Travel beyond Golden Triangle – Explore India like a Pro

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Travel beyond Golden Triangle – Explore India like a Pro


If you are short on time or, if you are looking to cover just the iconic sights of the land for a memorable vacation, the Golden Triangle is the best route. Due to its popularity, even the luxury trains either cover it as a part of a larger itinerary or as a separate itinerary. Although a veritable miracle, Golden Triangle is not the entire element of what Indian tourism stands for. It is very important to cover a few more destination over and beyond the Golden Triangle. Here are the top destinations to add to your Golden Triangle tour package to add a little more diversity and vibrancy to the already stunning Golden Triangle circuit.

Holy city of Varanasi

The only element that is less focused in Golden Triangle is spirituality. To add that missing piece, let us add the spiritual land of Varanasi to the lot. This is one of the very ancient cities, which still brims of spirituality. Laid with hundreds of Hindu temples along the sides of the Holy River Ganges. A little far away, you get to explore the Buddhist destination, Sarnath.

Colonial hill station of Shimla

Golden Triangle tour packages are chosen by honeymooners for the uniqueness and the romance, which are binged in the packages. To add more class to it, how about choosing to glaze with the colonial land of Shimla, the summer residence of royals. The valley, culture, and nature are quite the ingredients to make Golden Triangle, ‘more golden’.

Add wildlife

You would get to see an occasional cow, goat, elephant or camel during your Golden Triangle trip. However, if you are choosing to enjoy a real wildlife vacation, travel a little away from Jaipur through India’s Palace on Wheels to cover Ranthambore, Bharatpur and others.

Add tropical to it

If you want to add a dash of tropical feel to the Golden Triangle, you need beaches. What can be ‘more tropical’ than a destination with more than 30 beaches? Starting from beach sunbathing to snorkeling, you can enjoy a variety of water activities to it. End the day with a European culture with beach, booze, dance and party.

Go deep to Kerala

If you are ready to travel a little farther from the actual route of Golden Triangle, it is better to go down to the south, the Kerala coast. The spice capital has the mesmerizing cardamom and other spice plantations, serene national reserves, the hill station of Munnar and so on. Apart from the natural beauty, enjoy Kerala’s culture, cuisine and Ayurvedic treatments.

Embark your journey to India and know more about the Palace on Wheels train route map. Beyond these, you can add other flavorful vacations like Kashmir, Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Darjeeling, Kolkata, Sri Lanka and others.

Kislay Rai
Kislay Rai
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