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On your South India tour visit the temple town of Kanchipuram. This stunning town is brimming with temples and shrines that show the wonders of Dravidian architecture and the culture of South India.

You will find hundreds of pilgrims from all over the world coming here to get a glimpse of the wondrous temples that make this town divine and magical.

To explore Kanchipuram fully, with all its temples, food and sarees, you will have to spend about a week here. The town is truly blessed, and the moment you step in you will feel the mystical aura wash over your and take you into a magical realm.

The Temples

Kanchipuram is defined by five big temples that are an essential visit on your Tamil Nadu Tour. These temples are the landmark of this temple town and are famous pilgrimage sites as well.

Sri Ekambareshwarar Temple-

This stunning temple is the largest Shiva Temple in Kanchipuram. There is a surreal pond on one side, which reflects the temple most serenely and elegantly. The Sri Ekambareshwarar Temple is one of the most picturesque temples that you will come across on your South India tour.

Sri Kanchi Kamakshi Temple-

This temple is devoted to the reigning goddess of Kanchipuram and is an extremely revered pilgrimage site. There are many temples inside this complex, and you should take your time while visiting this temple. The Sri Kanchi Kamakshi Temple also showcases the rich South Indian architecture.

Sri Vaikuntha Perumal Temple-

Finally, one of the most beautiful and elegant Vishnu Temple is located in Shiva Kanchi. This mesmerizing temple celebrates the rich culture and heritage of Dravidian architecture.

Sri Kailasanathar Temple-

This is the oldest Shiva Temple in Kanchipuram and is also a popular pilgrimage site. Adorned with colorful motifs and intricately carved walls, this temple showcases the Dravidian architecture in all its glory.

Sri Varadharaja Perumal Temple-

The largest Vishnu Temple in Kanchipuram, this gorgeous and regal temple is located right in the heart of Vishnu Kanchi.

There Are More

On your South India in Kanchipuram, you will mainly find the temple areas divided into Shiva Temples and Vishnu Temples. The area with bustling Shiva Temples is called Shiva Kanchi, and the one brimming with Vishnu Temples is called Vishnu Kanchi.

If you are on a pilgrimage tour, then do not just smelt yourself to the five big temples. Start your journey at the Shiva Kanchi and let the divine aura of the shrines rush into your veins and heal you from within:

The Kumara Kottam Temple

This lovely temple is located between Kanchi Kamakshi and Ekamabareshwara. The Kumara Kottam Temple is quite beautiful. If you see from a bird’s eye view, then you will notice that the three temples form a Somaskanda from above.

This temple is smaller than the other two, however, it is as divine and magical as the rest. The inner sanctum has an image of Murugan in a seated pose, which is also called the Brahma Chattam.

From outside, the temple has all the discerning factors of a South Indian Temple, with its typical architecture and colourful carvings, the Kumara Kottam Temple is quite regal.

Sri Chitragupta Swamy Temple

This fascinating temple worships the assistant of Lord Yama, who is the lord of death. Sri Chitragupta Swamy Temple is for Chitragupta who keeps an account of one’s bad deeds and good deeds. This unique temple is quite rare and will make your South India tour in Kanchipuram even more alluring.

Sri Kachabeswarar Temple

Next on your South India tour in Kanchipuram is the Sri Kachabeswarar Temple. This temple is located right next to the Kumar Kotta and is quite a large temple. It also houses a temple tank.

According to legends, in this temple, Lord Vishnu used to worship Lord Shiva in his tortoise avatar. Hence the temple is called Kachabeswarar. Other stories suggest that Brahma and Saraswati both visited this temple and prayed here as well.

The Kachabeswarar Temple is quite popular, and you will find hordes of pilgrims and devotees coming here. The architecture is devoid of too many colours. It is pristine white, which turns golden every time the sun rays touches it.

Iravathaneswara and Piravathaneswara Temples

These little shrines are so small that you might find them cute. Made up of stone, these temples are right opposite each other. These temples are not fully functional for day to day rituals. They only open for birth and death rituals.

There are many other temples in Shiva Kanchi that you can visit, namely: the Yama Temple, Sri Muktheeswarar Temple, Seeteswarar, Mallikarujeswarar, Kashi Vishwanath Temple, and Hanumanteswarar Temple.

Vishnu Kanchi

Ashtbhuja Perumal Temple

Another popular temple in Vishnu Kanchi is the Ashtbhuja Perumal Temple. The presiding deity of this temple of Lord Vishnu or Perumal with eight arms, thus giving the name of the temple.

Vyaseswarar & Vasishteswarar Temple

Situated in the lovely lanes of Kanchipuram, these two temples are located close to a large temple tank. The Vyaseswarar & Vasishteswarar temples are for two Rishis- Vyasa and Vasishtha, which makes these temples not unique but also highly revered.

Kanchi Kamkoti Mutt

Kanchipuram is also the seat of Shankaracharya. It is here, on your South India tour of Kanchipuram that you will find the Kanchi Kamakoti Mutt located right at the centre of the city. Adi Shankaracharya spent his last few days in Kanchi and established his fifth mutt. You will also find his Samadhi at the Kamakshi Temple complex.

As you enter this serene Kanchi Mutt, you will read all about the great saint. His stories are lineage are depicted on the walls.

The present Shankaracharya Ji is also quite renowned. Many pilgrims come here just to get a glance of the great saint. Some people even get the opportunity to talk to him or see him perform the riveting Aarti.

The Kanchi Mutt is a must-visit place on your South India tour to Kanchipuram, so make sure you keep a whole day for this.

The Jain Temples

Kanchipuram also has two iconic Jain temples. If you do have the time, then you can visit these two temples: Trilokyanath Temple and Chandraprabha Temple.

The ASI protects the Trilokyanatha temple. This temple has stunning Jain paintings. From the ceilings to the pillars, this temple has intricate carvings that depict the mandalas, which resemble the universe.

There are several other temples and shrines in Kanchipuram that you can visit on your South India tour. However, these are some of the most mesmerizing and stunning ones. With flourishing culture and rich history, these temples show the heritage of Kanchipuram and South India.

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