You Just Cannot Afford To Miss These Insta Worthy Lakes On Your Ladakh Tour

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You Just Cannot Afford To Miss These Insta Worthy Lakes On Your Ladakh Tour

Ladakh Tour

On your Ladakh Tour do not miss the serene beauty of its lakes. The lakes of Ladakh are famous for their mesmerising beauty and the gorgeous backdrop. With picture-perfect sceneries, lush green meadows, and snow-capped mountains, the lakes of Ladakh are ethereal. 

On your tour go lake hopping and sit back as nature plays a soulful symphony on your tour. Each lake in Ladakh offers new scenery, and a new setting, each one as beautiful as the one before. These lakes are for the romantics and nature lovers. For the photographers and the dreamers. And it is for the backpackers and families. It is for everyone.

Here are some of the best lakes in Ladakh that you just cannot miss

Pangong Tso Lake

One of the most visited and popular lakes in Ladakh, Pangong Tso Lake deserves all the credit and tourists it gets. Nestled in a rustic and barren landscape, this sapphire lake is enchanting. This lake gained popularity after the movie 3 idiots, and since then it is a part of every Ladakh Tour.

The Pangong Tso Lake changes colour depending upon the shades of the sun. You see it convert from blue to green in a matter of a few hours, as the constant backdrop of mountains keeps you company. One of the most enchanting and beautiful lakes in the world, the Pangong Tso Lake is a paradise for travellers.

Its magnetic charm and awe-inspiring landscape can capture anybody’s attention. In the wonders, the lake freezes completely, and you will witness a different side of it. You will also find many migratory birds here, including black-necked creams and seagulls. Visiting this lake on your Ladakh Lake Tour is akin to visiting heaven on earth.

Tso Moriri

One of the largest high altitude lake, Tso Moriri is also known as the Mountain Lake. This off the radar lake is so magnificent that you would want to stay here till the end of time. 

It is situated over the green forests, and beyond the mountains, as the emerald lake awaits. One of the most isolated lakes that you will find on your Ladakh Lake Tour, the Tso Moriri is for those who are willing to risk and explore the depths of Ladakh. 

Due to its relatively remote location, this lake sees fewer crowds, making it a perfect beauty. There is also a lovely Buddhist monastery located near the lake, which you can visit to bask in serenity and peace. The view from the lake is so mesmerising, that you would want to sit back and stare at it for days. 

Tso Kar Lake

This unique lake is a blend of both salt and freshwater. It also gives it the name of- The Twin Lake. On your, Ladakh Lake Tour witness the beauty of the Tso Kar Lake in the foothills of snowy mountains. 

This shimmering blue lake is quite a popular tourist destination and attracts many tourists from all over the world.

You can stroll on the banks of the lake. Or take out your binoculars and spot the many rare and exotic birds that come here. Or you could just sit down and gaze at the glistening blue beauty located right in front of you. 

Chagar Tso

If you are a bird lover and are looking for some peace, then the Chagar Tso is perfect for your Ladakh Lake Tour. You can visit this lake en route to Pangong Lake. 

The Chagar Tso is surrounded by an overwhelming sense of tranquillity and serenity that will heal you from within. The lake has shady green trees, colourful mountains and fluttering birds this place is the perfect spot for a family picnic or for some quiet time away from the hustle-bustle of Ladakh. 

Yarab Tso Lake

The Yarab Tso Lake is not for every average tourist. It is for the dreamers and the explorers, it is for the romantics and thrill-seekers. This wonderful lake is a great spot for trekkers and is nestled in the gorgeous Nubra Valley. To reach this lake one has to trek alongside the slippery mountains, as the stunning view of the Nubra Valley keeps them motivated. 

While the lake is quite awe-inspiring, what makes it even more beautiful are the rustic villages that dot your route. You can a few detours and explore the Panamik and Distil village to have a marvellous adventure. The Yarab Tso Lake also has a hot spring located nearby. So just shed all your inhibitions, take a dip into the warm waters and forget all your worries and stress.

Mirpal Tso

If you wish to get away from the crowd and spend some alone time in the laps of nature, then the Mirpal Tso lake is perfect for you. This stunning lake should be on your Ladakh Lake Tour, and missing this one is a sin. 

The lake is brimming with crystal clear water and the atmosphere is as refreshing as it can get. Just read a book or sit under a shady tree and stare at this shimmering lake, as you are transported to another realm. You can also listen to some soulful songs and enjoy the view in front of you. 

Stat Tso And Lang Tso

The twin lakes of Stat Tso And Lang Tso are located at about 5000 m above sea level. They are one of the most aesthetic and photogenic lakes in India. These lakes in Ladakh are nestled in the Zanskar Region. They offer an enchanting reprise for people looking for some peace. 

If you re passionate about photography, then this is where you should be at. The lakes are so gorgeous, that you might just find yourself clicking away to find the perfect angles. 

The Stat Tso And Lang Tso lakes will enchant you and take you on a soulful journey as you capture the best and most memorable moments of your time here.

Kiagar Tso

If you are a sucker for sunsets, then the Kaigar Tso Lake surely doesn’t disappoint. This Ladakh Lake is so peaceful and charming that you would want to make a house and stay here till eternity. 

Hidden away by the bounties of nature, the Kiagar Tso lake is brilliant escapade. The surroundings are in sync and harmonious with each other. It feels as if every little flower, leaves of the trees and even the ripples of the water from the Kiagar Tso lake are waltzing with the tunes of the wind. 

You can sit back on the soft grass and relax, or you can play some games like badminton, soccer, and many others to have fun-filled family time.

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