How To Plan The Perfect Family Holiday In A Budget

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Summer Vacations are the perfect time to take the much needed break. The kids are out from school giving you the best excuse to break away and head for an exciting family vacation. This is the time to let loose and enjoy with your family and children and keep your busy life at bay. Yet, more often than not, due to reasons, the prices go up by leaps and bounds. This makes it impossible for families to plan the perfect family vacation on a budget. But, don’t fret! Read these amazing tips to ensure that your vacation is not only fun and memorable but also, fit in that budget:

Time It Right

The very start of planning the perfect family vacation on a budget is first figuring out the dates. You cannot wait for last-minute packages since they don’t occur during school holidays.

So, first, figure out the dates that are most convenient for you and your family. You must do this in advance so you can book your tickets at a much cheaper price. You should also search flight tickets on a weekday since flight tickets are said to be much cheaper. If you can then try and find flights that fall in the middle of the week. Avoid the weekends, since flight prices are always higher on the weekends than if you are travelling in the weekdays.

Alternatively, you can also search for family vacation packages that are offered at a discounted rate by many travel sites and agents. 

Ditch The Hotels

source: Kids Love Greece

Ditch the hotels and stay in much more cost-efficient places like Airbnb, or any other rental services. While you might have to put in the extra effort and you will certainly not get all the services that a hotel can provide, but these places are much more convenient and in the budget. They can also be fun if you make it into a family activity.

For example: After roaming around the city, come back home with your family and kids and cook up an amazing meal all together. There is no greater joy than cooking with your entire family. 

Alternatively, if you still prefer hotels, then make sure that your hotel has an inclusive breakfast. This will save you the cost of one extra meal every day. 

Stray Away From The Radar

Try and find a place that is under the radar to stray away from the tourist crowd. Take the off-beaten path and avoid the places that have the maximum demand. This way not only are you escaping the noisy crowds but also going to cheaper places. 

Awaken the explorer in you can head over to places that no one thinks of usually. Research these places and find some fun-filled activities to do with your children. This way not only will you be able to enjoy some quiet time, but also be able to explore exotic places that are yet to be discovered. Such off the radar places are usually cheaper since there is less demand. To avoid the lengthy queues and head over to some adventurous terrains. 

Awaken The Explorer

Family driving convertible | source: Today Show

If you want to awaken the explorer in you then indulge in some adventurous and thrilling activity. Let you and your children savour every part of the trip and create memories along the way. Ditch the usual staying at a hotel and going out for sightseeing, and try something else. If you are travelling to two different places then board an overnight bus or ferry, or even hire your own and embark on a road trip to reach your destination. This also saves you from spending an extra night of accommodation.

A family road trip is a great way to bond and share a lot of memorable times. Sing songs, try and find your way and have a blast as you drive past some uncharted roads. 

Only Carry Essentials

Sometimes to save money on a trip you need to be mindful of the small things. It is all about saving on the small things that will help you to save big.

For example – carry reusable bottles and refill them as you travel, or buy some essential groceries and do some cooking in the apartment you are staying, or you can also cut costs by avoiding the pricey souvenir shops.

Find Discounts

Special discounts on Family Holiday Packages

No matter where you are travelling there will be always places where you can either get a family discount or a discount for your kids. In many places in Europe kids can visit major attractions like the Louvre for free. For them even bus rides or train rides are free and they do not require a ticket till they reach a certain age. Find out these places and use them to your maximum benefit. 

Be Outdoors

Usually, children love spending time in the great wild outdoors. Use this to your advantage and plan activities while keeping this in mind. Just use the outdoors and plan little picnics and nature walks which are cheaper than grand tourist attractions or dining at restaurants. This way you will not only save money but also, your kids will have a chance to be more in tune with nature and explore around. You can also set up a camp and watch the stars while roasting some marshmallows in the grand fire.

Sometimes your kids can meet other kids also in the park and make friends as they travel. This is a great way to increase your child’s socializing skills and will also help make this vacation a little more special for your child.

Talk To More Parents

Network with your buddies who also have kids, and figure out how they travelled. Since they have the experience they can tell you all about cost-saving measures and fun-filled activities that your entire family can enjoy. By listening to their stories you can both be inspired and learn from the mistakes that they made while travelling. They can also provide you with insights as to what they would do differently to save more if they could go back again. 

You can also follow several family bloggers who can give you an in-depth study as to how to plan a family vacation on a strict budget. 

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