The Marvel of the Himalayan Delights – Chitkul, Sangla, Reckong Peo

India has been blessed with the kind of natural gifts that God has bestowed upon us. One of the many marvels of nature is the majestic Himalayas that adorn the skyline of the Northern states of India. Whether you are in Himachal or Uttarakhand, you will be able to view the gorgeous and intimidating snow-capped mountain ranges, that will surely leave you in awe.

While, you will pretty much get a breathtaking view from most of the Northern towns, but the beauty of Reckong Peo in the Kinnaur district is something different.

Located at 2300 metres above sea level, this little town is the crew jewel of the Kinnaur district. The town is marred with tall trees and green meadow. The moment you walk into the town you will be mesmerised by the archaic and traditional structures that are used by the locals here.

This place is made rich with an acute feeling of tranquillity and serenity. What really attracts tourists here is the beautiful view of both the Kailash and the Shiva Lingam Rock. This wondrous town is also the only place from where these two marvels of the Himalayas can be viewed in all its glory. The view of these two marvels is absolutely resplendent and you will find yourself just stuck there for hours staring at the wonder that peaked above the clouds

Reckong Peo is also filled to the brim with great hotels, restaurants, and cafes, which has made this town very tourist friendly.

Things To Do

The natural beauty of Reckong Peo is what dominates the whole town, as you will find yourself walking through large apple orchards, or singing like Julia Andrews from Sound Of Music, in the huge green lush meadows, or maybe just rolling down the hills like little children beneath a clear blue sky.

Yet, what makes Reckong Peo so beautiful is not only nature’s beauty that the town has but also the fascinating tourist sites in and around the town.

Chandika Temple

source: Apna Himachal

The pious town of Reckong Peo is dotted with different temples, that is precariously located on hilltops or in the nooks and crooks of the huge rocky hills.

Chandika Temple is one of the most famous and revered temples in the Reckong Peo area. The temple has a very different and unique kind of architecture and is different from the Hindu Temples that you might have visited. The temple almost resembles a little wooden hut, marked with colourful flags, that sway with the wind.

The majestic Himalayas in the background adds so much more beauty to the already holy and pious temple.

The moment you enter the temple you will be overwhelmed with the positive energy that you will feel here. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Chandrika, who is worshipped religiously by the locals.

Some of the other places you can visit in Reckong Peo is – Khab Kalpa and Bhaba Valley.


The true charm of Reckong Peo cannot be contained or explained through any blog or book, The true beauty of the town can only be unearthed by the tourists and explorers who decide to fully experience the hidden gems of this place. The town is so full of hidden natural beauty and unexplored terrains, that you should definitely put on your explorer’s cap and head out to the wild outdoors.

You can also indulge in some fun camping, which is one of the top-rated adventure activity that one can do in Reckong Peo.

Sangla Valley

While Reckong Peo is a wonderful and serene town to spend your vacation and come back with some fond memories, nevertheless it will be blasphemous if you travel all the way to Kinnaur district and not head over to the beautiful Sangla Valley and Chitkul.

The beauty of the Sangla Valley is well known, and it is only over two hours drive from Reckong Peo.

source: thehimalayanvolunteer

The entire road journey from Reckong Peo to Sangla Valley is majestic, You will pass through some of the greenest and freshest fields that are marred with vibrant flowers. The trees dance to the songs of the wind, and the mountains provide for the perfect canvas to this pretty picture.

The famous Valley is what beauty truly means. The tranquillity and freshness in the air will leave you in a trance, and all you can do is surrender yourself to the calmness and charm of this place.

As you drive up to the valley, the town of Sangla, which is the biggest town in the valley, will be the first one to greet you. This town is like any other small city, complete with concrete buildings. Being the administrative capital of the Valley, Sangla has been touched by the hands of commercialisation. This town was initially popular since there was a lack of accommodation options in the village of Chitkul. Previously, One would make Sangla the base, from where they would travel to these lovely countryside towns.

As you pass this town, you will once again see the large concrete buildings fading away behind you, as tall green trees start to replace them. Once again you will fall into the bliss of nature. There is the pristine river Baspa that flows in all its glory. The river truly adds another feather of charm to the Sangla Valley.

As you travel onto this unbeaten road, you will wooden houses popping up against the magnificent landscape. This is the Rackham Village, which has gained a lot of popularity for its clean localities, and stunning landscapes.

As you cross this lovely town, you will now find yourself in a rocky and winding path. The road is quite rough, since it has been directly carved from a mountain, and you will find yourself rising precariously close to the cliff. But, this is what makes the journey so exciting and fascinating.

On one side there is a sharp cliff, on the other, you will be greeted with different kinds of pine and birch trees. The air carries the aromas from all these trees and proceeds to fill your nostrils with them.

The road takes an even more picturesque turn, when as you fall onto the path of Chitkul. The beautiful soft peaks radiate the rays of the sun and spread the rays all across their snowy white peaks.

As you move towards Chitkul, you will pass a gorgeous waterfall, which is nestled admits a dense forest and rocks of all shapes, sizes, and colours. The waterfalls effortlessly as if beckoning you to stand there and gently look.


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Chitkul is famous for its apple orchards, that dominates the landscape of Chitkul for most of the year. The moment you enter you will be greeted with green trees all bearing some juicy and red apples, gently handing down from the large trees.


The little wooden houses in Chitkul all have some fascinating carvings on them. Almost every building, even temples in the town has these notable carvings, which make it very interesting to the tourists.

The town has both the influences of Buddhism and Hinduism, and you will find monasteries and Hindu temples all co-existing under the same clear blue sky.

Chitkul also has some lovely traditional and authentic souvenirs like – local handicrafts, Kinnauri hats that you can buy.

Walk, Fly, Crawl

Chitkul provides for the perfect scenery and setting to just walk anywhere where your heart desires. Just walking across the large green meadows with the wonderful views of the mountains to keep you company, will fill you with unbridled joy.

Spend a lazy afternoon on the banks of the serene Baspa River. While, the walk is a little hike on uneven grounds, but it is definitely worth. You will find yourself traversing through the bounties of nature. The village is absolutely like a fairytale. It has the same allure, magic, and charm as that of a fairytale. There are now many guesthouses and hotels in Chitkul, and accommodation will not be a problem. All you have to do is surrender your senses and let nature take care of you in the best way possible.

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