Adiyogi Sculpture of Lord Shiva exemplify the teaching of Lord Shiva

A renowned India yogi Sadhguru who strives hard to spread the Adiyogi concept along with inner engineering to help people lead a happy life. Personally designed the sculpture of the Adiyogic. The sculpture of Adiyogi built on the sacred mountains of the Velliangiri hill. Popularly known as the Bhulok Kailash or Dakshin Kailash. This hill is situated near Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. It is also a part of the Nilgiri biosphere reserve in the western ghats.

The Adiyogi sculpture is Lord Shiva statue which is up to the neck region of the Lord. The height of the Adiyogi is 112 feet, one of the biggest sculpture according to Guinness Book of World records. The sculpture is 112 feet height whereas this represents that lord shiva teaches 112 ways to stay happy and understand one’s true nature. In front of the giant Adiyogi sculpture, there is Yogeswara linga of Lord Shiva. On the auspicious occasion like Mahashivaratri, millions of followers and devotees of Lord Shiva visit the Isha center to listen to the wise words of the modern Saint of India Sadhguru.

How to reach this place?

The nearest airport for this Isha center is Coimbatore airport whereas the railways Coimbatore railways. From here one can hire a taxi and reach the Isha center or Adiyogi. Moreover, this place recently added to Indian tourism as a tourist site by the government of India.

Who is Adiyogi?

Adiyogi Sadhguru
Jaggi Vasudev (Sadhguru)

Lord Shiva is described as the Adiyogi by the modern saint and yogi Jaggi Vasudev(Sadhguru). Isha center believes that Adiyogi is the first yogi to descend on earth and to teach people how to attain liberation. He had seven disciples known by the name Saptha rishis from the Hindu scriptures. He teaches 112-way methods to reach the ultimate potential instead of limiting themselves. Adiyogi, Lord Shiva believes that individual transformation towards reaching the ultimate potential alone can bring transformation to the world.

Ritual offering and daily rituals

The Isha center is opening timing is 8 am whereas the closing is 8 pm. The daily rituals include Isha kriya, a powerful tool to cope up with the hectic lifestyle of the modern era. This simple but powerful tool transforms life if practice daily. The duration of the kriya is 12 minutes. Aumkar, if you want to practice this one has to visit the serene place and chant the most powerful mantra in the world AUM. This energizes the various body organs and it reverberates the whole body.

On the full moon night, this place is open till 12 am. They conduct a music concert in front of the Adiyogi statue from 10.30 pm to 11.30 pm. Subsequently, on the new moon day, people from the surrounding village give their offering to Yogeswara linga. They perform dance and whereas others sing and distribute prasad to others. When you visit the Adiyogi one can do offering to the Yogeswara linga as it is open to all to energies.

Velliangiri Hill Legends

Velliangiri Hills

The sacred hill is popular as Dakshina Kalish. These hills have many legends. The first legend is that this the place where Lord Shiva did the Cosmic dance Shiva tandavam for his beloved wife Uma as per her request. The other Legend is that Lord Vishnu did Penance on these hills to get the opportunity to see the Cosmic dance of Lord Shiva.

Velliangiri Hill Trekking

This mountain is very difficult to trek. It is open for from the month of Feb to mid-May other months trekking is not allowed. Apart from these, one can trek here on the Full moon and new moon day. Females between the age of 10 years to 50 years are not allowed to trek. This is 6000 ft height the total distance to reach the summit is 8 km.

As all may not be able to go to Kalish, people climb these sacred mountains. Lord Shiva here is in the Linga form with five faces of shiva that is Bhrama, Vishnu, Rudra, Maheswara and the Sadasiva. Therefore the name Panchalingesa. Whereas Lord Shiva in the form of the Panchalingesa along with this concert Parvathi Devi residing in these mountains.


Visit the serene place where the giant statue of Lord Shiva in the form of Adiyogi on the hills of the Velliangiri. When visiting the isha center make sure you sit for some time here and practice the isha kriya which gives a surreal experience.

Shravya Naveen
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