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There are many architectural and engineering marvels in India. The incredible country of India is brimming with architectural and engineering marvels that will not you amaze you but make you wonder about the brilliance of Indian engineering. From the ancient Indian monuments to the more contemporary ones, India has always excelled in the field of engineering when it comes to architecture. Yet, what is mesmerizing is to watch some truly unbelievable engineering feat that the ancient artists achieved in times when modern technology was not available.

A lot of times when we visit these wonders of India we view the art and design in great detail, yet we forget to gaze at the magnificent engineering that makes everything possible.

So, here are some of the most brilliant engineering and architectural marvels in India that you should not miss:

1. Ajanta And Ellora Caves, Maharashtra – Rock Cut Temple

One of the landmark architectural marvels in India, Ajanta and Ellora caves are truly the gems of India. From the moment you enter these holy caves, till the moment you exist you will be floored by their immense skills, engineering knowledge, and architectural ideas. These caves were carved out from a single rock.

To add more wonder, the Kailash Temple located in Ellora, was shaped into a chariot by cutting just once a single piece of gigantic rock! As you walk through the intricate pillars and corridors, you will find it harder to believe that such intricacies can be achieved from a single piece of rich. The pillars that hold these temples together also have the perfect load-bearing weight to make sure that the caves don’t collapse completely.

There are many secrets and stunning carvings that you will find as you walk through these lovely caves. It is quite an adventure and you will be surprised, shocked, and amazed by the vision of the architects and engineers that created this marvel.

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2. Sindhudurg Fort, Maharashtra – Salt Water Fort

At first glance, the Sindhudurg Fort doesn’t look too different. It seems like a regular old fort located in the middle of the sea. Yet, as you reach closer and realize that this fort has been standing on salty water for the last 400 years, it is when you start to realize the landmark architectural marvels in India. The fact that saline water erodes everything seems to elude the Sindhudurg fort, as its foundation seems to remain as strong as it was when it was first built.

If you as around, you will realize that the reason this fort has managed to avoid the wrath of saline water, is because of the thousands of tonnes of lead that was used in its foundations. Imagine the effort needed in those times to transport molten lead to the middle of the sea to make the foundation of Sindhudurg tolerant of saltwater.

This fort also has a hidden entrance which is quite a marvel as well. This was done to confuse the enemy, who would then be roaming in circles trying to look for the main gate.

3. The Lotus Temple, New Delhi – Temple With Petals

One of the most beautiful temples in India, the Lotus Temple has amazed many with its design and modern engineering. This stunning contemporary temple fuses modern design with the traditions of India.

Shaped in the form of the national flower of India- the lotus, this temple has 27 free standing petals in marble. These petals are arranged in three layers which gives the illusion of a lotus gradually opening up.

Try and view it from as many angles as possible, just to feel the radiating aura of this shrine from all the angles possible.

Once you enter the shrine you will realize that this shrine is beautiful inside out. There is a huge hall that can accommodate 2500 people at the same time. The sheer positive engird that reverberates through the walls of the Lotus Temple will touch your soul.

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The Lotus Temple also uses solar power for electricity generation.

4. Lepakshi Temple, Andhra Pradesh – Hanging Pillars

Pillars have often been a huge part of Indian architecture. From intricately carved pillars to pillars that tell us a story. However, have you ever thought of a pillar that hangs from the ceiling? It seems impossible, especially since pillars are meant to support the ceiling. Well, architectural and engineering marvels of India managed to achieve the impossible as well.

Located at the Lepakshi Temple, this hanging temple is truly something to look at.

You will also find more such pillars at the apt names Thousand Pillar Temple at Moodbidri in Karnataka.

5. The Vidyashankara Temple, Karnataka – The Zodiac Pillars

India engineers and architects truly harbor a love for pillars. The Zodiac Pillars are located in the Vidyashankara Temple and have wowed tourists regularly. These pillars are made in such a way that they are aligned with the movement of the sun based on different zodiac signs. There are about 12 pillars which symbolize the 12 zodiac signs.

The marvel starts to occur when the sun starts to rise. Whichever zodiac is associated with the month that is currently going on, receives the first ray of the sun! How was this achieved is something even experts have failed to understand. You can find the zodiac signs intricately carved on each of their corresponding pillars.

The Konark Temple in Odisha also fuses the rays of the sun with its architectural marvel, which further shows the brilliance of the ancient architects and engineers.

6. Gol Gumbaz, Karnataka – The Whispering Gallery

One of the leading engineering wonders of India, the Gol Gumbaz encompasses two things- a free-floating dome and the whispering galleries.

The free-standing dome is the largest in India and is quite a marvel to watch just the entire structure from afar. Yet the real magic starts as you go inside. There exists a whispering gallery, which means whatever you say there can be easily head across the entire dome, even if you just whisper it. You might also be able to hear the sounds outside the dome! The guides will excitedly show this magic to you, and you won’t be able to resist the temptation to keep trying it thousand of times.

7. Vitthal Temple, Karnataka – The Singing Pillars

One of the most stunning cities in India, Hampi is an architectural minefield. Out of this minefield comes the mesmerizing Vitthal Temple with its musical pillars! These pillars make a sound when you strike them with your thumb. Named as SaReGaMa Pillars, there are about 56 pillars which blend the art of Hindu classical music. The rocks are cut in such a way that sounds like this can be heard clearly. Just gently tap these beautiful pillars and listen as the entire air fills up with soft and delightful music.

Hampi as many other architectural marvels like the- chariot temple, which looks so realistic.

Music has played quite a huge role in Indian architecture and engineering, you will find some temples have musical stairs as well.

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8. The Step Wells, all over India – The Geometric Wonders

When you come to India one of the most unique architectural marvels in India. that you will witness are the step wells. These ancient structures were not just meant for water storage but used to have elaborate ceremonies and also acted as water harvesting systems. But, the real beauty lies in their gorgeous architecture and brilliant engineering. All of the step wells in India are built with such aesthetics. They have geometric steps and detailed carvings that tell a story. Some step-wells like Rani Ki Vav also have sculpted walls on all of the seven levels.

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While there are many more innovative engineering marvels in India, these are some that stand out. Witnessing these monuments will make you wonder about the great skills and visions that the artisans possessed. So, next time to visit any of these monuments, go beyond the history, the art, and the designs and look at the engineering marvels that occupy these monuments.

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