An Enigmatic Goa Tour: Traversing The Wonders Of The Surla Falls

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An Enigmatic Goa Tour: Traversing The Wonders Of The Surla Falls

Surla Falls Goa

The wondrous Surla Falls is the perfect monsoon day trip you can take on your Goa tour if you are willing to go beyond the beaches and the raves. This natural beauty is located on the edge of the western ghats. These gorgeous falls are located about 70 km from Panaji and are a perfect day trip for anyone looking to bask in the glories of nature.

The Surla Falls showcases the other elegant side of Goa, which is hardly explored. The green hills, the playful clouds, the winding roads and the trickling waterfalls, this is what makes Goa so stunning even during the monsoon season.

The Surla Falls is a must-visit attraction for anyone looking for a natural trip on their Goa tour:

The Enigmatic Falls

The stunning Surla fall is a seasonal rainfall that emerges during the monsoon season and is a visual treat on your Goa tour. This monsoon revelation is located in the upper regions of the western ghats in Belgaum. With lush green meadows and dark grey clouds, the Surla waterfalls is a must-visit site for every nature lover or for anyone who is looking to explore Goa during the monsoon season.

To reach this mesmerising waterfall, all you need to do is drive 70 km from Panaji, right up till the top and witness the flushing panoramic views that embrace you tightly.

The Kalsa river is the main source of this gorgeous and cascading waterfall.

The roads leading to this waterfall itself is so scenic and enchanting. Tall green hills with a mist that veils the atmosphere and earthy smell that is synonymous with the rains, accompany you throughout your journey. Once you reach here, you will find the gushing waterfall falling about 300 feet from the western ghats, as the water drops softly splash on your face. Just step out of your car and breathe in the cold fresh air that chills your bones and rejuvenates you from within. The roaring sound of the waterfall and the marvellous vision of it falling will be etched in your memories forever.

If you come here after the monsoon season, then you can trek to the top and bottom of the Surla waterfalls.

The Exotic Scenery

On your Surla waterfall trip, you will also witness the monsoon clouds that adorn the sky, along with frequent showers and hints of sunshine. It is like a beautiful symphony, the dark clouds roll in, then a drizzle flows and then the rays of the sun softly touched the ground, only to be upstaged by the clouds again, and so it goes on.

Sometimes, the clouds might even block the view of the waterfalls, but just wait for some time and it will pass. The sight of the clouds moving and revealing the beautiful waterfall is even more divine than you can imagine.

The Dance Of The Flowers

After visiting the stunning Surla Waterfalls on your Goa Trip, wander the western ghats and explore the other natural gifts that it offers. Monsoon is the time for blooming flowers and lush green meadows. Here, you will find many wildflowers that adorn the western ghats and give it that alluring vibrancy in the sea of green.

Just walk around and try to spot the different flowers that pop out of the earthy soil and make these hills even more beautiful and attractive.

Another common occurrence during monsoon near the Surla waterfalls is the fluttering butterflies that fly around. These colourful butterflies just hover over the flowers and take you on a surreal ride with them on your Goa tour.

Just keep your eyes peeled and you will find the blue Mormon, which is also the state butterfly of Maharashtra. You will find them near the Surla Waterfall also. Just look around and watch as the fly around in their world.

Try and take in everything in front of you- the cascading waterfall, the vibrant wildflowers and the fluttering butterflies. Just stare at the gifts of nature and watch as you feel relaxed as the rain softly starts to fall and makes you feel even more divine.

The Little Old Town

Once you have visited both Chorla Ghat and the Surla waterfall, make your way to the Surla village for a much-needed break. It is not too far, so you can easily drive till there.

You can interact with the locals or just sit at a dhaba and sample the delicious Konkani dishes that come your way. There are some wonderful sweets that you must try. After a quick lunch, you can wander or walk around the Surla village to know more about their culture and lifestyle.

An Enchanting Trek

If you are looking for a surreal trek on your Goa trip, then you need to come here before or after the monsoon season. The monsoon season is far too dangerous to trek up to the Surla falls, so you need to wait for the rainy season to pass.

There are few tour agencies and resorts like the Delta Ecohut that organises a Surla Fall trek. The trek itself is quite beautiful, and you will be passing through a dense forest blooming with flora and fauna.

Ensure that you only take proper and authentic organised trekking tours, and do not venture out on your own to the Surla Falls.

The Sights Of Chorla Ghat

After visiting the regal Surla Waterfall, make your way to the spectacular Chorla ghat on your Goa tour. This rarely visited monsoon destination is covered in a misty veil as the clouds play hide and seek with the small hills that dot this place.

Drive up to the top, and watch the old town of Goa unfold in front of you in all its glory and greenery. To anyone who says that monsoon is not the best time to visit Goa, should see this visual delight.

Chorla Ghat has a few viewpoints as well, where you can stand and look at the elegant western ghats and its peaks. You might also get a view of the Anjunem Dam.

When To Visit

If you do wish to visit the Surla Falls on your Goa tour, then you should be particular about the kind of experience you wish to explore. There are two best times to come here, both of which offer two different and equally beautiful experiences:

The irregular monsoon season:– You can come here from August to September when the rain takes a little break and it is not as heavy. This is perhaps the best time to witness the cascading waterfalls, as the clouds move away for most of the day and the sun illuminates the ghats. During this time, the fields are still lush green and the dark grey clouds still hover.

Post monsoon:– If you are looking to explore and trek near the Surla falls, then come here from October to January. The weather is just right, and you can watch the waterfall receding.

Quick Tips

  • If you visiting during the monsoon season, then make sure you always carry a raincoat. It can rain at any point, so best be prepared.
  • You also need to time your day tour to Surla Falls properly, since the clouds might block your view of the waterfalls.
  • You need to keep your electronics safe during the rain. So carry a plastic pouch and put them inside. Try and restrict your use of gadgets during this day tour.
  • Make sure you do not go alone. Always take a guided group tour.
  • You cannot trek in the monsoon season, so do not attempt anything of that sort, since it can be extremely dangerous.

There are many more such scenic waterfalls and regions in Goa that you can explore on your Goa tour. Just take a leap of faith and visit Goa during the monsoon season and go beyond the beaches and the raves to see a more peaceful and natural side of the state.

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