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10 Must Know Tips For Packing Your Carry-on

Ask my husband and he will readily admit that when we initially met, I was an over packer. I am certain that “steam trunk” has to be mentioned as he recounts the story.

First forward nine years, I can confidently say that I have entirely reformed my packing and steam trunks are not for me anymore. With a carry-on only, I travel often and I have come to realise just how liberating it is to do it light. There is totally no other alternative for me.

Packing a carry-on and only a carry-on is not as easy as it may seem and takes sacrifice for it to pull through. Packing not your strength? Here is what I have learnt about restructuring the packing to help lose weight from my suitcase.


Include Stuff that Have Multiple Uses

Give a shot at packing items that can serve multiple purposes. Take for instance, packing your tablet plus e-reader when a tablet can be used as an e-reader when traveling. This saves some space in your bag. A blanket is another multi-purpose item that you may need to bring along. Besides keeping you warm on chilly airplanes, you can use them to cover your shoulders when going to church or temple where this is necessary.

Be Realistic

Packing all manner of “just in case item” is somehow tempting. One however needs to be realistic on where they are going and what theywill need. Only pack clothes you like and are comfortable in. Something that does not feel awesome is a waste of suitcase space as you are not likely to wear it.

Avoid Items That Are Not Very Necessary

No need carrying shampoo and conditioner. You may not get your favourite brand from the hotel you are staying in; however, you are bound to find something that could work just as well. You’ll also find blow dryers and travel irons at your hotel. Even though you will not find the exact items you need, there is no need of carrying things you can find in your destination.

Learn To reuse

Creativity with things you already have around is essential. For instance, the spare button plastic bags can be to safely keep earrings and well paired. Toilets, accessories or even shoes can be stacked in the zippered bags in which a number of sheets sets are sold. Want to bring along stuff like bobby pins, why not keep them in Tic Tac containers. To stop necklaces from tangling, put straws on them. Organization is important for better management while packing and helps you pick what not to pack.

Use Every Inch Of Space Available

There are chances that you can stuff some more items even when you thought the suitcase was full. Create some useful space by keeping socks in shoes. Have a collared shirt? Roll up a belt and insert it into the neck.

Mix and Match

Make a pick of a colour palette. This is often handy as every bottom will have a matching top and this allows you a vast number of possible dressing combinations which look great. One or two neutrals need to be incorporated into the colour palette and depending on your preference, a colour option that will blend with both. As I adore emerald green, white and navy, when packing, I include all three colours for numerous combinations.

Roll Your Clothes

20% extra room is often created in a suitcase when the clothes are rolled up. Usually, I roll the clothes that I pack as tightly as I possibly can. I then place them in stackable rows through the bottom of the suitcase. I pile them in layers as far as possible.

Limit Shoes To Three Pairs

Shoes are one of the most difficult items to pack. This is due to the fact that they are heavy and come in odd shapes. Make a decision on which three pairs you want to bring along. It is wise to have a pair of walking shoes/sandals, a pair of dress shoes and a pair of sneakers. Wearing one pair as you travel, you will only need to pack 2 pairs. To avoid spreading dirt or germs to your clothes and other stuff, remember to wrap the shoes in plastic bags.

Ladies: Opt for Dresses

Dresses are the easiest option, particularly when you are traveling to a destination that is likely to be warm. Aside from looking splendid and keeping you cool, it is one item that covers the essence of an entire outfit unlike a top, bottom and belt.

Scottevest Jacket Is Preferable

Several hidden pockets are available in the Scottevest vests and jackets. With these, there are extra storage places that will help you carry your items on you rather than squeezing them into the bag. For example, the men’s fashionable Sterling jacket comes with 24 hidden pockets which are great for stuff such as phones, sunglasses, wallet, passport, tablet, your travel documents or even a water bottle, mentioning only a few.

Packing a carry-on is a rather daunting task, however, in my encounters; it has been worth the effort. I love unencumbered travelling, bringing my items along and not having to take time at the baggage carousel for my suitcase-praying that it endured the journey safely. With a carry-on only, moving around is a lot easier and you can easily and comfortably use public transportation. This is an awesome way to go local. This helps in facilitating flexibility if you intend to change flights when you don’t check your luggage and also helps you save on the costs added n checked luggage. What is this if not sense?

However, a few sacrifices have to be made. The perfect shoes to complete your outfit could be missing or your favourite toiletries could be left at home. All the same, those are minor details, try forgetting them and embrace the beauty and wonder of travel.

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