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Top 10 Lesser knowns Hill Stations in Kerala

The state of Kerala provides visitors with many fond memories. Apart from the fascinating backwaters that refreshes many with the gentle cruises on the houseboat, the state also boasts of endless stretches of the coast, fascinating sceneries, swaying elephant rides, not to mention the hill stations; 50 to be precise. With so much on a single state, Kerala definitely is one of the best places for holiday makers.

Many nature lovers who have once been to this coastal region cannot forget the pristine beauty of the beaches, coconut trees with their allure, breathtaking sceneries as well as the warm sunshine. But perhaps what has captivated tourists more is the number of hill stations that dot the state. Research on all the hill stations provides a list of the most famous of the more than 50 hill stations.

Famous Hill Stations in Kerala;

1- Vagamon

Green Meadows of Vagamon, Kerala

Green Meadows of Vagamon, Kerala

Vagamon is situated 1200m above the sea level and is considered a summer destination. Vagamon is an ideal spot for people who love privacy due to its green lofty mountain, waterfalls that cascade down the mountains, endless pine forests and roads that cut through the towering mountains. The hill station has been a great getaway site owing to its situation away from the crowded city with its bustling noises.

Vagamon is especially ideal for couples intent on enjoying silence and privacy. It is also a perfect location for meditation and provides the opportunity to view some majestic sites like Poonjar Palace, Maramala Waterfalls and Illikal Peak. A weekend getaway to this place will help one discover why Arundhati Roy mentions the famous Meenachil River in her writing as ‘God of Small Things’.

2- Ponmudi

Ponmudi Hill Station, Kerala

Ponmudi Hill Station, Kerala

Ponmudi is a small hill station located 65k from Thiruvananthampuram. It has stolen the show for its pleasant climate, swishing rivers, towering mountains, endless forests as well as superlative landscape dominated by ravines. There are a number of activities to be carried out here. Other than trekking, one can enjoy hiking on one of the highest peaks found in the district referred to as Agasthyarkoodam. Another view worth savoring is that of the tea gardens that stretch endlessly into the horizon. Ponmudi is less explored making it an ideal getaway for the lovers of nature and people who generally love peace and quiet.

It is also one place with very comfortable and soothing weather. There is the fauna too that make for good viewing. The Deer Park and Animal Sanctuary are some places one should not miss. Then there is the Meenmuti Falls as well as the Golden Valley with their breathtaking views. Ponmudi is indeed a heavenly place for a visitor.

3- Lakkidi

Most workers often wish to get to a serene environment after a busy week at the office. For a truly relaxing experience after a hectic working week, the best place to visit needs to be surrounded by natural beauty as well as pleasant climate. Lakkidi in Wayanad district offers this and more. With its tranquil environment and green lofty mountains, it is a true paradise. Its specialty also stems from the numerous luxurious resorts set up to make visitors stay at Lakkidi comfortable. Since the hill station is small, one can easily explore it on foot. Taking a walk around is rejuvenating because a visitor gets the chance to bask on the sun while savoring the serene valley as well as the stunning landscape.

4- Vythiri

Vythiri in Wayanad District is well known for its serene environment. Situated at an elevation of 1300m above the sea level, the forested green rolling hills with its rich avifauna has the Kabini River meandering within its vicinity, making this place a perfect holiday destination. Vythiri offers a variety of activities like trekking, boating, rafting and angling as one enjoys the scenic beauty of a natural environment. Most visitors get attracted to the olden temples as well as the Neolithic age Edakal Caves.

5- Idukki



The city of Idukki is known mostly for its rich spices. In fact, immediately one step into the town, the tantalizing aroma of various spices cannot be missed. Idukki is one of the beautiful hill stations in Kerala because of its setting. Other than the high mountains, there are three rivers namely; Perinyar, Palayar and Thodupuza that dot the periphery to offer holiday makers a perfect destination. Also referred to as “Narrow Gorge,” this hill station offers plenty of activities like hiking, exploration and trekking for lovers of something to do. Some other major attractions include Idukki Arch Dam, Waterfall at Keezar Kuthu, Idukki Wildlife and the endless stretches of tea and spice plantations. A visit to Idukki has a lot to offer to a holiday maker in terms of pleasant climate, attraction sites as well as activities to make a holiday thrilling.

6- Peermedu

Although Kerala State is largely known for the greenness of its environs, Peermedu offers a different shade to the environment. The small hill station that was named after Sufi Saint Peer Mohamed, also offers a mixture of cultures as it is inhabited by varying tribes. Apart from witnessing the lifestyles of different cultures, there is the opportunity to explore the beauty of Thrissanku Hills, Peeru Hills, Kuttikkanam, Grampi and Pattumala.

7- Mattupetty

Mattupetty is well known as a perfect delight to nature lovers owing to its rolling meadows as well as rolling hills. Just a short distance from Munnar, this place has breathtaking tea gardens that stretch beyond the horizon. The cattle shed housing more than 100 high yielding cattle can offer a visitor a perfect experience as well. This is apart from trekking, boating on Mattupetty Lake and exploring the wide evergreen landscape.

There are other Lesser-known Hill Stations namely;

8- Athirapally

The name may not be well known but the place has a great waterfall with the same impact as the Niagara Falls. Anyone planning a vacation needs to check out the beauty of Athirapally especially during the monsoon in Kerala. The beauty of this place has made it spring to the spotlight when movies like Dil Se, Guru and Roza were shot next to the waterfalls by veteran director Maniratnam. Apart from the powerful waterfalls that dot the landscape with its might, there are small streams meandering within scenic landscapes. For lovers of photography, this is the perfect destination for it.

9- Malakkappara

Malakkappara is referred to as a Tea Garden Hill Station due to the abundance of tea estates in the place. It also has plenty of streams and scenic environments that are ideal for photography. Since it is less explored and less crowded, it also qualifies as a perfect shooting spot for movies or landscape pictures. Major attractions in Malakkappara include Holy Land and Annakayam.

10- Vithura

Vithura qualifies as an ideal holiday destination because the scenic beauty is sufficient to captivate the soul of any holiday maker who visits here. Though less known, Vithura Hill exhibits a tranquil environment as well as soothing climate for that perfect sun tan. Just a short distance from Vithura, there are breathtaking spots like Peppara Dam, Ponmodu, Meenmutty Falls, Agastyakoodam and Bonacaud. A short drive from Vithura, there is a majestic rock by the name Chittipara that is also close to Iruthalamoola. The rock can provide great activities for lovers of rock climbing. Close by are rubber plantation estates and the Traditional Martial Arts Schools.

11- Ranipuram

Ranipuram is a beautiful hill station famous for eco tourism and situated in Kasargod district in the state of Kerala. It also has endless stretches of evergreen forests as well as diverse wildlife. For lovers of birds, this can be the perfect destination to see numerous bird species and even take photographs while trekking on the rugged landscape. Other opportunities not to miss include jeep safaris, sighting elephants and watching butterflies. There is also the monsoon forest that offers visitors fantastic holiday experience.

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