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September 17, 2015
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5 Important Tips To Deal With Street Harassment For Female Travelers

As a woman, traveling alone is not often easy, but then, solo travel can be the most fun experience you will ever have. Unfortunately for women, when they are out there in the world, there are probabilities that they have to deal with street harassment. Catcalls and several other annoying behaviors are likely to happen to anyone, regardless of what they look like or what outfit they have on. It is more rampant in parts of the world with more archaic attitudes towards the females.

You should not be deterred from your travel by the prospect of street harassment. To deal with this irritating spectacle, here are some simple tips.

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1. Prepare Yourself

The first time it happens, you are bound to be surprised. It however is handy when you know well in advance when to expect street harassment. Particular countries such as India, Morocco and a good part of Latin America are infamous for more inappropriate behaviours towards women, especially those walking alone. This is not to mean that you should avoid these destinations, only that you should research well ahead of time to know what to expect. Establish in time if at all there are particular neighborhoods you should dodge or if instead of walking, you should take a taxi home at night.

2. Try Not To React

Getting used to it could be rather challenging, however, the perfect way to minimize harassment is by ignoring it. Reactions, negative or positive, are what those who cat call expect and they feel they get the attention which gives them all the more reason to carry on their behavior. Keeping your head high and ignoring the comments is the way to go.

Confrontation worsens the situations and should be ignored as much as possible.

3. Say “NO” If Required- Need Not Be Polite All The Time

Closing all the windows to unwanted attention is very essential and should be done both with the body language and verbally. On several occasions, women are taught to stay polite even in uncomfortable situations in western cultures. When you have someone on your neck for your attention, phone number or any other thing, it is very right to put a stop to them with a NO, if they do not take no for an answer, simply walk away. If a conversation makes you feel uncomfortable, it is not worth feeling obliged to continue it. It is appropriate and not rude as it may seem.

4. Trust Your Gut

Only an individual can determine the distinction between an actual threat and simple annoyance. There are instances in which only a mild difference exits that you cannot really determine what makes you feel uneasy, all the same, you should heed to your gut feeling. Escape from any situation that makes you feel truly unsafe as soon as you possibly can.

To easily and simply avoid someone on the street, just get into a store or a hotel. You may also find flagging down a local woman or police down rather handy.

5. Stay Strong, Do Not Get Discouraged

One is likely to be overwhelmed by reading about such occurrences beforehand. It is however essential to note that street harassment is a force to reckon with all across the planet and that it is largely annoying than it is dangerous. Just have faith in yourself, know the environment and you too can comfortably walk down the street courageously.

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