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Far far away from the maddening crowd, through the lush green covers of the palm trees, beyond the lit cafes and over the market places- rests the hidden treasure coves of Goa.

When one hears Goa, one is instantly transported to the Baga Beach with blaring music, and night clubs dotting the boundaries. Yet, this is not the only thing Goa has to offer. Over time with the commercialisation of the popular Goa beaches, the rustic charm of Goa has gone under the radar.

There are so many offbeat gems in Goa that have been overshadowed by the loud parties. These treasures are far away from the commercialised areas of Goa, and they will take you through a journey unlike ever before. You will find yourself in some of the most unique, serene and beautiful places in Goa. This other untouched and virgin side of Goa is something worth exploring. Here are some of the places that are some of the best-hidden treasures of Goa.

Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary and Mollem National Park

If you truly want to have a Goan experience while in Goa, then you must go beyond the beaches and into the wildlife that Goa also has. The wonderful Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary and Mollem National Park is exactly the kind of place you need to visit to see the rich flora and fauna that Goa has. With an overemphasis on beaches, many people miss out on the true beauty of Goa. They seldom look beyond the happening beach parties and the fun restaurants.

Yet, this place is absolutely a gem that must be visited. Spread over an area of 240 sq.km. and is filled with animals and different kinds of trees for you to spot. The National Park also has a strong historical connection, with several temples falling on its path. All these temples were from the Kadamba Dynasty.

Kakolem Beach

Goa is known for its happening beaches that are always filled with an aura. Yet, there are those moments when you just crave to break free from the noisy hustle of the parties and spend some alone time at some secluded beach.

The wondrous Kakolem Beach in South Goa is one such perfect beach where you can laze around and just simply take a dip as if no one is watching.

This magnificent beach located in the South of Goa is also called Tiger Beach. It is often termed to be a paradise for couples owing to its isolated nature.

The beach is pristine, sandy and absolutely heavenly. Nestled in the midst of tall palm trees, in this beach you will find yourself embracing peace as you slowly and gently dip your feet into the cold water. The views are absolutely breathtaking and the beach gets even more romantic when the sun slowly starts to set on the horizon. This beach is a must visit place for anyone who is looking for a little quiet time and wants to truly enjoy the beaches of Goa.

Pequeno Island

source: Explorebees

This little island which also goes by the name of Bat Island is something so unique in Goa that you will want to visit it more than once. Away from the mad parties and raves of Goa, this little island has a small rocky beach and is also said to have one of the best spots for snorkelling.

The water here is so blue and clean, perfect for you to dive in and spot some rare sea animals. The beach is located near Vasco da Gama’s Baina Beach. This is truly a paradise for people who like to admire nature’s bounty and are fond of scintillating views. Don’t forget to witness the ever so beautiful sunsets at the Pequeno Island.

Chorla Ghat

This hidden treasure in Goa is so marvellous that you will wonder why you hadn’t heard of this before. The Chorla Ghat is a lush green hill that is perched at about 800 m, and it gives off the most charming and spectacular vibe during the monsoon.

This lovely Ghat is also dotted with small waterfalls that just heighten all of the lush green meadows of the Ghat. The Ghat is also blessed with a diverse range of flora and fauna for you to explore and spot. This is a place where you can spend hours just exploring and trying to uncover many more hidden gems that one might not know.

Harvalem Falls

source: YouTube

Many people believe that when in Goa you must only relegate yourself to beach hopping and try to cover as many of the popular beaches as you can. Yet, there is so much that this little state has to offer.

Located beyond the sandy beaches of Goa, the charming Harvalem Falls is absolutely resplendent and unique. The gorgeous waterfall is hidden behind the lush and dense green forests near Sanquelim in North Goa.

The waterfall is so serene and magnificent that you will find yourself getting pulled by its magnetic aura. These marvellous falls cascading through the little hills are also away from the prying eyes of the regular tourists, making it the perfect place to get away from the maddening crowd. You will be able to enjoy the falls all on your own as there will be hardly anyone around. You can also have a quick yet enchanting picnic just by the waterfall, or maybe just sit on one of the wet rocks and get lost in the gushing water.

From here you can also head over to scenic waterfalls as the Dudhsagar falls and the Tambi Falls, both of which are located at close proximity.

Netravali Bubble Lake

Imagine riding through the lush green covers of the Western Ghats, as your car takes a turn you find yourself in an enchanting village called Sanguem, as your car keeps moving forward you see a little lake that looks different. You get out of the car look at the lake and find that it is bubbling! This does seem like a unique experience doesn’t it?

Well, this is exactly the kind of experience you will have if you visit the Netravali Bubble Lake in Goa. The lake is so rare and different, you will find yourself being perplexed by the bubbles that keep rising. The funny part? It has been noted that these bubbles interact with sound- it is said that if you clap faster the bubbles also rise faster. This is something so rare and unheard of, that missing this will be a sin.

Church of St. Augustine

source: Vesna Vujovic-Utjesinovic/Flickr

What is Goa without the brilliant and quaint churches? While you must have heard of popular churches like the Bom Jesus Church, Church of St. Augustine is almost unheard of. Yet, this church was declared to be a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1986.

The Church is aptly located in the old part of Goa, and it is now in ruins. Due to several weather conditions, the once formidable church is now nothing but a ruble. But, if you visit it you will still find yourself marvelling at the ruins that lay there holding several anecdotes and stories of the past. These ruins tell the story of Goa’s past. Also, the way the ruins are placed naturally also makes for some great rustic photography. If you want to delve deeper into the past of Goa this is a place you should head to.

Arvalem Caves

Hidden from the public eyes, Goa is an abode for many caves that have now gone into oblivion. The caves of Goa were once extremely popular, yet due to the wrath of time, these caves now lay in hiding.

Arvalem Caves is one such gorgeous cave that was extremely prominent once upon a time. This cave is now protected by the ASI due to the great significance that they have. The caves are cut out like chambers and are also called the Pandava Caves. It is said that the Pandavas had taken refuge in these caves during their years of exile.

The caves are very strategically located near the awe-inducing Arvalem Waterfall.

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