Your safety is our priority- Memorable India

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Your safety is our priority- Memorable India


At Memorable India, we ensure your safety by following the preventive measures declared by the Indian Government as well as WHO. We pledge to make your travel in India secure and comfortable. The Novel Coronavirus pandemic put the entire world into a panic state. In India, the Government has taken all the measures for the security of the people. Similarly, we at Memorable India have taken all the safety measures for both International and local tourists.

International Tourist Measures for Coronavirus

First and foremost for foreign tourists, we check your temperature levels once again prior to starting the trip to ensure you are not sick.

We provide masks and gloves for each tourist to cover themself. During their travel in India to a crowded place like Monuments and sightseeing places.

We request all the travelers to carry alcohol contained sanitizer. Also, make sure you wash your hands on a regular basis.

Another major source of spreading the virus is poultry food. By taking this fact into consideration, we at memorable India take all our tourists only to the best veg restaurants.

If any of our tourists fall sick during the time of the visit to India, we immediately call for a medical emergency. Make sure they receive the required medical treatment.

Local Tourist Measures for Coronavirus

When it comes to our local tourists in India, we check for the Novel Coronavirus cases in a particular state and all also for any visible symptoms.

Even for Indian nationalities, we provide masks and gloves before starting the trip.

Also, request them to carry the required medical kit with them. Especially for the Char Dham Yatra.

Apart from this, we request all of them to follow the Indian Government measures and rules to prevent the Coronavirus.

Facts and Myths about the prevention of coronavirus COVID19 | By: Trackmycouriers

Common Instructions for Both Local and International Tourist

We at Memorable India request all the tourists to follow Indian Government guidelines to fight and prevent Coronavirus.

  • Maintain at least 3 to 4 feet distance from one person to another person. Don’t handshake with anyone. Always greet people in Indian Style Namaste.
  • Always drink water from a water bottle. Avoid local or tap water which is not safe.
  • Always wear a mask when you visit crowded places. Also, carry hand wash or Alcohol-based sanitizer with you along with these carry tissue papers.
  • Frequent cleaning of hand helps to fight Novel Coronavirus. So make sure you follow this.
  • When you sneeze or cough, cover your mouth with tissue paper or the elbow. Don’t use the bare palms.
  • Don’t touch your eyes, nose, and mouth unnecessarily. This leads to the spreading of the disease.


Before we start any tour we give a quick heads up about hygiene and the Seriousness of the disease Coronavirus. As already said your safety is our first priority. We make sure all our travelers are safe and have a good time during their visit. Kindly co-operate with us by following our instructions at memorable India.

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