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January 17, 2015
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Top 8 Waterfalls in India

Waterfalls represent tranquility, calmness, peace, and are referred to as true gifts of nature. They are a very rare phenomenon with their never ending breathtaking flow of natural water. While some people feel at ease with the roaring tumultuous torrents, many more love the picturesque tranquil waterfalls offer within a backdrop of greenery. Whichever the case, there is always some beauty, magic and peace in watching the free flow of water in their natural existence.

Well, this is just the right time of the year to consider enjoying peace and tranquility offered by Indian waterfalls by including it in your itinerary. After getting your walking shoes ready, pack that picnic basket and bounce out in style to explore the spectacular beauty of the waterfalls in their natural existence. In this list, you will definitely be awestruck by the post monsoon greenery in the backdrop of the mesmerizing scenery. Here are some of the recommendations of Memorable India for places to visit;

1- Jog Falls, Karnataka

Jog Falls, Karnataka

Jog Falls, Karnataka

Karnataka is one Indian state that enjoys abundance of nature. It has been blessed by a good share of dramatic waterfalls. The greatest of them all is Jog Falls found in the Shimoga District. It is the second highest waterfall in the whole of India. This mighty waterfall generates too much force that remains a mystery to many who see it for the first time. Standing at 253 meters, this enormous water body spills up to 3.4 million tons of water within minutes.

Best Time to Visit– June through to September remain the best months to be at this place and experience the rare gift of nature. From September till December can also be a good time for a visit because it is post-monsoon and there is the thunderous glory of the lush green surrounding environment. Not to be forgotten is the pleasant weather that can do well for the bones.

2- Dudhsagar Falls, Goa

Dudhsagar Falls, Goa

Dudhsagar Falls, Goa

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Dudhsagar Falls is another rare phenomenon that dots the state of Goa with its towering height. Standing at 310 meters, the mighty Dudhsagar Falls lends beauty to this state that has other stunning features like the beaches, churches and water sport facilities. It derives its name from the white spray of water visible which look like milk being splashed from up above. After viewing the falls, one will instantly fall in love with the state.

Best Time to Visit– The best time to check into Goa is between October and mid December. During this time, the roads are dry and the post monsoon swell can still be seen in the waterfall.

When planning to be here, ensure you read more on Goa. You could also check the Goa shopping guide for your monsoon escape. At the same time, you could grab a copy of the Unique Hotels in Goa to have a stunning holiday.

3- Sivasamudram Falls, Karnataka

Sivasamudram Falls, Karnataka

Sivasamudram Falls, Karnataka

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Karnataka never runs short of wonders. When next you get to the place, make sure you see the Sivasamudram Falls near Mysore. These magnificent falls are highly ranked in the world and are divided into two parts namely- Gaganachuki Falls on the western side that is also horse-tailed, and Bharachukki Falls on the eastern side which is jagged. When the monsoon advances in Karnataka, River Cauvery becomes tumultuous and drops off 19million liters of water into the deep gorge below. Take the time to watch the waterfall live up to its reputation of being the most powerful water body of its kind in the world.

Best Time to Visit– Between June and October is just the perfect time to check into Mysore for a real thrilling visit. During this time, the monsoon is at its peak and the falls are ready to give their very best to the world.

You could get more enlightened by reading the article Last Minute Weekend Getaway from Bangalore for some activities to carry out while in the state.

4- Nohkalikai Falls, Meghalaya

Nohkalikai Falls, Meghalaya

Nohkalikai Falls, Meghalaya

One of the wettest states of India is Meghalaya. It steadily competes with Karnataka with its array of waterfalls. One of the leading is Nohkalikai Falls which is also the tallest plunge fall in India. The spectacular waterfall stands at a height of 1,100 meters, making it a favorite tourist spot.

Best Time to Visit– Between September and October remain the best time to visit Shillong. During this period, the nearby Cherrapunji skies are clear though of course sometimes the state remains wet during this time of the year.

5- Hogenakkal Falls, Tamil Nadu

There are a series of waterfalls that come together in the village of Tamil Nadu known as Hogenakkal Falls. Apart from the breathtaking view of these natural beauties, they also offer medicinal value according to the belief of the locals. This stems from the fact that the waterfalls flow through forests and groves within which there are herbs and trees of medicinal value. For this reason, it remains a famous tourist destination. At the same time, the little village boasts of providing massages together with herbal medicines that are believed to cure numerous ailments. Massages are performed by skilled messeurs who are later on paid a few dimes.

Best Time to Visit– Between the months of October and March, a visitor would definitely enjoy a beautiful yet relaxing holiday. Book yourself the cheapest flight to Mysore which is the nearest airport.

6- Athirapally Falls, Kerala

Kerala is known around the world for its famous backwaters. This wonderful state also boasts of another very rare gem very few places in the world have; Athirapally Falls. Found in Thrissur District, the falls becomes active immediately the monsoon hits Kerala. Many visitors come to the state to enjoy viewing this lovely gift of nature, and are never disappointed.

Best Time to Visit– To make the best of your visit, come to Cochin when it is raining; between September and February.

7- Kune Falls, Maharashtra

With the onset of monsoon, the famous holiday spots of Lonavla-Khandala immediately spring into exciting action. On top of the list of major attraction sites that especially come to life is Kune Falls. Although they only stand at 200 meters, the beautiful site has sparkling waters with its 3-tier series, and still draws occasional sharp breath from visitors.

Best Time to Visit– Mid June to September is the time for the monsoon. This is definitely the time to come for a visit.

8- Barehipani Falls, Orissa

The Berehipani Falls stand at a height of 400 meters and are exceptional because they are smirk in the middle of the Simplipal National Park. Nothing can be quite as exciting! The tiered waterfalls are among the tallest in India and are quite untouched and well preserved. They are a real spectacle with their stunning existence, making them a favorite spot for honeymooners and shutterbugs.

Best Time to Visit– Between June to October is the best time to get to the flight that will eventually take you to Bhubaneshwar. While sampling the falls, this is also the best time to check around the animals in the national park.

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