13 Tips To Take Care Of Your Health When Traveling

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13 Tips To Take Care Of Your Health When Traveling

Health When Traveling

We all love traveling. But if we are not better prepared, sometimes, several health-related situations can ruin our trip. Therefore, there are a few precautions you can take to take care of your health when traveling. Take into account these 13 tips from a specialist that will help you maintain your health throughout a pleasure trip.

1. Avoid aisle seats on planes

You probably want to be more selective when it comes to reserving your seat on an airplane. True, you can get up easily, but not only will you get less rest when your neighbor makes you get up, but you could also be exposed to more germs.

According to a study, it was found that in case of an outbreak of a virus, the passengers sitting in the aisle seats of an airplane were more likely to be exposed to it. The reason is the frequent traffic of people approaching the bathroom.

2. Get enough sleep

A study showed how critical sleep is when it comes to staying healthy, especially if time zones are crossed, as a disruption of a person’s circadian rhythm can compromise their immune system.

One week before your trip, gradually change your bedtime and waking hours to match or at least get closer to your destination. If that is not possible, eat only a light meal during your flight, stay well hydrated and avoid alcohol and caffeine. Spend some time outdoors when you land (sun exposure can help you adjust to the new time zone). Just be sure to wear sunscreen.

3. Anxiety when flying? Practice breathing deeply

A simple technique is to breathe through the nose and exhale through the mouth, counting to five with each inhalation and exhalation. Slowly deepen each breath, count to 10, and continue until you feel your body relax. You can also try to meditate.

If you are prone to losing sleep on an upcoming flight or have a history of panic attacks in the air, talk to your doctor about taking anti-anxiety medications when traveling.

4. Don’t forget a first aid kit

It is helpful to pack some simple first aid supplies on the go. Your kit should include acetaminophen or ibuprofen for pain or fever, insect repellent containing DEET, antibacterial wipes or gels, a dizziness remedy, an antidiarrheal, adhesive bandages, disinfectant, and antibiotic ointment such as Neosporin. And if you bring personal medications, keep them in your carry-on luggage instead of having it in checked luggage; this in case you lose your luggage on the way.

5. Take care of what you eat and drink

Opt for meat that is well cooked and steamed, avoid raw vegetables and dairy products sold by independent merchants. Avoid tap water, bottled water is a safe bet. Ice cubes are often a hidden culprit, so avoid them too.

Try not to overeat, as you will surely feel heavier and slower and, consequently, waste valuable time to enjoy your trip; think of “quality over quantity”.

6. Hydrate frequently

It is easy to lose sight of the amount of water you are drinking when you take sightseeing tours or when you are in another location. Take a bottle of water with you wherever you go and start the day with a good glass of water when you get up or with breakfast.

7. Protect your skin

You don’t want a painful burn to slow your journey. Prepare a hat and an umbrella and use a sunscreen with an SPF of 30+ to take care of your skin from UVA and UVB rays. While the sunburn will go away, the risk of skin cancer continues, so take this precaution very seriously.

8. Do physical activities

Take advantage of the hotel’s gym, explore local sights by walking or biking instead of taking taxis, or you can even do push-ups, jumps, or yoga in your room. The reality is that it’s easy to add regular cardiovascular exercises while you’re away. Exercise strengthens the immune system and releases endorphins to make you feel good.

9. Update your vaccines

If you are traveling to areas that pose a risk of tropical diseases, be sure to visit a medical expert well in advance of your trip to receive the proper vaccinations.

Investigate well in advance if the places that you are planning to visit require a particular vaccination on a mandatory basis. Some vaccines such as yellow fever should be given 10-15 days before they travel. Make sure to bring your vaccination card as well, when traveling.

10. Take your prescriptions

It is always a good idea to ask your doctor to write you a prescription, in English if at all possible. Especially if you suffer from a chronic disease or take any medicines that might be considered a drug in another country.

Some drugs are prohibited in some places. For example, a drug called Clonazepam is prohibited in some countries. Many travelers have been arrested in Middle Eastern countries for this. If in case you take any medication such type, it is always a good idea to carry the prescription to justify its use.

11. Don’t forget the repellent

You can buy a repellent in your country of origin. Or it is even better if it is bought in the country of destination. Do not forget that you should use it both in exposed areas and on clothing.

12. Beware of public toilets

This especially for solo female travelers, many times we come across toilets in horrible states of hygiene and you have to do real contortions so as not to touch anything while you go, often carrying your backpack and with bathroom doors that nor close. You can carry disinfecting sprays and toilet seat covers to avoid as much infection as possible.

13. Take precautions if you are traveling somewhere high up

If your next destination is in height and you live at sea level, it is ideal that you schedule your activities so that they progressively go from less height to more. Give your body time to adapt to an atmosphere with less oxygen, do not make great physical efforts the first day. Help regulate your state by drinking coca tea or chewing candy made from the leaves (or chew the leaves directly).

Hopefully, these little tips will help you take care of your health while you travel. So the only concern you have is to enjoy your experience to the fullest!

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