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bishnoi village

Rajasthan the land of Maharajas is a place where tourists visit to witness its rich cultural background. Either the huge palaces or the Thar Dessert Rajasthan holds a separate segment to boost the Indian Tourism economy. History, Forts, cuisines, culture, and landscapes attract tourists.

Bishnoi Village is one of the places in Rajasthan where its eco-friendly community holds a separate place of tourist attraction. Where the world is commencing on various summits to found a solution to preserve nature. Bishnoi Village is guidance on how to preserve the earth in a very ethical manner.

About Bishnoi Village Safari

Right in the heart of Jodhpur Bishnoi Village brings you the opportunity to explore its prominence. The Bishnoi Village Safari will help you to explore the culture and lifestyle of the people residing here. The source of income and livelihood on a regular basis helps you to sketch the map of the village. The safari holds various spots and sectors which is completely different from another sector.

History of Bishnoi Village

Guru Jambheshwar is the one behind the establishment of the Bishnoi Village sector. The year 1451 marked the establishment of Bishnoi Village. The main objective behind the establishment was after the war between the local Hindu and Muslim invaders. For his followers, Guru Jambheshwar prescribed 29 rules. The primary was to conserve the animals and trees.

One of the notable incidents which occur in the Bishnoi Village is the Khejarali Massacre. The massacre took the life of 363 people.

Places to visit in the Bishnoi Village Safari Tour

bishnoi village
source: Jodhpur Trip
  1. Shepherds Village – As the name suggests, Shepherd’s village concentrates on the lifestyle of the Shepherd. The traditional lifestyle with domestic animals like goat ship camel shapes the habitation. Away from the urban life and untouched with modern gadget the village describes the definition of harmony.
  2. Gudha Village – In one instance Gudha Village helps you to witness the wildlife scenario and able to interact with the Bishnoi families. Whether it be the set of wild animals or different dessert animals, Gudha village is a place of diversity. That certain journey can be on such experience where wild animals wander by the roadside.
  3. Weavers Village – If you want to buy souvenirs, Weaver village is the perfect place to provide your trip a memorable one. Often called as the land of magic carpets, where the local people meet the desires of their customer. With the proper implication of the material durry (rugs), it showcases the primitive method of weaving in Rajasthan.
  4. Potters Village – Another souvenir center is the Potters Village. The village is a one-stop destination where you can watch live on the work of the potter.
  5. Kankani Village – Kankani village or Block Printer’s village is a place that shouldn’t be missed in your itinerary. The place encounters you with the famous handprints art using fabrics.

Lesser known facts of Bishnoi Community

  • The Bishnoi community is not allowed to bury the body as cutting of trees is prohibited. Thereby the cremates the dead body.
  • The Bishnoi community can cultivate opium as the sole purpose of religion.
  • The Bishnoi community is aggressive in nature if someone violates the law or harming nature.

Best time to visit Bishnoi Village Safari

Winter season is the best time to visit the place. October to end of March is the most suitable time period to travel. The soothing atmosphere with various migration of birds catches the eyeballs. The monsoon and summer season is the worst time to visit the place. Monsoon season is a hard time to book a safari and to witness outdoor activities. The summer season makes the place hot and sultry which suffocates the tour.

How to reach

Bishnoi Village is located just 22 kilometers from Jodhpur. The village is located in between the route from Udaipur to Jodhpur. If you want to reach the place directly, the nearest airport is Jodhpur and from their one needs to hire a cab to reach the place. The nearest international flight is Udaipur. If one wants to travel through the railway, the nearest station would be Jodhpur.

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