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The best weekend retreat center in Karnataka is Madikeri hill station. A place that provides tranquilize and surreal experience with the delightful sight of nature. This hill station is located in the midst of the majestic western ghats in the Kodagu district of Karnataka. On the other hand, this place provides trekking for enthusiastic individuals. The distance between the most happening hill stations in Karnataka – Croog, and Madikeri is 12.2 km.

Madikeri is popularly known as the coffee capital of Karnataka. This place provides the best coffee in India. Best place for the coffee lovers where you can enjoy the aromatic coffee along with the view of the western ghats. If you are a coffee lover, plan a homestay at the coffee plantation which gives a delightful experience. Beware of the little monsters(Leeches) when you are traveling to western Ghats.

How to reach Madikeri?

The nearest airport to Madikeri is Mangalore whereas the nearest railways are Hassan, Cannanore, and Kasaragod. From here one can take a cab or bus based on the individual comfort levels.

Best time for Trekking

If your plan for trekking in the Madikeri, favorable time would be post-monsoon whereas in the monsoon the river would flow at full speed and the Leeches feast on your body.

Winter is the best time to enjoy the beauty of the forest, coffee plantations and the streams of the river along with the dazzling sight of lush green western ghats.

Summer here will be extremely hot and if you want to trek in the summer vacations then carry sunscreen and sunglasses with you.

Trekking in Madikeri

trekking in madikeri
source: 4 Seasons Homestay

Madikeri provides a lot of trekking trails for trekking enthusiasts. These trekking trails unquestionably offer an amazing sight of nature in the woods of western ghats. There are some particular trails that are not much explored.

Galibeedu trek is one such trek trail not much visited by the trekkers. This thrilling trek is located 12km from the Madikeri in the midst of the lush green forest. The total distance of the trek is 14 km whereas the trail pass through the forest and the coffee plantation along with a stream of the river and the amazing view of the majestic Western ghat giving a surreal experience to the trekkers. There are both moderate and difficult trek trails.

It is not advisable to go for Galibeedu trek during monsoon due to the little monsters leeches are high in this region. Indeed, leech bites will leave you with bitter experience. Apart from this Streams will swell up during monsoon its quit risky to trek during that time of the year.

Places to visit in Madikeri

Gaddige Raja’s tomb

This architectural marvel is a popular tourist place. The uniqueness of this place is the construction of the tomb in the Indo- Saracenic style in the 18th century. It is a tomb for the Kodavas royalties.

Omkareshwara temple

A famous temple for Lord Shiva in the Madikeri town. The uniqueness of the temple is it is constructed in Gothic and Islamic architecture in the 18th century. Whereas the pond near the temple is home for the fishes.

Chingara Falls

Trekkers paradise after the tedious trek trail which starts from the honey valley estate which has steeps up and down which makes even a professional trekker exhausted. In the end, one reaches the beautiful untouched Chingara falls which are located in between the lush green forest and the coffee plantation. Here one can just sit and relax by enjoying the beauty of the waterfall and some even take a swim in the cool waters after the exhausting trekking.

Chelavara Falls

water fall madikeri

Popular waterfalls in the Madikeri town whereas the waterfall is surrounded by coffee plantations. In fact, the water here falls on the turtle sharped rock from the height of 150 feet which makes visitors awe stuck. Here one can forget themself by standing on the rocks where water splashes on the face along with the pleasant cool breeze.

Note: Swimming in the waterfall is not advisable as the water depth here is 100 m, swimming here is quite risky.

Madikeri Fort

The fort was constructed in the 17th century by the Muddu Raja. Later it was occupied by the Tippu Sulthan and he modified the fort architecture. Last but not least, in the British era, they again modified the fort structure which we currently see. The majestic fort offers a breathtaking view of the entire town. It is one of the popular tourist sites which displays ancient Coorg architecture and history.

Coffee plantations

When you are in Madikeri one has to visit the coffee plantations as it is the coffee capital of Karnataka. The sight of coffee plantation and the green meadows gives delight to the visitors. Take a walk in the wonderful coffee plantations by enjoying the serenity of the place. Some estates provide a tour to the coffee production life cycle where you can taste and buy some coffee. Here you get premium quality coffee.


To break the boredom and the routine visit to the malls in the city, plan a trip on the weekend to the Madikeri hill station. Madikeri leaves you with joyful memories and along with tasty and aromatic coffee.

March 4, 2020

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