will come across many fragrant teak trees that will dot your path.

This museum is also historical in every sense, as it is built on the same spot as the first teak plantation in the world.

While this museum is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, it is still quite an insightful and mystical visit. You will learn a lot about Kerala’s agricultural and also about teak trees.

Walk At Kottakkunnu Park

The wondrous Kottakkunnu Park is a charming avenue and park at Malappuram. It acts as a popular respite from the hustle-bustle of city life. Here you can escape from the cacophony of crowds and spend some alone time.

It is essentially a hill garden, which makes it all the more charming. The park itself is brimming with many activities and attractions including Open Air Theatre, an adventure park, 16D cinema and even a Balloon Park.

If you do have the time then wait till the evening and watch the mesmerising and enthralling light and sound show at Kottakkunnu Park. You can spend the rest of the day by strolling through the different segments and watching an exciting 16D movie.

The Thirumandhamkunnu Temple

On your Kerala trip, you will realise that Temples are quite omnipresent in this state. Kerala is bustling with mystical temples that attract hundreds of visitors and devotees every year. In Malappuram too, you will find the Thirumandhamkunnu Temple, which is one of the most revered Hindu temples in Malappuram.

It is a popular pilgrimage site, and an 11-day long fest is also celebrated here. This annual festival is quite a rave among the locals and the pilgrims, who come here to witness this religious festival. The festival takes place in March and April.

The Thirumandhamkunnu Temple is not only famous for its awe-inspiring temple but also its location. The temple is nestled in the foothills of breathtaking green hills and is surrounded by verdant landscapes. There are many viewpoints near the temple that allows you to witness the grandeur of the Malappuram skyline.

Thirunavaya Navamukunda Temple

Another lovely temple in Malappuram is the Thirunavaya Navamukunda Temple. This historical temple is quite famous among pilgrims and locals alike. It is surrounded by trees and plants which adds a level of serenity and tranquillity to the temple.

Most people come here to sit and meditate. If you are having a particularly hectic sightseeing day in Malappuram, then come here at the end of the day and relax your mind. The fresh air and the rejuvenating atmosphere helps you escape from the burdens of life and calms your mind and soul.

Witness The Adyanpara Falls

One of the most stunning and measuring waterfalls that you will witness on your Kerala Tour, the Adyanpara Falls is majestic in every way. Kerala itself has quite a few cascading and immersive waterfalls, however, the Adyanpara Fall in Malappuram surely takes the cake.

This naturally occurring waterfall is quite a tourist hotspot owing to its flushing scenic beauty. Come here during the rainy season to witness the rush of the waterfall increase tremendously. The thunderous sound reverberates throughout the region as the lush green trees make for a great backdrop.

The Adyanpara Falls is quite serene and surreal and you spend some time here gazing at the cascading waterfalls and the adjoining green hills.

The Nedumkayam Rainforest

Malappuram is blessed with the gift of nature. The Nedumkayam Rainforest is another such example where nature is at its best. On this Kerala tour, explore this beautiful and atmospheric rainforest. As you enter this forest, you can feel the crisp in the air, as you step on some of those crunchy leaves and hear the snap of a twig. Walk around and you come across a lake filled with fishes. The water is so clean that you can watch the fishes swimming around in their world. You cannot touch or catch the fishes, so keep a safe distance.

You should come here during the morning to feel the freshness of the air. Just start your day with a calm walk through the Nedumkayam Rainforest.

Kadalundy Bird Sanctuary

The Kadalundy Bird Sanctuary is another popular tourist attraction in Malappuram. It is home to hundreds of exotic and rare birds. Along with that, it is also a popular boating area in Kerala. Once inside the Kadalundy Bird Sanctuary, board a boat and sail away. Watch as the birds fly above you and try to spot as many as possible. Keep your camera ready and catch the birds mid-flight or as they swoop down close to the water.

Through your serene boat ride, you will also be privy to enchanting and charming scenic views.

If you are into water sports then you can also head to the Chaliyar River and engage in a Kayaking expedition.

Flora Fantasia Amusement Park

On your Kerala Tour, you will come across many water parks, however, the one in Malappuram is one of the best. The Flora Fantasia Amusement Park is a great half-day weekend trip for both locals and tourists. It is laden with a variety of thrilling and fun activities and is a great trip for your whole family.

From world-class rides to large swimming pools, the Flora Fantasia Amusement Park is a welcome respite from the hot summer sun.

Conolly’s Plot

The little green spot is a welcome sight in Malappuram. Conolly’s Plot is a small park that is bustling with greenery, small streams, shady trees and wonderful views of the town. It is situated over a hilltop, which gives mesmerising views of the city below.

There is a small path that runs through the entire park and you can chart that path to explore the entire park.

You can visit Conolly’s Park if you have the time.

How To Reach Malappuram

By Air: To reach Malappuram by air on your Kerala tour, you need to land at the Calicut International Airport. The airport is located about 37 km from the city. From the airport, you can either hire a private cab or take public transport to reach Malappuram.

By Train: The city itself doesn’t have a railway connection, so you have to get down at either Angadippuram (16 km from the city) or Pattikkad (17 km from the city). From here you can take the local bus or a taxi to reach Malappuram.

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